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Hard-Ons Facts

Rockin’ with Hard-Ons: The Ultimate Guide to Australia’s Punk Rock Icons

Hard-Ons is a punk rock band that has swept the Australian music scene since the 1980s. Despite undergoing numerous lineup changes and controversies, the band has managed to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, establishing themselves as rock icons. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on all things Hard-Ons, from the singer’s bio to the band’s top songs.

Singer’s Bio, Age, Relationships, Children, Height, Career, Top Songs, Net Worth, and More

Hard-Ons’ most recognizable member is arguably the vocalist and rhythm guitarist Peter “Blackie” Black. Peter is a native of Sydney, Australia, where he was born on March 21, 1963. Despite reaching his late 50s, Blackie remains the band’s most active member, contributing significantly to their continued success.

Blackie is known to keep his personal life private, so not much is known about his relationship status and children. However, reliable sources indicate that Blackie stands at 5’6″ (168cm), and he is still rocking his signature spiky hair and sleeveless black T-shirts, even well into his 50s.

Before joining Hard-Ons, Blackie was an active member of various punk bands in Australia, such as Psycho-Surgeons and Nunchukka Superfly. However, it was his chemistry with Hard-Ons’ drummer, Keish De Silva, and bassist, Ray Ahn, that would take his career to new heights. Their punk rock sound, laced with power-pop elements and catchy guitar riffs, remains iconic to date.

Some of Hard-Ons’ top songs include “Don’t Wanna See You Cry,” “Girl in the Sweater,” “Where Did She Come From?,” “Busted,” “Just Being With You,” among others. The band has released over ten studio albums over the years, with plans of dropping their eleventh project, “I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken,” slated for release in July 2021.

As far as the band’s net worth goes, there are no reliable sources to ascertain their collective wealth. However, numerous record deals, sold-out concerts, and merchandise sales throughout their career make it safe to estimate their net worth in the millions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard-Ons

1. Who are the original members of Hard-Ons?

Hard-Ons originally formed in 1981, comprising vocalist and guitarist Peter “Blackie” Black, bassist and vocalist Ray Ahn, and drummer Peter Kostic.

2. Is Hard-Ons still active?

Yes. Hard-Ons are still active, and their upcoming album, “I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken,” is set to drop in July 2021.

3. What genre of music does Hard-Ons play?

Hard-Ons are a punk rock band, with power-pop and metal influences in some of their more recent music.

4. What is the inspiration behind the name “Hard-Ons”?

The name “Hard-Ons” is a play on words based on the Australian slang term “hard-on,” which describes an erection.

5. How many studio albums has Hard-Ons released?

Hard-Ons have released over ten studio albums since their inception.

6. Who are some of the band’s influences?

The band has cited bands such as The Ramones, The Who, The Beach Boys, and Nirvana as some of their biggest musical influences.

7. Has Hard-Ons won any awards?

Despite their significant contributions to the music industry, Hard-Ons have not won any mainstream music awards to date.

8. What is Hard-Ons’ most popular song?

Hard-Ons’ most popular song is “Don’t Wanna See You Cry,” released back in 1986.

9. Has Hard-Ons undergone any lineup changes?

Yes. Hard-Ons have undergone several lineup changes, with only Blackie remaining a constant member.

10. What is the band’s most recent project, and when was it released?

The upcoming album, “I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken,” is set to release in July 2021.

11. Are there any controversies surrounding Hard-Ons?

Yes. The band faced backlash after a video of drummer Keish De Silva using racial slurs surfaced online. However, the band has since apologized and taken measures to educate themselves on social issues.

12. Does Hard-Ons do collaborations with other artists?

Yes. Hard-Ons have collaborated with numerous artists, including Nelward, Yoghurt, and more recently, Henry Rollins of Black Flag.

13. What makes Hard-Ons unique from other punk bands?

Hard-Ons’ signature sound, influenced by power-pop melodies and heavy metal riffs, sets them apart from most punk bands.

14. What is Hard-Ons’ stance on current social/political issues?

Hard-Ons are vocal advocates for the LGBTQ+ community and have been involved in several charity organizations that promote social and political issues.

15. How does Hard-Ons plan to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic?

Like most bands, Hard-Ons canceled most of their live shows in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the band remains optimistic about the future and plans on touring once the situation improves.

In conclusion, Hard-Ons is an iconic punk rock band that has made a significant impact on the music industry in Australia and beyond. Despite controversies and lineup changes, the band continues to produce music that resonates with their fans and appeals to new listeners. Hopefully, this guide has provided insightful information on all things Hard-Ons.

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