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How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker?

JBL’s reputation for quality has been built over many years of delivering great quality audio products. Chief among these awesome goodies are their speakers. Whether you’re an audio professional or not, you can’t deny that they make speakers with real oomph.

JBL’s Bluetooth speakers are especially popular and helped the company gain a greater foothold in the market. Tough, reliable, and above all, great-sounding speakers that come in awesome colors. And they can even survive a drop in the water. That’s exactly what you can expect from JBL speakers.

But, unfortunately, they do have their quirks… 

You might have trouble getting the speaker to charge or to connect to other devices. Perhaps the battery and connection are fine, but for some inexplicable reason, there is no output. 

If you’ve checked the Bluetooth connection, the next step is to perform a JBL speaker reset. So, let’s take a look at how to do just that… 


How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker? 

How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker

It is important to note that resetting a JBL speaker will return it to the state it was in on the day it shipped from the factory. 

This means that any devices you paired up with the speaker will be erased from its memory, also any sound profiles you created and saved. You will therefore have to re-pair all your devices after you have performed this reset. 

Something else to take note of… 

Some users have reported being unable to re-pair the same devices to their speaker after having performed the reset. 

While the reasons for this are unclear, I recommend avoiding a reset if you can, in case you have this problem afterward. If you are planning on pairing with new devices, then you should be good to go without any worries. 

Depending on the JBL speaker model… 

You can perform a reset by pressing the volume up (+ symbol) and play buttons at the same time. Alternatively, the combination might be the volume up and the Bluetooth button. 

Finally, it could be that you simply need to press and hold the mute button on the speaker to perform the reset. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how to reset different JBL speaker models.

How To Reset JBL Flip 4, JBL Extreme, and JBL Clip 4

As mentioned, please note that these models are very prone to not reconnecting to old paired devices after being reset. 

  1. Start by powering on the speaker.
  2. Once the speaker has turned on, press and hold the volume up (+symbol) and play buttons at the same time. Hold down the button until it looks as if the speaker turns off. 
  3. Before going off, the speaker will produce a guitar tone. This should indicate that the reset was successful. 
  4. If the reset process was successful, the power button should turn blue. This will indicate that the speaker’s memory is reading no connected devices. 
  5. If the light does not turn blue, you need to repeat the reset process. 

How To Reset JBL Charge 4, JBL Boombox, and JBL Go 2

As with the previous models, doing a JBL speaker reset on these models will erase all devices from the speaker’s memory. There is also the risk that the speaker will have trouble reconnecting to your old devices after the reset. That said, let’s look at the steps involved for these speakers.

  1. Start by powering on the speaker. If it is not charged, you need to charge it for at least fifteen minutes.
  2. When you power on the speaker, the power button will illuminate. If there are no paired devices near the speaker, the Bluetooth button should also illuminate when you turn the speaker on.
  3. To perform the reset, press and hold down the power and Bluetooth buttons at the same time. The rings around the buttons will illuminate for a short period; then, the speaker will turn off. 
  4. Wait a few seconds, and then turn the speaker back on. If both the power and Bluetooth buttons are illuminated, the reset was a success. 

Resetting a JBL Link 10 Speaker

To reset the Link 10 speaker, follow these steps:

  1. Start by powering the speaker on. The speaker will produce a guitar tone when it turns on.
  2. After the speaker has powered up, press and hold the mute button until the speaker turns off.
  3. Power the device back up and check whether it goes into pairing mode. If all previous devices are no longer visible, then the reset was successful.

Resetting a JBL Pulse 3 Speaker

  1. Begin by turning on the speaker; it will produce a guitar noise when it is powered on. 
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down (- symbol) and Bluetooth buttons at the same time. 
  3. Keep holding the buttons until the lights begin to flash different colors intermittently, and then the speaker will seemingly turn off.
  4. Take note that even after the speaker powers down, the power light will remain illuminated. This is not a fault in your unit. 
  5. After the reset has finished, turn the speaker off by holding down the power button until the light turns off. 
  6. Turn the speaker back on. If the speaker has no memory of past connections, then the rest was a success. 

What If Resetting Hasn’t Solved my Problem?

Solved my Problem

It is important to note that there is no reason to reset a JBL speaker if it is operating properly. The reset function was only built into the unit in case it had trouble pairing to new devices. Or if you want the speaker to forget old and/or redundant connections. 

If you are still having problems pairing a JBL speaker, here are some remedies that you can try.

Problems with Bluetooth Pairing

In most cases, performing a reset will solve most Bluetooth connection issues. However, before you do this, try simply un-pairing the device, not the speaker. Then, try re-pairing to see if the problem is solved. If the problem persists, go ahead and try the speaker reset.

If your speaker is still not connecting, then you need to consider other reasons. For instance, there could be a problem regarding the compatibility of the Bluetooth on the device you are attempting to pair. If the Bluetooth version is an older one, the JBL speaker could have trouble pairing with it. 

JBL Speaker Won’t Turn On

If your JBL speaker simply refuses to turn on, then there could be a multitude of reasons. Of course, it could be that the speaker is damaged. On the other hand, the problem might be with charging. It could be that the battery is damaged or defective. 

Likewise, it could be that the power button has become disconnected from the circuit board or damaged. Unfortunately, the only way to go in these situations is to get the speaker looked at by a technician or take it to JBL directly. 

Paired To An Unknown Device

If your speaker is connected to a device that you do not recognize, and you can’t remove it from the speaker’s memory, a reset will solve this problem. Sometimes, these unknown devices also result in the speaker not connecting to other devices; a reset should solve this problem as well. 

In some cases, multiple resets were required to remove the unknown device. 

Short Battery Runtime

The first thing you’ll need to know before you can determine your device’s battery performance is the battery rating. It should be easy enough to find in the manual or with a Google search. 

Remember, if your speaker is rated for twelve hours, for example, this rating is based on the speaker playing audio at low to moderate levels. Therefore, if you are playing your music at full blast, the battery isn’t going to last as long. 

There is also the fact that all batteries age. If your device is an older one, the battery might just be getting closer to its last leg, as all batteries eventually do. 

Poor Audio Quality

First things first, you need to check your source. Make sure the reason your music is sounding bad isn’t that you’ve got a low-quality audio file or a problem with your audio device. You can do this by simply testing the playback through another speaker.

Another reason why your speaker might be producing low-quality audio is the same as with batteries having a short lifespan. Age is a factor in all electronics, especially audio equipment. And, speakers, like batteries, will eventually reach the end of their usable lifespan. 

If you can’t remember all the parties and chill sessions when you blasted tunes out at high volume, I’m guessing the old gal has been with you for a while. And, her diaphragm just ain’t what it used to be. However, if she’s brand new, you need to contact JBL because there might be some other fault. 

Reasons To Reset JBL Speakers

Reasons To Reset JBL Speakers

You should have an answer to the question, “How do I reset my JBL speaker?” Now, you need to know when to do just that.

Messed up memory…

JBL manufactures some of the most advanced wireless speakers in the world. Aside from superb audio quality and durability, they offer a range of extended features. Such as multipoint pairing and the ability to connect via Bluetooth and WiFi.

These speakers can remember old connections and sound profiles, so they have to have a memory. And, like any device with memory, it can get scrambled. Most situations that call for a reset are related to battery and charging issues. 

As mentioned, one situation that might call for a reset is an unknown device connected to the speaker that you can’t get rid of it. In this case, a reset or multiple resets will help you. Other situations are due to a clutter of old devices that are no longer relevant, so you need to clear the speaker’s memory. 

One last scenario…

There is also a phenomenon known as “Soft-Bricking.” This renders a speaker unstable but not completely. Soft-Bricking is not like Hard-Bricking. 

If your device has gone into a Soft-Brick, then you can resolve the issue by performing the reset. If a Hard-Brick has occurred, however, then you will not be able to reactivate the device using conventional means. 

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How Do I Reset My JBL Speaker? – Conclusion

JBL makes some of the best audio equipment in the world, period. When it comes to speakers, they are easily among the top three in the industry. And, for my money, their commercial Bluetooth speakers are the very best you can get without remortgaging your house. Even if they do come at a bit of a steeper price, it’s worth it.

You might be upset if your JBL speaker goes and seemingly dies on you for no reason. Well, before you go howling about how JBL isn’t what it once was, try doing a reset or two or three and see if that solves your problem. These speakers are made to last, aren’t they?

Until next time, happy listening.

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