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98 Famous Ukulele Songs You Can Learn (With Video)

All around the world, the humble ukulele’s popularity has sky-rocketed in recent years. No longer just the dominion of Tiny Tim, everyone from Bruce Springfield to Eddie Vedder has come to love this pocket rocket’s bright, jangly tone. They’ve even begun to replace the recorder as the weapon of choice for music lessons in many elementary schools.

So, you want to give it a try. But where to start?

Famous Ukulele Songs You Can Learn

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to pick up a few basic chords. And what better way to practice than by covering your favorite artist’s tracks? That’s why I decided to pick out some famous ukulele songs you can learn to set you on your road to ukulele stardom.


98 Famous Ukulele Songs You Can Learn (With Video)

1 Creep

Radiohead on the ukulele? That’s right! Amanda Palmer did it first, with her poignant rendition of this 1993 classic. Stripped of its heavy guitar riffs, when played on the uke, it gains a sweeter, and perhaps sadder, cadence. With just four chords, it’s a simple little ditty to start with and a great way to learn the ukulele.

Any Idioteque can do it…

This Uke’ An Play Radiohead: Uke’ An Play Series songbook contains everything a budding uke player needs for playing those favorite Radiohead songs. Containing “Creep,” “Fake Plastic Trees,” “Karma Police,” and more. 

There’s a tune here for even the most casual fan. It has both chords and tabs, and a series of easy-to-read diagrams making it incredibly simple to follow. And what’s more, it’s a pretty reasonable price, too.

2 Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Island vibes

Any list of famous ukulele songs has to contain this sound of the islands. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s iconic cover of this staple from the “Wizard of Oz” is the first track on anyone’s mind when they think of the ukulele. 

With its laidback rhythms and straightforward progression of just seven chords, it’s a fun one to play. Especially while dreaming of lying in the sun, sipping on a Mai Tai. 

The voice of Hawaii

Of course, a legendary tune like this deserves to be played on a special instrument. This Luna Great Wave Concert Ukulele fits the bill thanks to its awesome tone and stunning good looks. 

Constructed from sturdy rosewood and mahogany, it displays a copy of Hokusai’s seminal painting “The Great Wave” proudly across its bodywork. It’s the perfect way to pay tribute to the greatest Hawaiian voice of our time.

3 Build Me Up, Buttercup

The Foundation of playing…

Up next is this fun little number. This joyful, old-school track suits the ukulele. Containing 11 different chords, there’s a little bit more to remember. So, it’s a good way for ukulele beginners to challenge themselves.

Dodie released a paired-down version several years ago that brought a more melancholic tone to the song. But when it comes to ukuleles, Julia Nune’s rendition is hard to beat. It retains the poppy, bouncy rhythm of the original, and her uke adds an uplifting, wholesome quality to this classic tune.

Highly strung…

To get that happy, jangly sound, a uke needs an awesome set of strings. These D’Addario EJ87S Titanium Ukulele Strings should do the trick! Made for a soprano ukulele, they add a bright, upbeat tone to the instrument. They project the sound well, and D’Addario is a name you know you can trust.

4 Here Comes The Sun

Finger pickin’ good…

Most of the songs listed here so far are played with a strumming style. But what if you love listening to those finger-picking guitars? You’ll need to learn finger-picking on the uke, too.

This 1969 Beatles number is the ideal choice. Although it uses just seven basic chords, the playing hand needs to pick out a delicate pattern of notes. It’s more complicated than strumming but produces a fantastic sound and is a challenge for players looking to level up.

Pick me up…

Of course, playing like this is hard on the old fingertips, especially if you’re using metal strings. That’s where a set of guitar fingernails can come in handy. These National Guitar Picks (NP1-GP9) should do the job. Playing ukulele with a pick becomes a piece of cake with these useful stainless steel and plastic bad boys.

5 La Vie En Rose

French Chic…

Younger readers may be unfamiliar with Edith Piaf. However, for our list of famous ukulele songs you can learn, it deserves its place. Furthermore, thanks to Christin Milioti in “How I Met Your Mother,” a whole new generation has come to know and love this quintessential French standard. And good news! It’s a doddle to play and sounds incredible.

Lyrics filled with longing combine with the uke’s gentle tones to create a wistful song full of both regret and hope. The two complement each other beautifully, producing a completely different feeling to the more dramatic original. With a heady mix of majors and minors, this seven-chord ballad is perfect for those wanting to learn a few new finger positions.

Cut the chord…

But how do you learn all those different positions? An awesome book such as this Ukulele Chord Book is here to help. With over 300 chord variations and helpful diagrams, it’s a fabulous choice for both beginners and seasoned players. It’s a seriously handy option and won’t break the bank either.

6 Silly Girl by chloe moriondo

7 Feelings Are Fatal by mxmtoon

8 Party Favor by Billie Eilish

9 All I Want by Kodaline

10 Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

11 Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

12 idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish

13 Lost Boy by Ruth B

14 Can’t Help Falling In Love by Twenty One Pilots

15 Riptide by Vance Joy

16 Love Story by Taylor Swift

17 Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

18 Adventure Time Theme by Misc Cartoons

19 This Is Home by Cavetown

20 A Million Dreams by Misc Movies

21 Stay With Me by Sam Smith

22 July (feat. Leon Bridges) by Noah Cyrus

23 Someone To Lava by Misc Cartoons

24 The Judge by Twenty One Pilots

25 No Time To Die by Billie Eilish

26 Yesterday by The Beatles

27 We Are The Crystal Gems by Rebecca Sugar

28 Cups (When I’m Gone) by Anna Kendrick

29 Let Her Go by Passenger

30 House Of Gold by Twenty One Pilots

31 Mr Loverman by Ricky Montgomery

32 Hostage by Billie Eilish

33 Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

34 Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

35 You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

36 Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

37 Tonight You Belong To Me by Steve Martin

38 i love you by Billie Eilish

39 8 / eight by Billie Eilish

40 listen before i go by Billie Eilish

41 Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish

42 I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

43 Lovely (feat. Khalid) by Billie Eilish

44 Yellow by Coldplay

45 Happier by Ed Sheeran

46 Count On Me by Bruno Mars

47 What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

48 Bellyache by Billie Eilish

More Famous Ukulele Songs

  1. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore by Paramore
  2. Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra
  3. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United
  4. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
  5. Viva La Vida by Coldplay
  6. Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar
  7. Little Do You Know by Alex And Sierra
  8. She by dodie
  9. Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles
  10. Just A Friend To You by Meghan Trainor
  11. Heather by Conan Gray
  12. UWU by Chevy
  13. Boys Will Be Bugs by Cavetown
  14. Over The Rainbow / Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  15. Sunflower by Sierra Burgess
  16. Prom Dress by mxmtoon
  17. Leaves From The Vine by Misc Cartoons
  18. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV by Twenty One Pilots
  19. The Story by Conan Gray
  20. Take Me To Church by Hozier
  21. Bubble Gum by Clairo
  22. Play Date by Melanie Martinez
  23. I Cant Stop Singing by Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell
  24. Hey, Soul Sister by Train
  25. Shallow (and Bradley Cooper) by Lady Gaga
  26. Let’s Fall In Love For The Night by FINNEAS
  27. Devil Town by Cavetown
  28. we fell in love in october by girl in red
  29. City Of Stars by Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
  30. Mystery Of Love by Sufjan Stevens
  31. The Scientist by Coldplay
  32. Fireflies (Fire Flies) by Owl City
  33. Wish You Were Gay by Billie Eilish
  34. Lemon Boy by Cavetown
  35. Remember Me Lullaby (coco) by Misc Cartoons
  36. Rainbow Connection by The Muppets
  37. The Moon Song by Karen O
  38. Level Of Concern by Twenty One Pilots
  39. You’ll Be Back by Misc Musicals
  40. Imagine by John Lennon
  41. When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan
  42. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
  43. I’m In Love With An EbyGirl by Wilbur Soot
  44. Edelweiss by Julie Andrews
  45. I Don’t Know My Name by Grace VanderWaal
  46. Watch by Billie Eilish
  47. Death Of A Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco
  48. Giant Woman by Steven Universe
  49. Lover by Taylor Swift
  50. Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish

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Famous Ukulele Songs You Can Learn – Conclusion

When it comes to popular ukulele songs that you can learn, the possibilities are endless. The mighty uke is such a versatile instrument it can lend itself to so many different musical styles. It’s not hard to see why it’s fast becoming one of the most popular instruments in the world.

I’ve only covered a small selection of songs that sound awesome on a ukulele. There are plenty more out there. There’s a song to suit every musician, whether they’re just starting or are ready to perform in public.

So, happy strumming, folks.

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