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Fitbit Flyer Review

The Fitbit Flyer is Fitbit’s first shot at entering the audio market. But unsurprising, their very first headphones are actually earbuds, aimed at the fitness market.

This puts them in the same market as the Jaybird X3 earbuds. So, are these earbuds even worth considering?

Let’s find out in our in-depth Fitbit Flyer Review…

Fitbit Flyer
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Inside the box, you will find the standard array of items. A quick start guide, the earbuds themselves, and a micro-USB charger. There are also three different earbud sizes and two different wings and fin sizes.

The earbuds are made mostly of plastic and some silicon with aluminum accents for that premium look and feel.

Both the color options are great and look the part. The Nightfall blue looks modern and sleek, whilst the Lunar Grey has beautiful rose gold accents for those who like to show off a bit more.

Comfort that lasts…

The earbuds themselves are super comfy for hours on end. However, we found the wings that come out of the box caused some discomfort. However, once we switched over to the fins, the problem quickly went away.

No matter what we threw at them – jogging, cycling, or just traversing around town – they never seemed loose or like they might fall out.

The cable holding together the two earbuds is flat, sturdy, and never seemed inconvenient or irritating. During our time, we quickly forgot about the cable, no matter the task.

Simple operations…

The controls are easy to use. There is a small in-line remote underneath the right earbud. From here, you can control the volume, pause, play and skip music, or access the virtual assistants.

Furthermore, the remote doesn’t add much weight and was never an issue to use, even during vigorous workouts.

You can sweat, but don’t get them wet…

The earbuds are sweat-proof but don’t think they are poolside friendly. They are not waterproof. Also, there’s no official IP rating. But the hydroponic nano-coating should keep them safe during light rain or a really sweaty gym session.

However, considering the price, some kind of IP rating would have been better than nothing at all.


There aren’t any customization options when it comes to the EQ. But there is a power boost mode that gives some extra low end and boosts the overall frequency range.

Lovely low-end…

The low-end frequencies sound great for a pair of earbuds. The bass is tight, just loud enough without overpowering the rest of the frequencies. Having decent bass can be one of the key deciding factors for customers when buying workout earbuds. Likewise, that extra bit of bass really helps give your music an energetic feeling that helps you squeeze out that extra mile.

When we cranked up the volume, we did notice some distortion of the mid- and high-range frequencies. This can be problematic, but for most people who listen at tolerable levels of volume, you might not even notice it.

Boost for more bass…

With the power boost mode on, we found that a lot of extra bass was added. Waves Audio helped create this sound profile, and it should be suitable for many different people. If you enjoy listening to a lot of bass-heavy music, like EDM, this will help bring out the best of the genre.

Isolation is decent. With the earbuds on, we could hardly hear any conversations going on around us in the gym or office. This also helps you keep the volume at a manageable and safe level without feeling like you can’t hear the music.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The biggest draw here might be for people who own Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch. It’s capable of storing up to 2.5GB of music. Needing a companion audio device to go along with it, Fitbit created the Flyer.

Pairing with the Ionic is a breeze, and connectivity is great.

They utilize Bluetooth 4.2 with a 32-foot range. It also has multipoint support up to two devices.

Ask anybody…

The Flyer is compatible with all voice assistants. Meaning no matter what device you have them connected to, you will always be able to use voice gestures.

They won’t quit before you do…

The earbuds lasted us just under six hours before we needed to recharge them. Although it uses micro-USB, charging is done at a reasonable pace.

The earbuds were fully charged in two hours. Fitbit claims you can get an hour of playback from 15 minutes of charging. Just enough to get them charged for a run while you get ready.

Who is the Fitbit Flyer for?

Fitbit Flyer Review

The Fitbit Flyer is squarely aimed at the workout market. Although, it lacks a lot of the features you might find on workout earphones like activity tracking and an IP rating.

For the Fitbit folks…

If you own a Fitbit product like the Fitbit Ionic and want the companion piece, buying the Flyer is a good idea considering how well they go together. Playing music off your smartwatch without an internet connection is extremely convenient.

It works great for people who want earbuds for exercising, but don’t like all the modern features like touch gesture controls or activity tracking.

That said, if you are in the market for some excellent fitness-orientated earbuds, you’d be better off with Jaybird’s X3 or the Jabra Sport Coach since both have a built-in activity tracker.

Fitbit Flyer Review Pros and Cons


  • Good durability and design.
  • Comfy.
  • Decent sound quality.


  • Price.
  • No IP rating.

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Fitbit Flyer Review Round-Up

Fitbit has created a decent pair of earbuds, but seem to be asking a bit more than they are actually worth.

However, for the same price, we can purchase earbuds with an actual IP rating and similar audio performance, as well as more premium features like activity tracking, ANC, and better EQ options/apps.

Fitbit Flyer

If you already own the Ionic smartwatch, it’s a no-brainer; these are for you. Otherwise, there are much better options available that are worth your money.

Until next time, may beat go on.


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