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How Did DMX Die?

When somebody asks me how somebody died, I am always tempted to say they stopped breathing. My lack of empathy is sometimes scary. I’m the type that laughs until it happens to them. But I doubt I’ll be laughing when I’m dead. 

Still, one day, we’ll all wake up and be dead. So, no point in being too serious in this collage of chaos that we call life. One thing that isn’t funny or a laughing matter, though, is asking how did DMX die? If you’ve been following the life and times of the DMX, you’ll already know he was struggling for many years before his untimely passing. 

It’s such a sad story about such a talented soul… 

The record industry can sometimes be a vacuum and void of decency; everyone knows that. But, some people don’t quite realize what they signed up for when they place their signature in blood on the dotted line. Let’s take a look at the circumstances surrounding the death of DMX.

How Did DMX Die?

How Popular Was DMX?

If you are asking who is DMX, you took a wrong turn and are now in the pulsating heart of Rap City. DMX is a legendary New York rap artist from the 1990s who was famous for his rowdy and chaotic style. His demeanor was aggressive, his music was epic, and his vocal delivery was pulsing and high-octane. All of his tracks sounded like a ghetto anthem. 

Some of DMX’s most memorable songs are Where The Hood At?X Gon Give It To YaRuff Ryders’ Anthem, and Party Up (Up In Here), alongside many more hot tracks. With so much water under the bridge, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how big and popular DMX was from 1996 to 2004. 

DMX’s real name was Earl Simmons, and he was born on December 18th 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York. Throughout his career, he sold a gargantuan 16.7 million albums worldwide. DMX’s biggest-selling album was It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, which sold 5.8 million copies alone. Less we forget that DMX was a hit-making rap juggernaut of the highest caliber. 

What was DMX Worth?

It’s been many years since he was at the apex of the game. So, calculating DMX’s net worth from the early-2000s is almost impossible. However, it’s believed he was worth around $7 million in 2003. And, considering inflation and the state of the rap game back then, that’s a massive number.

By the time of DMX’s death in 2021, it’s common knowledge that X had already lost his fortune and was worth negative $1 million. Although, that seems to be an estimation at best. He went from rags to riches and back to rags in approximately 15 years.

What Caused the Death of DMX?

It’s a shame that controversy followed him around over the past ten years of his life. We should be celebrating his talent, not asking how did DMX die. 

But, the truth is he did die. And many people saw it coming for over a decade or more such was the rapper’s troubles. Both financially and mentally. There are also a bunch of conspiracy theories about DMX that could be true. Especially considering who runs the record industry.

DMX died on 9 April 2021 of a suspected heart attack, although he was in a coma for over a week. The suspected heart attack happened on 2 April 2021. Immediately after the attack, he lost consciousness and was rushed to White Plains Hospital in New York. As he was in a comatose state, he was placed on life support and never regained consciousness again. 

Hospital staff attempted to save DMX…

The doctors and nurses did attempt to save X many times during the week between having a heart attack and eventually passing away. Reports say that there was little-to-no brain activity due to a lack of oxygen immediately after cardiac arrest for around 30 minutes. There is usually no coming back from that one.

Over the next week… 

His organs started to fail. DMX was unresponsive in a vegetative state. If you read the news around that time, you might have heard conflicting reports that X was breathing by himself and had regained consciousness.

But, all that was incorrect media speculation in hindsight. Finally, a full week after his heart attack, DMX was pronounced dead at just 50 years old with multiple organ failure and brain damage.

What Did the DMX Postmortem Find?

Postmortem Find

There is always speculation surrounding the untimely death of a celebrity. This is nothing new. Investigations always happen when someone so young dies. The investigation into DMX’s death was performed by the Winchester County Medical Examiner’s headquarters. 

They ruled that the cause of his heart attack was because of cocaine use. There had been rumors for many years that DMX was taking cocaine and crack. So, this didn’t come as a surprise to his fans or those in the know. 

At this point, it’s important to mention that an autopsy was deemed unnecessary. Although, all the investigative evidence showed that the cardiac incident stopped the flow of oxygen that caused the brain damage. The reason investigators sighted cocaine use was because traces of the drug were found in a urine sample taken by the hospital. So, in that respect, everything was essentially cut and dry. 

DMX’s History of Drug Abuse

The funniest thing is that rappers from the 1990s were famous for not doing hard drugs. Furthermore, they were frowned upon in the rap fraternity. Rappers from the 90s smoked weed and drank liquor, and that was usually as far as it went. However, DMX was a different kettle of fish. 

He apparently first started taking drugs at just 14 years old. DMX was said to smoke “woos” at one time. That is New York street slang for a joint laced with cannabis and cocaine. Rappers like Redman were also famous for smoking “woos” in their youth.

At that time…

Rumors were going around that DMX was strung out on crack during his most successful years in the early 2000s. And, after his recording career had all but finished. 

There was that time in a parking lot in Yonkers during 2016 when DMX was found unresponsive. Between 2008 and 2020, it was commonly reported that DMX had been to rehab several times, most famous in 2019. DMX routinely claimed that his medical issues were from his asthma problem, not drugs.

How Did DMX Die? – Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

I love a good conspiracy theory. However, when they are about someone dying, they come across as crass and classless. Tupac and Elvis are not dead, Michael Jackson faked his death, and Prince had a rib removed for “reasons.” Sorry for the last one, but I couldn’t resist it. There are loads of conspiracy theories surrounding DMX’s death and also in the decade leading up to his demise.

One of the most recent DMX death conspiracy theories was that he had a heart attack due to taking a Covid-19 vaccine or booster. But that has never been proved one way or the other. One of the older theories is that DMX was part of the alleged music industry secret societies. Sometimes referred to as the “New World Order” or the “Illuminati.” And, allegedly, DMX didn’t follow the program. 

Many times over the years… 

DMX claimed to now be a servant of God and that the record industry was run by the Devil. But, that could just be a euphuism for so-called “white devils” (i.e., elite, rich white people who did and still do own the major record companies). 

The word is that DMX upset these prominent record company execs. In turn, they had been using the media to report his demise and ruin his reputation ever since. It could be that these claims were just ramblings of a drugged-up madman who had lost his mind. We will never know for sure.

Reception to DMX’s Death

If you want to know how DMX died, it was probably down to his excessive drug use. His burial and a service to celebrate his life took place on 24 and 25 April 2021. The celebration of life ceremony came first on the 24th and took place at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. His casket was accompanied to the venue in a monster truck hearse with “Long Live DMX” written on the side.

Many rappers, celebrities, and music industry people responded with great sadness to the death of DMX. Snoop Dogg, LeBron James, Timbaland, Shaq O’Neil, Missy Elliott, and many more made public responses to his death. 

DMX’s funeral took place on 25 April 2021 in Brooklyn at the Christian Cultural Center. It was attended by Nas, Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys, and Lil Kim before he was buried in his hometown of Yonkers.

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How Did DMX Die? – Final Thoughts

When people ask me how DMX died, I answer by saying, “Tragically.” It’s so tragic because he had the world at his feet. When he released “X Gon Give It To You” in 2002, it appeared as the lead single to the Cradle 2 the Grave movie soundtrack. He was literally at the top of the rap and music world. 

The same track was also used in the uber-successful 2016 Deadpool movie and the sequel just two years later. This was the type of potential he had. Sadly, in my opinion, it was cut short due to his personal issues.

DMX was an absolute beast on the mic. It’s just a shame that his life went off the rails, and he never properly combated his inner turmoil and drug abuse. We can speculate about all the conspiracy theories in the world. But, the fact the people were not surprised when he died tells the true tragic tale of these sad events. RIP DMX!

Until next time, enjoy the music.

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