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God Lives Underwater Facts

God Lives Underwater: A Look into the Career and Life of the Talented Singer


God Lives Underwater (GLU) was a well-known American industrial-rock band that began their music career in the late 1980s. The band was made up of two talented members, David Reilly and Jeff Turzo. The duo released many hit albums, and their music was popular in the US. Although the group disbanded in 2005, their music remains timeless and still resonates with fans. In this article, we will take a look at the life of David Reilly, one of the founding members of GLU.


Born on September 17, 1968, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, David Reilly was the lead vocalist for the industrial rock band, God Lives Underwater. David had a passion for music from an early age; he played the guitar and the keyboard. In the early ’90s, Reilly met Jeff Turzo, and the two formed GLU. David was an essential part of the band as he wrote most of the band’s lyrics and was a remarkable singer.

David Reilly was married and had two children. He was rumored to have dated other people before his marriage, but he always kept his private life out of the media as he was a private person. David was respectably tall; he was 5 feet and 10 inches. Besides his music journey, David was interested in films and investments.


God Lives Underwater’s music career spanned over fifteen years. The band released four studio albums and two compilation albums and landed a spot on the soundtrack for the popular movie, “Escape from LA.” David’s melodic voice blend with the band’s edgy, hard-rocking instrumentals was unique and refreshing. In 2005, the band dissolved after David’s sudden death, which was devastating for many of their fans.

David’s contribution to the music industry was remarkable. He used his talent to inspire others, and he was always ready to lend a helping hand to upcoming artists. David had a passion for music, and his fans could see that in his performances. He believed in pushing the boundaries of music and was always ready to experiment with different sounds and genres.

Top Songs

God Lives Underwater’s music is timeless, and their songs still resonate with many people today. Here are some of their top hits that you should add to your playlist:

1. “From Your Mouth”
2. “Rearrange”
3. “All Wrong”
4. “No More Love”
5. “Lonely Again”
6. “Don’t Know How to Be”
7. “Miss You More Than Anything”
8. “Weight”

Net Worth

David Reilly’s net worth is unknown as he was a private person and kept his financial information out of the media. David’s contribution to the music industry was massive, and his impact is still felt today, with the band’s music being streamed globally. Although his net worth is not known, his legacy lives on, and he will be remembered as one of the greatest singers in the music industry.


1. What inspired David Reilly to pursue music?

David Reilly had a passion for music from an early age. He played the guitar and the keyboard and knew that he wanted to make music his career. Reilly was inspired by many musicians, and he believed that music had the power to influence and inspire people. He worked hard to hone his craft, and his contribution to the music industry is remarkable.

2. What was God Lives Underwater’s genre of music?

God Lives Underwater’s genre of music was industrial rock music. The band’s music was characterized by heavy, hard-rocking instrumentals and David’s smooth and melodic voice. The band experimented with different sounds and genres to create a unique sound that resonated with many people.

3. How many members were in God Lives Underwater?

God Lives Underwater was made up of two members, David Reilly and Jeff Turzo. The duo worked together to create music that inspired and entertained millions of people worldwide.

4. Did David Reilly have any solo projects?

David Reilly did not have any solo projects, but he was a part of creating two compilation albums for God Lives Underwater. David was passionate about his music and believed in working and creating music with his partner, Jeff Turzo.

5. What was David Reilly’s contribution to the music industry?

David Reilly was a remarkable singer and songwriter. His unique voice and lyrics touched many lives and influenced many upcoming artists. David was a mentor to many people in the music industry and believed in the power of music to unify and inspire people.

6. What was the cause of David Reilly’s death?

David Reilly passed away on October 17, 2005, but the exact cause of death is unknown. David’s sudden death came as a shock to many people, and his fans mourned his loss for a long time.

7. What is God Lives Underwater’s most popular song?

God Lives Underwater’s most popular song is “From Your Mouth,” which was released in 1998. The song was well-received by fans and critics alike, and it showed the band’s ability to combine hard-rocking instrumentals with David’s smooth and melodic voice.

8. What was David Reilly’s personal life like?

David Reilly was a private person, and he kept his personal life out of the media. David was married and had two children, and he was respected for his professionalism and humility. David was always ready to help and inspire others, and his legacy lives on in the hearts of many fans.

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