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Fnatic React Review

Gaming headsets have evolved to the point where even budget options have become nothing to be shy about. Many YouTube videos can be found of users doing blind tests unable to distinguish between a pair of $500 headphones and a pair that comes in at under $100.

Fnatic is determined, it seems, to beat the $100 price mark no matter what it takes. This is good news for their fans as it means both the Fnatic E-Sports headsets come in at under $100 each.

At around $65, the React is the cheaper of the two, but many users will agree that it must in no way be thought of as the baby of the bunch. Many buyers across different platforms have been calling the React the best pair of budget gaming headphones you can buy.

So, I decided to plant myself in front of the flatscreen and give my thumbs a workout while I took the React for a spin in my in-depth Fnatic React Review.

Design and Build

Fnatic React
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

The React has a pleasant weight to it. Somehow when buying a pair of budget headphones, you’re almost expecting it to feel light as a feather. To pick up a pair that costs under $100, and feel such weight is a pleasant surprise.

The branding is a bit excessive though this is purely a matter of taste. It might also be of no significance to the user whatsoever.

That being said, the quality of paint and, therefore, the appearance of the finish on the React is high grade. The plastic itself feels strong and durable, not the cheap stuff they make fake transformers out of.

All around sturdiness?

The steel frame for the adjusting of the headset is plenty robust and easy to use with a nice smooth action. Regrettably, the range is somewhat limited. So, some users will struggle to find a fit or perhaps not be able to at all. I had to keep it fully extended to be comfortable.

As for the mic and especially the mic arm, it is nice and rigid with a standard foam cover for the mic itself. The non-detachable cable and extension are non-braided.

Overall there is something left to be desired when it comes to durability. Perhaps not because of the materials themselves but because of how they are assembled.

Fit and Comfort

When I did put them on, I was very happy that I had done so. It was like stepping into an isolation chamber. I may be exaggerating a bit, but this is to accentuate how impressed I was by the quality of the memory foam.

There are more expensive options that don’t offer this kind of quality padding. To get it at this price adds a lot to the React’s value for money. You could say these are some of the best memory foam gaming headsets you can buy.

Unfortunately, the ear cups themselves do not swivel side-to-side. Many might think this is a small thing, but it matters a lot more than one might think. That being said, at this price range, one wouldn’t expect swiveling ear cups.

The fit overall is very comfortable…

I will start by saying that the React are some of the best noise isolation gaming headsets on the market. It performs better than some budget options that cost $15 or $20 more. The foam feels nice and comfortable, and there’s enough depth for your ears on the inside of the cups.

One downside with comfort is the clamping force. As is the case with many steel frame designs, it starts to feel just a tad too much.

You then mistakenly think it will expand over time and go away. It, in fact, gets worse and worse as you wear the headset. Eventually, I found myself trying to stretch it out.


One of the reasons why the React and its more expensive sibling can be priced the way they are is because they are simple. Keeping this in mind, you won’t be surprised to see there’s not a cluster of functions on the headset.

The 1-meter cable is non-braided, which minimizes cable noise. There is also an extension included. And there’s a line-in control for the volume and mic muting.

The microphone is easily detachable but also sits firmly in its socket. One downside is that there is no mic monitoring.

Sound Quality

The React makes use of 53mm drivers, which are specifically tuned to flatten the low and low-mid ranges. Before you start ranting, this is not such a bad thing.

Here’s why…

Noises that matter most in gaming, just like in music, are located in the mid-range and surrounding frequencies. Experienced sound engineers and designers will tell you that one of the best and most natural ways to accentuate something is to subdue everything close to it.

Thanks to this subtle flattening of the low-end, the React has beautiful clarity in its mid-range. Furthermore, there is more space for the treble frequencies to breathe.

Hearing someone reload around a corner in a shooter game comes across nice and clear, like someone opening a bag of crisps next to you in a cinema. Yet, even when you get closer, the sound never becomes over bright or harsh, thanks to that extra air in the treble frequencies.


When you start pushing the React, the high-mids and highs can begin to lose integrity and become screechy. Racing games will demonstrate the best.

I want to finish by saying that you really have to push, so I don’t feel this is a downside for most users as you’d have to almost abuse the headset to experience this.

Directionality in games is excellent…

The soundstage isn’t very wide, but then again, that’s not too bad a thing. Many users would say that if they play games with expansive environments like an RPG. Closed-back designs offer a more punchy, intimate, and close experience, which is ideal for fast-paced shooters and actions games.

The microphone is above average in its class but by no means one of the best sounding mics around. That being said, there is plenty of clarity and depth to communicate properly while gaming online. The low and mid-range seem well-balanced, but the high-end isn’t, causing a slight nasal quality.

Overall, when it comes to sound quality, the React is easily one of the best sounding and performing gaming headsets you can buy for under $100.

Fnatic React Review – Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Fantastic price.


  • Strong clamping force.
  • Excessive branding.
  • No mic monitoring.
  • Not the most durable.

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Fnatic React Review – Conclusion

Getting a quality gaming headset for under $100 from anyone is quite unlikely. Getting one from one of the leading manufacturers in the business, which hasn’t been skimped on its sound quality and build materials, is almost unheard of. Yet the React delivers just that.

This headset is simple, and it knows it. It doesn’t try too hard in any way to make up for its simplicity since it can perform well enough in the areas that matter to the user who wants a simple gaming headset.

Excellent sound quality and easy usability. Those qualities combined with such a great price make this one of the best budget gaming headsets you can buy. The final score is 8 out of 10.

Until next time, happy listening.

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