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How to Mount a Soundbar to a TV

As TVs become impossibly thinner with almost non-existent bezels, this leaves very little room for internal speakers. Therefore, it’s little wonder that soundbars have risen in popularity. They add an affordable depth and richness in sound compared to inadequate TV speakers.

You’ve mounted your TV to the wall, saving space, and it looks fantastic, but what do you do with the soundbar? Well, there’s a solution to this problem, and that’s mounting a soundbar to your TV using a special bracket.

Therefore, I decided to create this guide outlining How to Mount a Soundbar to a TV along with the benefits that are on offer.

An Overview

I will break down each of the steps involved in more detail on how to complete this relatively simple task. Then you can then get back to enjoying your TV and improved audio in an upgraded, more aesthetic, and acoustically pleasing configuration.

The first thing you’ll need to do is source a universal soundbar-to-TV bracket. I will include some examples that I recommend later on to give you an idea of what you’re looking for as well as where they are available for purchase.

The tools

Once you have a bracket, the next step will be removing your mounted TV from the wall. You will also need to remove the wall mount bracket from the rear of your TV. This is a fairly straightforward process that can be achieved with basic tools.

With your newfound confidence, next will be attaching a soundbar-to-TV bracket to your TV. The wall mount bracket can then also be returned to the back of your TV. This is the point where you should check your soundbar will easily attach to the newly installed bracket.

With everything now in place, all that’s left is returning the TV onto its wall mount and putting your soundbar in place. As long as you take your time and complete each step, this process shouldn’t be too difficult.

Selecting a Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

Selecting a Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

It is possible to purchase brackets that have been designed specifically for your brand of TV and soundbar. While these products are great and of high quality, they are also usually unnecessarily overpriced.

There are many universal soundbar-to-TV brackets available that can do the job just as well and are also of high quality. I have included some examples of affordable options that will do the job just fine and are easily accessible…

VIVO – Budget Universal Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

This bracket from VIVO is suitable for use with TV screens between 23 and 65-inches. The soundbar can be mounted either above or below the TV, depending on your preference. Constructed from sturdy steel, it can hold up to 33-pounds (15-kilos). This style of bracket requires that the soundbar supports rear mounting.

Mounting Dream – Flexible Universal Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

Another style of bracket is this extremely flexible design from Mounting Dream. There is a sliding holder that connects to the base of any soundbar. It can adjust between 3.44 and 6.06-inches (8.74 and 15.39-centimeters). It is also compatible with VESA TV mounting and comes with all the hardware you need.

Mounting Dream – Slimline Universal Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

Another option from Mounting Dream that is suitable for smaller TVs and soundbars is this slimline bracket. It, too, is incredibly flexible and comes with a bunch of mounting hardware ensuring easy installation. It can support soundbars up to 22-pounds (10-kilos) in weight.

USX Mount – Adaptive Universal Soundbar-to-TV Bracket

Compatible with almost any TV and soundbar is this heavy-duty and adaptable bracket from USX Mount. It can be mounted above or below the TV or even directly into a concrete or wood stud wall. Many adjustments can be made to ensure it is compatible with your products and that installation goes very smoothly.

Removing Your TV From the Wall

Some brackets allow you to mount a soundbar above the TV, which is also a handy way to create a tidy system. If this is the case, skip straight to attaching the soundbar-to-TV bracket to your TV.

Chances are, if you want to mount your soundbar to your TV, then your TV is already mounted to the wall. I will now cover the steps on how to remove your TV from the wall so that your new bracket can be installed.

Feeling a disconnection

The first thing you will want to ensure is that all the cables and wires have been disconnected from your TV. If you are unsure how to put them back, add some tags before you unplug each one to make replacing them easier.

You will probably want someone to help you with this next step. The TV will need to be tilted and lifted at the same time. This is much easier with a person at each end of the TV. Once released from the wall mount, lay your TV screen side down against a blanket or thick rug.

Removing the Wall Mount Bracket

Removing the Wall Mount Bracket

Before removing the wall mount bracket, it’s worth grabbing your new soundbar bracket and planning where it needs to be attached. There’s a good chance it will use the same mounting holes that the wall bracket is attached with.

By placing the soundbar bracket over the top of the wall bracket should give you some idea of how everything will line up. You can also plan out what type of mounting hardware is going to be required.

Grab the right tools

Removing the wall bracket from your TV should be quite simple. Most are attached using screws that require either a screwdriver or an Allen key (sometimes called a hex key). Go and grab whichever one you need, or borrow one from a friend or neighbor.

Locate the screws around the bracket and begin removing each one. To remove screws, they need to be rotated in an anti-clockwise direction. It’s always handy to have a small container to place them in, so they don’t get misplaced.

Attach Both Brackets to the TV

Now that you have an understanding of how everything needs to be laid out, it is simply a process of attaching everything to the back of your TV. In most cases, you will place the soundbar bracket against the TV first with the wall bracket over the top.

Place the soundbar bracket roughly in place and then go around and ensure all the holes are lined up. You can then carefully place the wall bracket back in place over the top of the soundbar bracket.

Only use high-quality hardware

Even though most brackets come with a range of different hardware, some of the screws might not be long enough. Depending on the thickness of your wall bracket, you might need to source some longer screws. Make sure you only purchase high-quality as this is what is holding up your expensive equipment.

When installing the hardware, don’t tighten it up straight away. It is best practice to only screw it in lightly so everything is loosely held in place. Once all screws are in, you should then tighten each one in a diagonal pattern while ensuring correct positioning.

Mount the Soundbar and TV

It is best to ensure that your soundbar will fit on the new bracket before returning your TV to the wall. Depending on the style of bracket used and what type of soundbar you have will determine how it will attach.

Most commonly, there will either be some mounting holes at the rear of the soundbar, or the bracket will have retractable holders. Either screw the soundbar to the bracket or adjust and tighten the holders.

A little help?

Now it’s time to get that helper back so you can return your TV to the wall with the soundbar attached. It is simply repeating the same process as removing it, but in reverse. It might take a moment, so be prepared and don’t get frustrated.

All that’s left now is to reconnect all the cables and wires, then fire everything up. You can now enjoy fabulous pictures and sound neat and clutter-free.

Improved Sound Quality

Improved Sound Quality

Knowing how to mount a soundbar to a TV isn’t only about aesthetics. It can also improve the sound quality over being just sat on top of an entertainment unit. Instead of the sound vibration being absorbed by the surface it’s sitting on, it will allow the sound to move more freely around the room.

Is something following me?

Another advantage is that no matter what direction you now face the TV, the sound will also be fired in the same direction. This is particularly an advantage to those whose wall-mounted TV is often used at an angle.

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How to Mount a Soundbar to a TV – Final Thoughts

There you have it. It really is that simple to perform a highly beneficial upgrade to your home theater system. There’s no need to be a professional handyman, and all you need is some basic tools and a helper for positioning.

Until next time, happy listening.

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