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How to Do Karaoke on Xbox?

Since its birth in the 1960s, and the development of a dedicated machine in the 70s, Karaoke has become a global market estimated at over $10 billion. 

Singing along to a tune you like is as natural as breathing and laughing to human beings. And, in the modern tech-fueled era, doing it with friends has become an almost ingrained part of our global culture. 

And then combine this with another part of modern global culture… 

Gaming. For this reason, Xbox and PlayStation consoles can be found in bedrooms and entertainment venues across the globe in their millions. Therefore, it’s no big surprise that the karaoke machine was quickly integrated into popular gaming consoles.

Do you own an Xbox and enjoy singing karaoke? If so, I’m going to take an in-depth look at the three different methods of how to do karaoke on Xbox. 

Method #1 – Downloaded or Disc Games (Let’s Sing)


One of the most popular methods to turn a house party or get together into a serious singing face-off is the Let’s Sing series by Ravenscourt. This series consists of five separate titles than can either be downloaded directly onto the Xbox X/S series or the Xbox One from the Microsoft Store. 

Alternatively, you can purchase the discs. Some of the main high points of the Let’s Sing series:

  • There are around 30 songs per installment of the series.
  • You can sing solo or with up to seven friends for a total of eight singers per performance.
  • There are mini-games and challenges included.
  • There’s an online scoreboard for the songs, so scores can be compared to global leaders.
  • You can get additional content using online packs.
  • A smartphone can be used as a mic if you don’t have a dedicated microphone.


  • A TV.
  • A smartphone or microphone.

Your microphone can be connected in a few different ways depending on the console and television, and speakers you have. Likewise, you can connect a mic to an Xbox using a USB connection. Also, you can connect the mic directly to the speakers. 

Alternatively, you can connect the mic directly to the TV using a wired or Bluetooth connection. Unfortunately, the Xbox X/S series and Xbox One do not support mic connection via Bluetooth. 


  • High-quality audio and video.
  • Scoring system access.


  • A limited number of titles.
  • Expensive.

Method #2 – YouTube


In case you didn’t know, you can use YouTube on the Xbox for karaoke. In fact, it has become one of the most popular ways to do karaoke on the Xbox for users around the world. 

Additionally, it’s very fast and easy to set up. Plus, you get access to virtually any song you want if you know how and where to look. The best part is you don’t have to purchase any software or make any large downloads. 


  • Microphone.
  • TV.

How to Use YouTube for Karaoke on an Xbox

  • Start by connecting your microphone to your Xbox using a USB connection. Alternatively, you can connect directly to the TV with a Bluetooth or RCA connection.
  • Load the YouTube app on your Xbox.
  • Start searching for songs.

A simple and easy setup. The best part is that it’s free, and there’s an unlimited amount of content that keeps getting updated every day. The biggest downside has got to be YouTube ads. These can put a damper on a session that has a lot of momentum. However, if you sign up for Youtube Premium, all ads will be removed.

That being said, it’s a small tradeoff for what is possibly still the best overall option for any karaoke on Xbox. It’s most definitely cheaper than the Let’s Sing and the Karaoke One App coming up next. 


  • Free, quick, and easy.
  • Massive library of songs.


  • No scoring function for competing.

Method #3 – Karaoke One

Karaoke One

Karaoke One has fast become one of the world’s favorite options for Karaoke on Xbox. It’s compatible with the Xbox X/S series and Xbox One. It’s downloaded to the device in minutes, thanks to its relatively small size. 

Furthermore, Karaoke One has an added feature that the other methods do not. It allows you to upload videos of performances to social networks to be shared with other users and your friends. 

Things to know

  • The free version offers in-app purchases.
  • The premium version costs $3.49 per month.
  • Download size is around 62MB.

Just like the YouTube route, you need an external microphone because using your phone is not an option. You’ll have to connect using USB if you want to connect to the Xbox directly. 

If you connect to a TV, it can be a wired or Bluetooth connection. But remember that Xbox consoles do not allow mics to be connected via Bluetooth. 


  • Cheaper than Let’s Sing.
  • Recordings can be made and shared.


  • More expensive than YouTube.

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How to Do Karaoke on Xbox – Conclusion

So, do you want to rock out in full gear with a Let’s Sing setup and all the titles with a full microphone setup? Or, do you prefer to get in the karaoke vibe with YouTube? Regardless of your choice, Xbox consoles will allow you to do so with ease. 

Furthermore, some options cost virtually nothing, except the expense of USB microphones, and offer limitless song choices. On the other hand, there are premium options with specific songs tailored for an immersive and high-fidelity experience. 

Plus, there are even options that fall in between the above-mentioned two. No matter what your choice, with some simple prep and setup, you can turn any living or bedroom into an Idols Finale.

Until next time, sing loud and proud.

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