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Top 10 Harry Styles Songs

When Harry Styles burst onto the scene as a contestant on British X-Factor in 2010, which is their equivalent to American Idol or America’s Got Talent, it was obvious that he had ‘IT.’ Even though he was eliminated early in that season, it wasn’t long before he was asked to join the fledgling UK pop band, One Direction.

He had a great time with the band before he went solo. But I decided that my top 10 Harry Styles songs list should only include his solo material and not anything he did with One Direction. From 2017 right up until the present day, the English pop star has been wowing the mainstream music audience with some cool pop classics in an era that really lacks them. 

Harry is essentially a hark back to when boy band members became solo stars. So, here are my handpicked selection of his best songs for you to enjoy.

Top 10 Harry Styles Songs

Top 10 Harry Styles Songs

[nb]#1[/nb] Watermelon Sugar


Watermelon Sugar might well have been the catchiest pop song released in 2019. It was definitely one of his largest-selling singles that enjoyed worldwide commercial success. It was the lead promo song from his massively successful second studio album ‘Fine Line.’ The fun and upbeat summertime vibes made the track an instant pop classic with teen fans from all over the globe.

It was Harry’s first-ever number-1 single as a solo artist, and it even won him a prestigious Grammy Award. The 1970s soul music vibes gave it a real nostalgic sound that resonated with audiences of all ages. And if you can listen to the song without shouting out the chorus when it hits, then you have more self-control than me. It’s hardly surprising that this track is in prime position on a top 10 Harry Styles song list.

For even more info on the song, check out our in-depth look at The Meaning Behind Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.

[nb]#2[/nb] Golden


He’s a very creative artist that perhaps doesn’t get the respect he deserves for his talent. Golden was also from the 2019 Fine Line album and was easily one of its best and most popular tracks. It’s very melodic, easy to listen to, and can cheer up even the most miserable of people. Positive and up-tempo pop songs are in short supply these days, so this one did really well on a commercial level.

The song was written and composed by Kid Harpoon, Mitch Rowland, and Tyler Johnson. It’s a very mature and grown-up sound that shows massive development from his time in One Direction. When it came out, his fans and critics alike were immediately onside, so this track represented the next phase of his career at the time.

[nb]#3[/nb] Sign of the Times


It could be argued that Sign of the Times should be in first or even second position on my list of the top 10 songs by Harry Styles, and maybe they are right. But it did make the top 3, so let’s not get too upset. Many fans consider this to be his best song, and you can see why. And if you are one of those who automatically assumed that Sign of the Times was a cover version of the famous Prince song of the same name, you were incorrect and should probably give it a chance.

It was the lead single from his self-titled debut studio album in 2017 that really cemented Harry as a solo artist and one to watch for the future. It was a massively successful single that won numerous awards and reached the top spot on the UK charts. 

The lyrics are about a mother who is going through childbirth issues and complications. The mother is informed that although the child is fine, she is going to die and has five minutes to tell the kid some important things. It’s pretty sad. 

[nb]#4[/nb] Falling


Falling is one of the most reflective and introspective pop songs from the past five years. It’s sad, emotional, touching, and thoughtful. Some people think it’s a pop masterpiece, and I wouldn’t argue with them. It really showed another side to his talent and vulnerability when he released this track as the third single from the Fine Line album. It’s another song that was co-written with Kid Harpoon, who has been prominent in Harry’s solo career.

The lyrics are about trying to get rid of an old part of your personality that needs eradicating so you can move forward. We all sometimes want to get rid of old versions of ourselves, so it’s quite a relatable subject. The instrumental itself is a slow-paced burner that uses a haunting piano and a melancholic vibe. 

[nb]#5[/nb] She


The nostalgic sound of She epitomizes the vibe of his second album. I think this is a masterpiece of a song that perfectly blends a slow soulful vibe that is full of emotion and meaning. It has a very dreamy sound that drifts and sways in a delectable manner. It’s a passionate song about how he is attracted to a woman he doesn’t really know, and she keeps creeping into his dreams at night.

A song about a woman who is in your head might seem like a prerequisite for therapy, but that’s how love and women can get a man. However, some people think the song is about Harry embracing his feminine ‘she’ side, but they would say that, wouldn’t they? I am not so sure that’s the real meaning behind the lyrics, though.

[nb]#6[/nb] Kiwi


Next, on my rundown of the Top 10 Harry Styles Songs, Kiwi had a more rock music feel than the majority of his solo stuff. It’s one of the most popular and liked songs that he’s ever made. It’s even his own favorite track, so that should tell you something. The song came out in 2017 and was a single from his debut studio album. It sold very well at the time and even went Platinum in Australia and the US while also charting at position 40 in the US Mainstream Charts.

For many fans who didn’t listen to One Direction, it was an introduction to Harry. The up-tempo rock vibe is not really a sound that has permeated his solo career as it might’ve, but it shows his versatility as an artist.

[nb]#7[/nb] Cherry


This super-soulful song tells a fantastic story that is sad, reflective, and even heartbreaking in parts. Cherry was a single from his second studio album and was released in 2019. The soft yet sad acoustic vibes really set the mood for the lyrics about breaking up with a partner and thinking about how it could have been oh-so different. At some point in life, most of us feel like this about a special someone that we let go of or lost. 

It’s a really beautiful and emotional song that really does keep in line with the concept of the entire album. It’s one of my favorite Harry Styles songs for a number of reasons and one that fans hold dearly close to their hearts. 

[nb]#8[/nb] Adore You


Up-tempo soul vibes really have become his sound over the past few years. Adore You could quite have easily been a sensual pop track from the 1980s and is pretty timeless, in my opinion. The feel-good vibes, the uplifting lyrics, and the overall feeling of love ooze out of this track. It was another single from the second album in 2019 and is one of the standout tracks from that project.

It was again co-written with Kid Harpoon and did very well commercially. Adore You was certified Platinum in Australia, Britain, and the US and charted high right across North America and Europe at the time. 

[nb]#9[/nb] Only Angel


Only Angel is a song that was about one of his former girlfriends. At the time, his fans all speculated who the ‘angel’ was, but even though most think they know, Harry has never confirmed anything, so it’s all still guesswork by fans. Apparently, he left many clues in the song, but I was never up on pop music relationship gossip, so it went entirely over my head.

The song was a single in 2017 from his debut studio album, and although it was not massive in a commercial sense, it still did quite well, considering this was one of his first singles, and he was still making a name for himself as a solo artist.

[nb]#10[/nb] Sweet Creature


When Sweet Creature came out in 2017 from his debut album, it sounded like an acoustic folk track that was full of emotion and meaning. It’s quite a stark difference from his newer and more mainstream pop sound that we know and love. It showed a side of Harry that not many had heard before, so it was a very important song for his career progression.

His music and sound were starting to mature, and he was starting to sound like an adult instead of a boyband member, so it did his reputation lots of good. It’s a classic love song that is a bit too soppy for me, but his female fans absolutely loved it, and still do.

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Top 10 Harry Styles Songs – The Future

Considering that he is still isn’t even 30 years old, he still has plenty of gas left in the tank to take it further. Some might say this is just the beginning, but we’ll have to see. At the moment, he has only released three studio albums, the last of which was the 2022 “Harry’s House” album. And although there is no news on future releases, he will no doubt be back soon.

The best Harry Styles songs are surprisingly soulful. And anyone who listened to One Direction might be surprised by that change in sound. It’s very mature and appeals to a cross-section of people of all ages, which has been the hallmark of his successful solo career so far. 

Long may it continue!

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