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How to Replace Apple AirPods?

Apple AirPods are worthy of being called the world’s favorite wireless earbuds. They sound great, are versatile in their functionality, have great battery life, and are quite durable.

They aren’t completely invincible, though, and sometimes, they do break. This can be from a particularly hard fall or a substantial knock. Plus, water damage or other internal issues can also occur.

Luckily, Apple likes to make everything to do with their products as fast and simple for the user as possible. This includes getting replacements. So I decided to take a look at how to replace Apple AirPods just in case they get damaged or are stolen. 

Returning Damaged AirPods for Repair

How to Replace Apple AirPods

Apple’s own repair service or an Apple-certified repair shop is your best way to get AirPods fixed. Just remember that before you contact Apple or go to an iStore, you need to have either the proof of purchase or the original box the AirPods came in. 

If there is a manufacturing defect in the case or the buds, Apple will repair it for free if it falls within the one-year warranty. If there is accidental damage, the repair will cost around $30 if you bought AppleCare+. 

You need to remember that AppleCare+ can also only be used within the warranty period. If you fall outside this period or you go to another authorized dealer, the price may vary greatly. 

Don’t Have AppleCare+

If you do not have AppleCare+, then the cost of replacements and repairs will be much higher. Replacing any one of your earbuds will cost around $70 each. The price for the wireless charging case or the Megasafe case is around $80. The wired charging case will cost around $60.

In the case of the AirPods Pro, replacing the case or an earbud will be around $90. The AirPods Max can vary greatly depending on the damage, so it’s best to phone Apple direct on that one. 

Apple DIY Service

One of Apple’s latest initiatives is a self-repair service that will send easily replaceable parts to users so that they can fix the problem themselves. This is done in the hopes of making products more sustainable. 

Unfortunately, this repair service does not include any of the Apple AirPods models. This is not surprising since the AirPods are made using no screws and very special tooling. The online platform iFixit has declared every single AirPods DIY repair scenario a waste of your time.

What if the AirPods were Lost or Stolen?

Lost or Stolen

The AppleCare+ warranty does not cover theft or loss. You will have to pay the out-of-warranty rates to get your components replaced. Before you do this, remember to try and use the “FindMy” feature on your device to see if you can track the location of your AirPods. 

Standard AirPods will cost around $70 each to replace, while the charging case will be around $80. In the case of the AirPods Pro, it will be around $90 per earbud and about $100 for the charging case. 

Setting Up Replacement AirPods

If you have ordered and received your replacement AirPods, you will need to set them up to get them working as they should. Here’s how:

  1. Start by opening the Settings app on your source device and going to Bluetooth. Find your AirPods there and tap on “Forget this Device.”
  2. Place both the AirPods inside the charging case and wait for the light to turn amber.
  3. Hold the setup button (on the back of the case) until the light starts to flash white. 
  4. Return to your source device and then open the lid of the charging case. A pop-up on your source device will notify you to start the pairing process. 

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How to Replace Apple AirPods – Final Thoughts

Whether you drunkenly dropped them in beer to prove they’re waterproof, stepped on them, lost them, or they were stolen from you, getting AirPods replaced is fast and easy.

Until next time, good luck, and happy listening.

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