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How to Find Your Lost or Stolen AirPod Case?

Losing or getting any piece of tech stolen, is always nerve-racking. Technology is expensive and just so useful, but these things happen. Unfortunately, Apple AirPods get lost and stolen quite often. And, losing your AirPods charging case is quite a bad one. 

I know that losing one or both of the earbuds would suck too. But, if you lost only one of the buds, you could at least still use the other one, right? Losing the case, on the other hand, is worse because you cannot charge or pair your AirPods.

Fortunately, a lost AirPods charging case doesn’t have to be the end of the world. There are a few tried and tested methods for tracking a lost or stolen AirPods charging case, and I’m going to go through them for you. So, let’s take an in-depth look at how to find your lost or stolen AirPod case.

Finding A Lost or Stolen AirPod Charging Case – The Quick Answer

How to Find Your Lost or Stolen AirPod Case

Technically, it is possible to track a pair of lost or stolen AirPods. The proprietary Apple tracking service “FindMy” can help you track your items anywhere on the globe and with great accuracy. 

This means that if both or one of the AirPods is still in the charging case, then you can track the location of the case. However, if the case is empty, you’ll have to rely on something like an Apple Airtag. 

Why can you track the AirPods but not the charging case?

The reason is that the charging case does not have the chips with the necessary tracking components. The Airpods contain the H1 chip, which is what allows the user to track the location of each AirPod. 

On the other hand, the charging case only contains standard chips. Therefore, it cannot be integrated with Apple’s tracking software. Perhaps future models will extend this feature to the case. 

Another downside… 

When it comes to tracking an AirPods charging case, the Bluetooth connectors are also located inside the AirPods. This means that Bluetooth scanning apps cannot be used to locate a lost or stolen AirPods charging case

Therefore, if you are sure the case has been lost or stolen, there is no route available other than to replace the charging case. Even with the serial number of your device and the help of Apple’s entire service department, tracking that case is impossible. 

How to Find Your Lost or Stolen AirPod Case with the AirPods Inside 

Not much good can come from losing your AirPods charging case. That being said, if you were going to lose them, then losing the case with the AirPods still inside would be the best option. That’s because this will increase the chances of finding it. 

Aside from third-party tracking options, of which there are plenty, there are a few tools to help find a lost AirPods charging case. But, these only apply if at least one earbud is in the case.

The “Directions” Feature 

This will be your best friend if you’ve lost your charging case and at least one of the AirPods is still inside. The feature is part of the FindMy app and works by pinging the AirPods. Therefore, this feature will be of no use if neither of the AirPods is in the charging case. 

Something to note is that depending on whether the lid of the case is open or closed, there might be a difference in functionality. Strange as this might seem, it’s true, and here’s why:

  • If the case is open, the AirPods have space to emit a signal which will let them appear online. All the functionality of tracking will therefore be available.
  • If the case is closed, things are a bit different. This is because the AirPods go into charging mode when they are placed in the case, and the lid is closed. Tracking is still possible, but you are only able to view the last live location of the AirPods, not the current location. You will also not be able to use the “Play sound” or “Nearby” feature in this state. 

Here’s how to use this feature:

  1. Start by opening the FindMy App on your device.
  2. Under the listed devices, find and select your pair of AirPods
  3. You will be rewarded with a map displaying either the current location of your AirPods or the last known location where they were online.
  4. If the lid of the case is open, then you will be able to select the “play sound” option. This will instruct the AirPods to emit a noise so that you can find them if they are close. 
  5. Whether the case’s lid is open or closed, you can select the “Directions” option to open a map that will direct you towards the last known location of your AirPods. 

Using Lost Mode

Lost Mode was released with iOS 15. It is another fantastic tool by Apple that might help you find your lost or stolen AirPods charging case. The main difference between the normal tracking feature and Lost Mode is the resources they utilize to find devices. 

FindMy makes use of the tracking capabilities within the device itself. Lost Mode utilizes the entire network of Apple devices. This is almost like a spider’s web of Apple devices that gossip about one another constantly. 

Using this feature, you can find out where and when other devices spoke to your device last. In doing so, it can help you track the location of your AirPods. Again, this feature can track the location of your AirPods but not your case. So, if your AirPods are still in the case, you’re in luck.

The thing about Lost Mode… 

There are always other devices listening. Even if the lid is closed on your AirPods case, the person who took it will eventually have to open it. And the moment they do, the event will be logged somewhere on the Lost network, and you will be notified. 

To access this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FindMy app on your device.
  2. Tap on “Devices” at the bottom.
  3. Select your AirPods.
  4. Under the “Mark as Lost” option, tap on “activate.”
  5. Now tap on “Continue.”
  6. As an option, you can provide a contact number and email address for anyone who might find the case with the AirPods in it.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen AirPods Case

Replacing a Lost

You may still have your AirPods, but they are useless without a charging case. Furthermore, as mentioned, the tracking options offered by Apple do not allow for the tracking of a charging case, only the AirPods themselves.

This means that you’ll have to replace the charging case. So, let’s take a look at the options available when it comes to replacing a lost AirPods charging case.

Get an Official Apple Replacement Charging Case

The first option is to get a replacement from Apple. This is probably your best option since you are given a guarantee that the case will work with your AirPods. Of course, these cases do not come cheap. So, you will have to be willing to part with anything from $60 to $100.

If you are wondering about the AppleCare+ that came with your AirPods, then you’re in for a disappointment. This plan doesn’t cover theft or loss of AirPods. Only iPhones and iPads. 

The other reason to get a legitimate replacement… 

You are getting a warranty as well. And, if you had a warranty on the case you bought brand new, the warranty on the replacement case will be whatever is left of the previous warranty. Or it will be ninety days, whichever is longer.  

Third-Party Cases

If spending all that money on a genuine replacement from Apple isn’t for you, there are third-party options at a fraction of the cost. That’s because you aren’t paying for Apple’s warranty. 

Of course, there are potential problems with a third-party case… 

Among them are AirPods that don’t fit properly, bad connections, incompatibility, poor performance, disabled features, and companion software not registering the case. 

One of the biggest issues is undercharging and/or damage to the AirPods after charging inside a third-party case. This is because the devices operate at different voltages. 

The connection problems are due largely to the H1 silicone chip in the Airpods. These chips know when you are using a non-genuine AirPods charging case. It has been reported when using a third-party charging case that the AirPods do not function or pair properly with a source device.

Setting Up AirPods with a New Case

Once you have your new charging case, you can’t just pop in your AirPods and start charging. You’ll have to get the two acquainted first. Luckily, doing this is quite simple.  

Here’s how to set up a new AirPods charging case:

  1. Start by opening Settings on your source device and navigating to the Bluetooth settings page.
  2. Tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods in the listed devices.
  3. Tap on “forget this device” and tap on “confirm.”
  4. Place both your AirPods in your new charging case.
  5. Open the lid of the case, the status LED should light up in an amber color.
  6. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case. When the light flashes white, the setup is complete.
  7. Bring your source device close to the AirPods with the lid open.
  8. A pop-up asking you to initiate the pairing of the two devices will appear. 
  9. Tap on “Connect” and then on “Done,” and your new case and AirPods are all paired up.

Preventing the Loss of Your AirPods Charging Case

Preventing the Loss

By now, you should have a good idea of how to find your lost or stolen AirPod case. But maybe you had a recent scare when you thought you lost your AirPods case. Or, you want to prevent the loss of your very expensive replacement case. 

Either way, there are plenty of options available. So, let’s take a look at a few.

AirPods Case Cover with Anti-Lost Straps

These fantastic covers for Airpods cases have become very popular. And they are one of the most affordable and practical solutions out there. 

These cases not only provide added protection for your AirPods case, but they also help prevent it from getting lost with a keychain attachment. This allows you to fasten them to a bag or backpack to ensure they remain with you at all times. 

However, this solution is not 100% foolproof. It is up to you to keep the case fastened to your bag or person. If you are the careless type, then this will not work for you. But, there is a more elaborate multifunction package of this setup available as well.

AirPods Case with Apple Airtag Cover

Since the introduction of the Apple Airtag in 2021, users have been ordering them like hot cakes to add a layer of protection to their Apple devices. As a result, this has inspired a flood of manufacturers to adopt new designs that allow for the integration of Apple Airtag. 

A good example of such a design would be the 2-in-1 Protective Skin Case for AirPods Pro and AirTag Case Combo Set. This fantastic set is also available for first and second-generation AirPods.

These cases offer extra protection for your devices in case of a fall, or you accidentally hit them. But, they also integrate the new Apple Airtag. This utilizes the same chip technology that allows you to track an Apple phone or pair of AirPods. 

Why is that important?

Well, you will be able to track both your AirPods and your case should they get separated. Unless the Airtag is removed from the specialized case. 

Apple Airtag will allow you to track it just like you would any other Apple device. It can even play a sound like your AirPods. That will be handy if you want to find your case without your AirPods inside it. 

Important note: The tracking software is only available in countries that have Ultra Wideband Technology available. 

Tile Mate Essentials

If you haven’t read up on how this successful company got started, you should. It is one of the greatest success stories ever to come from crowdfunding. Tile has now become one of the most popular tracking products in the world.

Like Apple, Tile has built a massive network. It consists of Tile transmitters and extenders, and all the phones and devices running the Tile App. This results in a pretty powerful global tracking network. The great thing about Tile products is that they are compatible with all platforms.

Something else to note about Tile is their absolute confidence in their products. The company offers premium protection plans, which will reimburse you up to $1000 per year if they can’t recover a lost item for you within seven days. 

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How to Find Your Lost or Stolen AirPod Case – Conclusion

Losing your AirPods charging case can be a nerve-wracking and unpleasant experience. But, do keep in mind that Apple goes out of its way to make sure we can protect our devices in cases of loss or theft. Although, no solution is fool-proof. 

However, you stand a good chance of finding your case if the AirPods are still in there. If not, consider getting something like an Apple Airtag or a Tile Mate to ensure you can track your equipment.

Until next time, happy listening.

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