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How to Check your AirPods Battery Status?

Keeping track of battery life has become all-important for the modern user. If you don’t know how much juice you’ve got left, you can’t plan your usage efficiently. Not only that, you can’t time your charge cycles properly. 

In this guide, I’ll be covering different methods on how to check your AirPods battery status. Therefore ensuring that you won’t be stuck without tunes on a long commute home. 

Checking AirPods Battery Using an iPhone or iPad

How to Check your AirPods Battery Status

It’s likely that if you own a pair of AirPods that you also own an iPhone or iPad. Thanks to how integrated Apple’s products have become, checking the AirPods battery on your source device is no problem.

First, make sure your source device’s Bluetooth is turned on. Then, open the lid of the charging case, and place the AirPods close to your iPhone or iPad. Within a few seconds, a pop-up will appear on your screen. From there, you can see the battery percentage of each earbud. 

Of course, it is more likely that you would want to check the battery life while you have the earbuds in your ears and the charging case in your pocket. 

Thanks to the widgets… 

This is very easy to do. If you have the AirPods battery status widget enabled, simply find it on your screen, and you will see a readout of each earbud’s battery life. 

Checking the AirPods Battery Life on a Mac

Unsurprisingly, checking your AirPods battery life on a Mac is relatively simple. And, in many ways, it’s similar to doing it on a mobile device. The biggest difference is that when you are doing it on a Mac, it doesn’t matter whether the AirPods are in the case or not. 

  1. Open the charging case lid or take the AirPods out of the case.
  2. Click on the Control Center icon. It can be found in the top right of the menu bar and looks like two sliders moving in opposite directions. 
  3. Click on the Bluetooth Icon in the control center.
  4. Your AirPods should be displayed as the currently connected device. Hover your mouse over the name of the AirPods, and your battery life will be displayed there. 

Checking AirPods Battery Life without a Source Device 

If you don’t have a source device on hand, there are still ways to check the battery life of AirPods. Albeit with a bit less accuracy. 

With both earbuds inside the charging case, the LED light on the front of the case will help give you an indication of roughly where the battery is. A green light indicates a full charge; amber indicates less than one full charge. If there is no light, then the battery is dead. 

When the buds are removed from the case, the LED indicator will still function in the same way. But, the readout will be for the charging case’s battery life only. 

How to Check Your AirPods Battery Status – FAQs

How long should a charge last?

Remember that age is a major factor in battery life. So, the figures given here are for relatively new batteries, not old ones. 

  • 3rd Generation AirPods should give you around six hours of listening time without Spatial Audio turned on. Around five hours with Spatial Audio activated; if you are mainly making phone calls, you are looking at around four hours of talk time. 
  • For the AirPods Pro, the listening time is about four and a half hours, while the talk time is around three and a half hours. 
  • According to Apple, the second generation of AirPods can get up to five hours of listening time and around three hours of talk time. Although, lots of users have claimed that you can’t get more than four hours out of them though. 

How frequently should I charge my AirPods?

Like most battery-powered devices, AirPods do have a lifespan. And, to extend that lifespan as much as possible, you need to maximize the charging cycles. 

The best time to charge the battery is not when it is flat. Completely discharging a battery isn’t good at all. When the percentage hits between 20% and 40%, that’s the right time to charge. 

If you are unsure when you will be using the AirPods again, you can charge them to around 50% and take them out of the case. 

How can I maximize the lifespan of my AirPods battery?

The best option with any battery is to stick to the proper charging practices laid out above. Also, avoid exposing the AirPods to extreme temperatures and store them outside the charging case if the battery is above 40%. 

Why are my AirPods battery draining so quickly?

This depends on the individual user and their requirements and habits. If you take care of your AirPods, then you can try minimizing power usage by lowering the overall volume and deactivating features like Spatial Audio and ANC.

Also, try using one bud at a time if you’re mainly making phone calls. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, the battery life of your AirPods will slowly decay. Eventually, they will not be able to hold a charge at all, in which case a replacement will be the only option. 

As mentioned, the best you can do is stick to good charging practices and store them outside the case when they still have a significant charge in them. 

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How to Check your AirPods Battery Status – Conclusion

Thankfully, checking the battery life on AirPods is quick and easy, whether you have a source device handy or not. Just be sure to keep that battery healthy to maximize its lifespan.

Until next time, happy listening.

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