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Homer And Jethro Facts

Homer And Jethro: The Humorous Duo’s Life, Career, and Legacy

The Singer’s Bio

Homer and Jethro was a popular American country music duo, consisting of Henry “Homer” Haynes (1920–1971) and Kenneth “Jethro” Burns (1920–1989). They met while playing in separate musical groups in the late 1930s, but they did not form their musical partnership until 1945. The duo became known for its humorous parodies of popular songs, a style of music that was called ‘cornpone humor’.

The duo’s humorous style of music became so popular that they won two Grammy Awards in 1959 for Comedy Performances. They were the first country-based act to win a Grammy. Throughout their career, Homer and Jethro recorded and performed with musicians such as Chet Atkins, Ray Stevens, Don Gibson, and Jerry Reed.

Age, Relationships, Children, and Height

Homer and Jethro were both born in 1920. Homer Haynes was born on July 27th in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Kenneth Burns was born on March 10th, in Conasauga, Tennessee.

As for their relationships, the duo has kept their personal lives private and out of the public eye. There is no information available about their marriages or children.

In terms of height, there is no information available about their exact heights.


Homer and Jethro’s career took off in the 1940s, performing their signature humorous parodies of popular songs on radio shows and at live performances. They were signed to King Records in 1948, where they would remain for over a decade, recording hit after hit.

In the late 1950s, Homer and Jethro began to move away from their original ‘cornpone’ style of humor and started recording music that was more sophisticated and less comical. They continued to record and perform into the 1960s and 1970s, with televised appearances on shows such as “The Jimmy Dean Show,” and “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

Even after Homer’s death in 1971, Jethro continued to perform, sometimes with different partners. He passed away in 1989.

Top Songs

Homer and Jethro had numerous hit songs throughout their career. Some of their most popular tunes were parodies of popular songs. Some of their most well-known recordings include:

  • “The Battle of Kookamonga”
  • “I’m Moving On No. 2”
  • “Please Help Me I’m Falling (In Love With You)”
  • “Houn’ Dawg”
  • “She Was Bitten on the Udder by an Adder”

Net Worth

Homer and Jethro’s exact net worth is unknown; however, they had a successful career recording for King Records and touring throughout the United States. Their music continues to be celebrated today, with many of their albums still available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who inspired Homer and Jethro’s ‘cornpone humor’ style?

Homer and Jethro’s comical style was inspired by a variety of sources such as vaudeville comedians like Bert Wheeler and other entertainers of the time. The duo employed their own unique spin on the style, developing their style of corny, parodic humor that became extremely popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

What drew audiences to Homer and Jethro’s music?

Homer and Jethro’s music was unique, clever and hilarious. They had the ability to turn a straight-laced song into a laugh-out-loud comedy. Audiences found their parodic style highly entertaining and their ability to inject humor through song made them a popular act on radio shows and live performances. Their music struck a chord with people from all backgrounds and was appreciated by both country music aficionados and the general public.

What made Homer and Jethro stand out from other musicians at the time?

Homer and Jethro were one of a kind. They had a unique ability to take songs and make them humorous without losing the integrity of the overall work. The duo’s ability to make fun of popular songs while still delivering impressive musicianship made them a standout act in the country music scene.

Why did Homer and Jethro switch to performing less comical music in the late 1950s?

Homer and Jethro began to move away from their original style of cornpone humor in the late 1950s partly due to a shift in the public’s taste. The style that they had perfected for over a decade was losing popularity. They also wanted to explore music that wasn’t strictly comedic and allowed them to showcase their musical talent. They discovered that they could perform and record other styles of music just as capably.

Were their parodies of popular songs ever controversial?

There is no record of any of Homer and Jethro’s parodies causing controversy at the time of their release. They did, however, receive criticism from some who believed that their style of humor was overly simplistic. However, the duo was able to maintain their success and, the duo earned two Grammy awards for their style.

What was Homer and Jethro’s most celebrated recording?

One of Homer and Jethro’s most celebrated recordings is their parody of “The Battle of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton, titled “The Battle of Kookamonga.” As with many of their parodies, the song was a humorous spin on the original, with clever lyrics and spirited instrumentation.

Were Homer and Jethro ever the inspiration behind any other entertainers’ work?

Homer and Jethro’s music has influenced many artists over the years. The late singer/songwriter Shel Silverstein was a fan of the duo, and his own style of humorous songwriting was influenced by the duo’s clever lyrics and musicality.

Did Homer and Jethro tour with other famous musicians?

Throughout their career, Homer and Jethro were asked to perform with some of the biggest names in country music including Chet Atkins, Ray Stevens, Don Gibson, and Jerry Reed.

What was Homer and Jethro’s relationship like outside of performing?

Homer and Jethro’s relationship appears to have been strictly professional, and they kept their personal lives private, leading to a lack of information about their offstage friendship.

What is the legacy of Homer and Jethro’s music?

Homer and Jethro’s music continues to be celebrated today, with new generations discovering and appreciating their signature style. Their clever and endearing parody music influenced a generation of country musicians and comedians. They were innovative pioneers of comedy, and their legacy is one of innovation and creativity in the realm of music and humor.

Did Homer and Jethro ever play outside of the country music genre?

Yes, Homer and Jethro were not strictly confined to the country music genre. Later in their career, the duo explored different styles of music, including pop and jazz, they also worked with many other well known musicians, showcasing their versatility as musicians.

How long was Homer and Jethro’s career together?

Homer and Jethro’s career together lasted over two decades from the mid-1940s until the 1960s. Even after Homer’s death in 1971, the duo’s legacy continued, with Jethro performing on his own or with other partners.

Why were Homer and Jethro so successful?

Homer and Jethro’s success can be attributed to their clever humor, unique sense of style, and their exceptional musical ability. The duo was known for their comic parodies, but they also played with precision and expertise, making them stand out as a unique act in the country music scene.

Did Homer and Jethro record any music outside of comedy?

Yes, as they entered into the 1960s, Homer and Jethro began recording more serious music, exploring other genres such as pop and jazz. They recorded several albums of these varying styles, showcasing their versatility as musicians and passion for other styles of music.

Did Homer and Jethro ever reunite after Homer’s death in 1971?

No, after Homer’s death in 1971, Jethro performed with other partners, but he never reunited with Homer. Jethro sadly passed away in 1989.

Were Homer and Jethro’s recordings popular on radio shows?

Yes, Homer and Jethro’s music was immensely popular on radio shows in the 1940s and 1950s. Their catchy parodies resonated with audiences and helped make them a household name. Their work with King Records helped position them as one of the most engaging acts of their time.

Did Homer and Jethro influence any other performers in the comedy music genre?

Yes, Homer and Jethro had a significant impact on the comedy music genre and influenced many famous comedic performers over the years. Jeff Foxworthy and “Weird Al” Yankovic have both cited the duo as an inspiration, along with an entire generation of comedians who found the duo’s music humorous and innovative.


Homer and Jethro were pioneers of the comedy music scene and innovators of their time. Their parodies were clever and humorous, and their musical ability was unmatched. Even though they were primarily known for their parodies, they showcased their versatility as musicians by exploring other genres of music. Their legacy continues today, with their music still entertaining audiences and inspiring new generations of musicians and comedians.

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