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Hilary Duff Facts

Hilary Duff: From Child Star to Multi-Talented Superstar

Singer’s Bio and Age

Hilary Duff is an American singer, actress, and entrepreneur who was born on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas. She grew up in Houston and San Antonio before relocating to California with her mother and sister, in pursuing her career in the entertainment industry. Hilary’s star sign is Libra, and she is 34 years old as of writing this article.

Relationships and Children

Hilary was previously married to Canadian former professional ice hockey player Mike Comrie, with whom she shares a son named Luca (born in 2012). Despite their split in 2016, Hilary and Mike are dedicated co-parents and have been spotted at events for their son together. Currently, Hilary is happily married to Matthew Koma, an American songwriter and musician, who she shares a daughter named Banks (born in 2018).

Height and Appearance

Hilary Duff stands at 5’2” (157 cm) and is known for her petite but athletic figure. Her signature blonde hair and bright blue eyes have earned her recognition as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Despite societal pressures to conform to conventional beauty standards, Hilary has always been an advocate for body positivity and encourages self-love and self-acceptance to her fans.

Career and Achievements

Starting her career in the late 1990s, Hilary Duff rose to fame for her work in Disney Channel’s hit teen sitcom, “Lizzie McGuire.” However, she later moved on to focus on her solo music career, with her debut album “Metamorphosis” (2003) achieving platinum status within weeks of its release. From there, Hilary went on to release four more studio albums, all of which charted in the top 10 of the US Billboard 200.

Apart from her music and acting pursuits, Hilary has dabbled in various other ventures such as writing a young adult novel series, launching her own fashion line, and being an ambassador for multiple charities. In recognition of her various accomplishments, Hilary has been awarded numerous honors throughout her career, including multiple Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award nomination for her role in “Younger” in 2015.

Top Songs by Hilary Duff

Though Hilary has an extensive discography, some of her most popular songs include:

1. Come Clean (2004): This ballad about heartbreak and moving on was a hit with audiences worldwide, charting in several countries and earning a spot in the top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100.

2. Fly (2004): An uplifting and inspiring song, “Fly” resonated with Hilary’s young fan base. It remains one of her most beloved tracks to this day.

3. So Yesterday (2003): This song took the airwaves by storm, capturing the essence of teenage angst and making listeners feel heard.

Net Worth

With her multi-faceted career and various successful ventures, it’s no surprise that Hilary Duff has amassed a considerable net worth over the years. As of 2021, Hilary’s estimated net worth is around $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her earnings come from various sources, including album sales, TV shows, movie roles, brand endorsements, and her businesses.

Final Thoughts

Hilary Duff has been a role model for many aspiring young stars over the years. She’s proven that it’s possible to balance a thriving career, family life, and personal fulfillment all while staying grounded and true to oneself. Whether she’s making music, acting in a film or TV show, or spending time with her loved ones, Hilary continues to leave a positive impact on those around her. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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