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The 5 Great Apps to Listen to Music Without Wi-Fi

Music streaming has made a massive difference to how we all consume music since its introduction. Having the ability to essentially carry a seemingly limitless music collection with you truly is amazing. Well, that’s the case most of the time, but not always.

There are, of course, some limitations. You might only have limited data available, be flying on a plane, or even be in a location where there isn’t a signal available. With no data available, this means there’s no music, right?

Wrong, and I have put together some great Apps to listen to music without Wi-Fi for both Android and iOS.





Spotify has consistently been one of the most popular music streaming Apps available across both Android and iOS. It provides a reliable service with high-quality audio and a huge library of music and podcasts to choose from, so it’s little wonder why.

One of Spotify’s biggest features, though, is its ability to help users discover new music suited just for them. Through the use of what they call “Discover Weekly,” every Monday, users receive their own personal playlist delivered to them.

Six days’ worth of offline music…

It is possible to sync up to 3,333 tracks offline through your Spotify account, which is about six days’ worth of music. They can also be made available on up to three computers or mobile devices. You need to be online initially and have enough storage space to sync the tracks.

This feature is only available to users with a Premium subscription. There are solo, duo, family, and student subscriptions available, depending on what suits you best. You will also only be able to access the tracks using the Spotify App.

Apple Music

Apple Music



When Apple does things, they always do them with a level of consistency and standards. Their well-anticipated streaming service follows that trend. And just like many of their other products, this level of sophistication comes at a premium with some limitations.

One of Apple’s definite strengths is compatibility and integration. Unlike most other Apple products, Apple Music is available for Android. There is a huge library of music, videos, and interviews that all blend seamlessly with Siri or an Apple watch.

Building your library…

One of the limitations I mentioned is maintaining enough storage space on your Apple device. Both iPhones and iPads cannot have their storage expanded, so make sure you have enough space on your device first.

While browsing Apple music, you can add tracks or playlists to your library. Those tracks and playlists can then be downloaded for offline use afterward. There is no free version of Apple Music, and a subscription is needed with both single and family memberships available.





Pandora was once one of the most popular music streaming services available but has recently been overtaken. Their focus has always been more on providing a radio station-style service, and the library is much smaller than competitors at only around a million tracks.

However, it is fighting back by having an incredibly easy-to-use interface and also being much more affordable. They have also recently introduced a personalized radio station called “Thumbprint Radio” that helps users discover new music.

Reaching the next level…

There are two levels of subscription available for Pandora, which will determine what you can access offline. With Pandora Plus, you can access your top three radio stations plus Thumbprint radio offline. For Pandora Premium, you can download any eligible song from “My Collection” within the App.

Pandora is a great music streaming service for both Android and iOS and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface on both platforms. There is a free version available that does contain ads and will only operate with a data connection if you’d like to check it out first.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music



Anyone that ever used Google Music will already be aware that it has now merged into YouTube Music. This has worked out reasonably well, as the library available has increased, giving a wide range of music options.

Any tracks that were previously available through Google Music are still of high audio quality. If you are searching for something a little more obscure, then there’s a good chance it will lean on YouTube’s database. Although, the quality will depend on how it has been uploaded.

Simple to use…

The interface is rather simple to use and is laid out well on both Android and iOS. It is still finding its feet and doesn’t have the same level of music discovery on offer by either Spotify or Apple Music as yet.

You need a subscription to download tracks for offline listening. However, it is cheaper on Android, with iOS users paying a small premium. Downloading tracks couldn’t be easier, though. While listening to a track or album, press the three dots and select download. There is even the option of downloading the video if it’s available in either SD or HD quality.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music



Last on my list of Great Apps to Listen to Music Without Wi-Fi. Available for both Android and iOS, Amazon music is an incredibly basic yet simple to use platform for music. It has a respectable library of high audio quality music and podcasts but lacks any videos or radio stations that competitors offer.

There are over 75 million tracks to select from, so you won’t be left looking for something new. Playlists are simple to create, and the search function works incredibly well, including adding filters such as genres, artists, and even moods.

Keeping it simple…

As with pretty much any of these streaming services, you will require a subscription to download tracks for use while offline. There are both single and family plans on offer with a discount available for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Downloading tracks couldn’t be easier. When listening to any artist, album, or song, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner. After tapping the download button, the track will be added to your device’s storage. Any tracks available offline will then show a checkmark next to them as an indication while browsing.

Devices for Listening

Devices for Listening

All of these apps are great for creating a large offline library to enjoy when an internet connection isn’t available. This won’t do much good if you don’t have a way to listen to them or enough storage on your device.

Here are some headphones, speakers, and storage options so you can take full advantage of listening to your audio collection. No matter if it’s the latest music tracks at a party, or catching up on the latest podcast, this will have you covered.

Powerbeats Pro – Wireless Headphones

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices are these go anywhere secure wireless headphones from Beats. Perfect for the gym, public transport, or even relaxing at home, the Powerbeats Pro offers up to nine hours of playback and up to 24-hours with the charging case. Check out our in-depth Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Review for more details.

Ultimate Ears – Boom 3 Wireless Portable Speaker

Play your music wherever you are at high volume and in clear quality with thumping bass with the UE Boom 3 wireless speaker. It will connect wirelessly to your devices using the latest Bluetooth technology, is water and dust resistant, and can last up to 15-hours on a single charge. Check out our in-depth UE Boom 3 Review for more information.

SanDisk Extreme – 128 GB Micro SD Card

If you wish to build up an online library of music and podcasts, then your device is going to need some space. Most Android devices can be expanded using a Micro SD card, and SanDisk is one of the most reliable yet affordable on the market.

Need More Great Ways to Listen to Music?

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Great Apps to Listen to Music Without Wi-Fi – Conclusion

While many music Apps offer a free service with advertisements and limited functions, you’ll need a subscription to create an offline library. Luckily, as you can see by the variety here, it is an extremely competitive marketplace.

This pushes each company to offer bigger libraries, higher quality audio, user-friendly interfaces, and affordable pricing. When you consider what’s on offer, you’d almost feel guilty if you received all that goodness for free.

This market is constantly evolving, and an advantage is that none of these services lock you into a contract. So feel free to swap and change your services.

Until next time, happy listening.

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