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Goldenhorse Facts

The Golden Facts About Goldenhorse: Singer’s Bio, Career, Top Songs, Net Worth and More

New Zealand’s music industry has been a hub for many famous artists over the years, and Goldenhorse is one of the iconic musicians to come out of the country. The band gained widespread attention with their hit debut album “Riverhead”, which sold over 60,000 copies in New Zealand alone. With a musical style that blends pop, rock, and folk, Goldenhorse has amassed a huge fan base across the world. In this article, we will delve into the facts about Goldenhorse, from the singer’s bio to their net worth, top songs, and more.

Singer’s Bio

Goldenhorse is a New Zealand-based band formed in 1999 by Kirsten Morelle and Geoff Maddock. Morelle, who is the lead vocalist of the band, grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. She attended Orewa College and then went to the University of Auckland, where she studied law. However, her passion for music overshadowed her interest in law, and she began performing in local bars and restaurants.

Kirsten’s vocal prowess caught the attention of many, including Geoff Maddock, a guitarist, pianist, and singer-songwriter. The pair formed Goldenhorse and started working on their debut album, “Riverhead”.


Kirsten Morelle was born on January 7, 1976, which makes her 45 years old.


Kirsten Morelle has kept her personal life private and has not shared any details about her relationships.


There is no information available about whether Kirsten Morelle has any children.


There is no information available about Kirsten Morelle’s height.


Goldenhorse’s debut album, “Riverhead”, was released in 2002, and it quickly gained mainstream success in New Zealand. The band’s music stood out for its unique mix of pop, rock, and folk, and Kirsten Morelle’s soaring vocals. The album spawned multiple hits, including “Maybe Tomorrow”, “Wake Up Brother”, and “Golden Dawn”.

In 2005, Goldenhorse released their second album, “Out of the Moon”, which also received critical acclaim. The album featured hits such as “Run Run Run” and “Northern Lights”. After a hiatus of several years, the band returned in 2009 with their third album, “Reporter”. The album featured new members, Ryan Beehre and Ben King.

The band spent several years touring New Zealand and Australia, and they have opened for international acts such as Dave Matthews Band and Sheryl Crow. Kirsten Morelle has also collaborated with several other New Zealand musicians, including Bic Runga, Dave Dobbyn, and Anika Moa.

Top Songs

Goldenhorse has released several hit songs over the years, some of which include:

“Maybe Tomorrow”

“Maybe Tomorrow” was released as a single from the band’s debut album, “Riverhead”. The song was an instant hit and spent ten weeks at number one on the New Zealand charts.

“Wake Up Brother”

“Wake Up Brother” was also released as a single from the band’s debut album. The song showcases Kirsten Morelle’s powerful vocals and has become a fan favorite.

“Run Run Run”

“Run Run Run” is a catchy tune from the band’s second album, “Out of the Moon”. The song features a driving beat and an infectious chorus.

“Northern Lights”

“Northern Lights” is a haunting ballad from the “Out of the Moon” album. The song features beautiful harmonies and has become a staple in the band’s live shows.

“Golden Dawn”

“Golden Dawn” is another hit single from the band’s debut album. The song features a catchy melody and a memorable chorus.

Net Worth

There is no official figure available for Goldenhorse’s net worth. However, the band has been successful in New Zealand and has sold over 200,000 records in the country alone.


1. What is the meaning behind the name, Goldenhorse?

The name, Goldenhorse, was inspired by Kirsten Morelle’s horse, which was named Golden. The band decided to add the word “horse” to the end of the name to make it more unique.

2. Did Goldenhorse win any awards?

Yes, Goldenhorse has won multiple awards, including five New Zealand Music Awards and two Tuis (the New Zealand equivalent of Grammys).

3. Is Kirsten Morelle the only original member of the band?

No, Geoff Maddock is also an original member of the band. However, the lineup has changed over the years, with new members joining for live shows and recording sessions.

4. Has Goldenhorse released any music after their third album, “Reporter”?

No, Goldenhorse has not released any music since “Reporter” in 2009. The band members have been focusing on their solo projects and other endeavors.

5. Has Kirsten Morelle released any solo music?

Yes, Kirsten Morelle has released a solo album, “Taken”. The album features Kirsten’s signature vocals and a mix of pop and rock tunes.

6. Where can I see Goldenhorse live?

Goldenhorse has not announced any upcoming live shows. However, you can follow the band on social media or check their official website for updates.

7. Does Kirsten Morelle have any musical influences?

Kirsten has cited many artists as her influences, including Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and Sinead O’Connor.

8. Is Goldenhorse popular outside of New Zealand?

While Goldenhorse has not achieved mainstream success globally, the band has a dedicated fan base in countries like Australia and the United States. The band’s music has also been featured on several TV shows and movies.

9. Does Goldenhorse write their own music?

Yes, Goldenhorse writes their own music. Kirsten Morelle and Geoff Maddock are the primary songwriters in the band.

10. What is Goldenhorse’s most successful album?

Goldenhorse’s debut album, “Riverhead”, is their most successful album to date. The album sold over 60,000 copies in New Zealand and spawned multiple hit singles.

11. Does Goldenhorse have any upcoming projects?

There is no information available about any upcoming projects from Goldenhorse.

12. What is the inspiration behind Goldenhorse’s music?

Goldenhorse’s music is inspired by a mix of pop, rock, and folk. The band draws inspiration from their personal experiences and emotions.

13. Has Goldenhorse collaborated with any international artists?

While Goldenhorse hasn’t collaborated with many international artists, Kirsten Morelle has worked with several New Zealand musicians, as well as artists like Ed Harcourt and Kaskade.

14. How long has Goldenhorse been on hiatus?

Goldenhorse has been on a hiatus since the release of their third album, “Reporter”, in 2009.

15. Where can I buy Goldenhorse’s music?

You can buy Goldenhorse’s music online on platforms like iTunes and Amazon, or in physical stores that stock CDs and vinyl records.

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