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How to find the right ear tips for you?

It’s a problem we are probably all too familiar with. You place a set of earphones in your ears, and they just don’t seem to fit correctly. This can make your listening experience much less enjoyable.

Not only does the sound quality suffer from an incorrect fit, but it can also make wearing your earphones uncomfortable. Having a great set of ear tips will improve your experience dramatically in terms of both audio quality and comfort.

So what are the best ear tips? Let’s find out as I help you figure out how to find the right ear tips for you…

What should I know about premium ear tips?

What should I know about premium ear tips

When any ear tips are placed into the ear canal, they should form a tight but not uncomfortable seal. With a correct fit, this will then block out any background noise, even if your earphones aren’t equipped with noise cancellation.

This will also increase the bass response from your earphones, giving a clearer and more detailed sound. You will find that the volume can be set at a lower level, and there will be less risk of hearing damage too.

Goldilocks and the three earphones…

Once upon a time, Goldilocks visited the audio store deep in the forest. It was there she tried on three sets of ear tips. The first she tried was too small, which resulted in a poor seal. More background noise could be heard, and the audio sounded poor.

The next set she tried was too big. Every time she attempted to wear her earphones, they just kept popping out. Finally, the third set of tips she tried were just right. Her audio was immersive and dynamic as she went off jamming into the forest.

What are the different types of ear tips?

What are the different types of ear tips

If you feel like upgrading your ear tips would be a huge benefit, then it’s worth knowing what different types are available. There are five types of ear tips, and I will explain each one.


These are the type of ear tips included with most sets of earphones you purchase. Often provided in three different sizes, including small, medium, and large, the smooth and grippy texture works well if they’re the correct fit.


These tips look like a double version of the standard tips, with a medium tip fused on top of a small one. Although it might feel strange at first, they will provide a much more effective seal. Therefore, bi-flange ear tips improve audio quality.


Taking the bi-flange up a step is the triple-flange design. As the name suggests, it’s like fusing the small, medium, and large sizes all stacked on top of each other. They will feel invasive at first, but the isolation improvements will have you forgetting that in no time.


These soft yet pliable ear tips come in a range of different sizes and densities. Often memory foam is used, which suits this purpose well. After squeezing them gently, they will spring back out in the shape of your ear canal. As a result, foam ear tips are the most comfortable type of ear tips you can buy.


This is by far the most expensive option, as the ear tips will be molded specifically for your earphones and ear canal. The best results can be achieved with custom ear tips, but your bank balance will frown.

Can I use my ear tips on multiple sets of earphones?

Can I use my ear tips on multiple sets of earphones

The term used for where the ear tip connects to the earphone is called a “nozzle.” These can vary from product to product, and there is no standard size. This is something you will need to be aware of when purchasing some ear tips.

You will probably notice when looking to buy ear tips that some are made for specific earphone models. They might also be available in a range of different nozzle sizes if your exact model isn’t listed. So depending on your earphones, you might be able to share the tips, or maybe not.

Where should I look for some premium ear tips?

Now that you understand all the benefits of upgrading ear tips, you probably want to buy some, right? I have created a list with my recommendation for each of the different types of options. If you want to know how to find the right ear tips for you, this is a great place to start.

BLQQ Premium Silicone Ear

Available in four different sizes and six different colors, these ear tips from BLQQ are compatible with most major earphone brands. Constructed from a premium silicone material, they are incredibly soft and comfortable.

JustEarbuds Bi-Flange Silicone Ear Tips

For improved isolation and sound quality, the JustEarbuds bi-flange ear tips are affordable and still high quality. Included are five pairs, which are available in five different colors. They are compatible with all the most popular earphone brands.

JNSA Triple-Flange Silicone Ear Tips

For the ultimate in noise isolation and a secure fit, you want the JNSA triple-flange ear tips. Made from super-soft, high-quality silicone, they can be inserted without feeling too intrusive. Included are six pairs in either black or white.

Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips

For the ultimate upgrade, without needing to splash out for custom molds, go for these Comply memory foam ear tips. You receive three pairs, and they are available in a huge range of different ear and nozzle sizes.

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How to find the right ear tips for you – Final Thoughts

Even if your ear tips fit well, it is certainly still worth upgrading them to an even more comfortable fit. Apart from the custom-molded models, they are relatively inexpensive, and you will enjoy huge benefits.

Besides the improved comfort and audio quality, you could also potentially save unnecessary damage to your eardrums. You most likely will be able to keep your tips, even if you upgrade your earphones too.

So what are you waiting for? Happy listening!


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