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Gary Lewis & The Playboys Facts

Gary Lewis & The Playboys: An Iconic 60s Band

Singer’s Bio

Gary Lewis was born on July 31, 1946, in Los Angeles, California. His father was a well-known actor-comedian Jerry Lewis, and his mother was a former dancer, Patti Palmer. Gary grew up in a privileged home and was exposed to the entertainment industry from a very young age.


Gary Lewis is currently 74 years old, as he was born on July 31, 1946.

Relationships and Children

Gary has been married twice, and he has three children. His first marriage was to Michelle Dupont, and they had two sons, Chad and Oliver. He later married Donna Foreman, and they had a daughter, Emily.


Gary stands at around 5 feet 10 inches tall.


Gary Lewis formed his band, Gary Lewis & The Playboys in 1964, with members, David Walker, Allan Ramsay, John West, and David Costell. The band quickly became one of the most successful groups of the 1960s, with their unique sound and catchy songs. They produced several Top 10 hits, including “This Diamond Ring,” “She’s Just My Style,” and “Count Me In.”

Gary Lewis & The Playboys was contracted with Liberty Records and produced several top hits. They made their first public appearance on the TV show “Shindig!” which had a massive audience base. Their popularity started soaring after their appearances on popular shows like “American Bandstand” and “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

Their popularity also landed them several movie roles, such as “American Pop” (1980), “Hamburger: The Motion Picture” (1986), and “Dillinger” (1973).

Top Songs

Gary Lewis & The Playboys had a successful string of hits in the 60s, including:

– “This Diamond Ring”
– “She’s Just My Style”
– “Count Me In”
– “Save Your Heart for Me”
– “Everybody Loves a Clown”
– “Sure Gonna Miss Her”
– “Green Grass”

Net Worth

Gary Lewis has an estimated net worth of $10 million.


1. What inspired Gary Lewis to pursue a career in music?

Gary was inspired by his father, Jerry Lewis, who was a popular comedian and actor. He grew up surrounded by music and entertainment and was fascinated by it. He would often watch his father perform and participate in various entertainment-related activities at the house, which encouraged his love for music.

2. What genre of music did Gary Lewis & The Playboys specialize in?

Gary Lewis & The Playboys mostly produced soft rock and pop music. Their music is often compared to that of fellow 60s band, The Beatles.

3. Was Gary Lewis & The Playboys a one-hit-wonder?

No, they were not. Although their biggest hit was “This Diamond Ring,” they produced several other hit songs throughout their career, including “She’s Just My Style” and “Count Me In.”

4. Did Gary Lewis write any of his songs?

No, Gary Lewis did not write any of his songs. His songs were written by popular songwriters of the 60s, such as Carole King and Cynthia Weil.

5. How did Gary Lewis & The Playboys come up with their name?

Gary Lewis & The Playboys’s name was suggested by the president of Liberty Records, who thought it sounded catchy and appealing to their target audience.

6. What is Gary Lewis’s most memorable performance?

Gary Lewis has mentioned in several interviews that his most memorable performance was when he performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1965. It was a huge milestone for the band and helped to launch their career.

7. Did Gary Lewis & The Playboys tour extensively?

Yes, they did. The band toured extensively throughout the 60s and played at several venues worldwide.

8. Did Gary Lewis perform after the disbandment of Gary Lewis & The Playboys?

Gary continued to perform as a solo artist after the disbandment of Gary Lewis & The Playboys in the late 60s. However, he was not able to replicate the success that he achieved with his band.

9. How did Gary’s relationship with his father impact his career?

Gary’s relationship with his father had both positive and negative impacts on his career. On one hand, his father’s fame and connections helped to launch his career and create opportunities for him. On the other hand, it also set high expectations for him and put additional pressure on him to achieve success.

10. What was Gary’s role in the band?

Gary was the lead singer of Gary Lewis & The Playboys. He is known for his smooth vocals and for being the face of the band.

11. Did Gary Lewis & The Playboys win any awards?

No, they did not win any major awards, but they were nominated for several, including a Grammy for Best Rock & Roll Recording in 1966.

12. What impact did Gary Lewis & The Playboys have on the music industry?

Gary Lewis & The Playboys had a significant impact on the music industry, and their success paved the way for other soft rock and pop bands in the 60s. They were trendsetters and unique in their sound and style, influencing several other bands that followed.

13. What led to the disbandment of Gary Lewis & The Playboys?

Several reasons led to the disbandment of Gary Lewis & The Playboys, including conflicts between the band members, creative differences, and the change in music trends in the 70s.

14. What has Gary Lewis been up to in recent years?

Gary has continued to perform as a solo artist and occasionally performs with The Cowsills and other bands from the 60s. He has also made several appearances on TV shows and movies, including “The Simpsons” and “The Dreamstone.”

15. What advice does Gary Lewis have for aspiring musicians?

Gary has often advised aspiring musicians to stay true to themselves and their style. He has also highlighted the importance of hard work, determination, and perseverance, to succeed in the music industry.

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