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How to Pair Senso Bluetooth Headphones? – A Complete Guide

Senso Bluetooth headphones are quickly gaining a reputation for merging quality with an affordable price tag. Although they might not be the most well-known brand name, they do have glittering reviews on Amazon. This cordless headphones model has a secure ear hook design that is popular with gym-goers, joggers, and other sporty and adventurous people.

Enhanced bass, value for money, and freedom of movement are the key components of this model. But can you pair these headphones with a multitude of media devices without any hiccups? Let’s find out in my step-by-step guide on how to pair Senso Bluetooth headphones.


Senso Headphones Step-by-Step Pairing Guide

Senso Headphones Step-by-Step Pairing Guide

Before we get into the Senso Bluetooth headphones pairing guide, we need to cover some basics. To turn on your headphones, you need to press and hold down the multifunction button for two seconds. 

Alternatively, to turn off your Senso headphones, you need to press and hold down the multifunction button for three seconds. To play or pause the audio, you can tap the multifunction button just once. Now let’s move onto the step-by-step pairing process.

Step 1

To initiate the first phase of pairing, turn on your headphones and make sure they’re sufficiently charged. If you’ve recently bought a brand new pair that is still in the box, make sure you charge them fully before you do anything.

Step 2

Once you have turned on the headphones, you need to press and hold down the multifunction button for several seconds. The blue and red lights should be flashing, which means you are now ready to pair with your media device.

Step 3

Now you need to turn on the Bluetooth connectivity on your PC, mobile phone, or other media device. Your device should now be automatically scanning for nearby devices to pair with. 

Make sure you position your headphones within three feet of the media device for smoother connectivity. When the Senso Bluetooth headphones option appears on the screen, you can click to pair them together.

Step 4

Once both devices have paired, the LED lights should’ve already stopped flashing. And now you will see a light blue LED flash every few seconds.

Troubleshooting Senso Headphones Pairing Mode Issues

Troubleshooting Senso Headphones Pairing Mode Issues

If your Senso Bluetooth headphones didn’t pair properly after going through the process explained, you might need to perform a spot of troubleshooting. Your issue is probably related to the Bluetooth connectivity settings on your individual media devices. 

There are several ways to troubleshoot Senso Bluetooth headphones pairing issues. However, the process largely depends on the media device type and brand you’re using. 

If you are using Windows 10, Android, iPhone, or macOS devices, please keep reading. I have put together some methods on how to pair Senso Bluetooth headphones to popular media devices.

Pairing Android Devices

  • Navigate to settings and choose ‘Connections.’
  • Press the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  • Find the ‘Available Devices’ setting, and you should see the Senso Bluetooth Headphones option. Click on it, and your Android device will pair with your headphones.

Pairing iPhone Devices

  • Navigate your settings and press the ‘Bluetooth’ option.
  • Manually turn on your Bluetooth settings.
  • Search for your Senso devices that should be in the ‘other devices’ section.
  • Once you find the device, click on it to pair it with your headphones.

Pairing macOS Devices

  • Navigate your Apple Mac settings and select ‘System Preferences.’
  • Click on the Bluetooth option.
  • Look for the Senso Headphones device on the list.
  • Select your headphones device.
  • Click on the ‘Connect’ button.
  • If required, tap on the ‘Accept’ option.

Pairing Windows 10 Devices

  • Open your Windows search box and type ‘Bluetooth.’
  • When the Bluetooth options appear, make sure the connection is turned on.
  • Tap on the ‘Add Bluetooth or Other Device’ option.
  • Choose your Senso Headphones devices from the list to pair.

When you successfully pair your headphones to a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC of your choosing, you should see a flashing blue LED light on your Senso model. This will denote an active connection pairing. 

But if you’re still having pairing issues, it’s time to power off your headphones and then turn them on again. Also, try turning your device’s Bluetooth on and off a couple of times. However, you will then need to follow the pairing process again from the start. 

Senso Headphones Factory Reset

Senso Headphones Factory Reset

At this point, if you are still having pairing issues, you might be forced to perform a Senso Bluetooth Headphones factory reset. But before you do, you might want to restart your phone or PC to begin the whole pairing process again. 

To initiate a factory reset, press and hold down the multifunction button on your headphones for approximately three seconds. You must do this when your headphones are charging. Release the multifunction button once you see both LEDs flash three times. Now you need to go through the whole process of pairing from the start.

Lastly, it might be time to get a new set of Senso Bluetooth headphones. Check out the most highly recommended Senso Bluetooth Headphone models below with the most favorable reviews from users.

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How to Pair Senso Bluetooth Headphones – Final Thoughts

I hope you now know exactly how to pair your Senso Bluetooth Headphones to your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC using our step-by-step guide. If you follow my instructions, it should be quite an easy and stress-free process that should only take five minutes. However, if they don’t pair properly the first time, you might have to perform a spot of troubleshooting.

Always make sure that your device is close to your headphones when in pairing mode. Turn all your devices on and off and start the process again if it doesn’t work. And if that still doesn’t work, you probably have manufacturing issues with your headphones or unrelated problems with your device’s settings.

Until next time, happy listening.

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