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Evelyn King Facts

Evelyn King Facts: From Disco Queen to Soulful R&B

Evelyn King is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter whose music has influenced generations of R&B and disco lovers. Her soulful and captivating voice has graced the music industry for over four decades, garnering her many awards and accolades. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the life and career of Evelyn King.

A Star is Born

Evelyn King was born on July 1, 1960, in The Bronx, New York City. Her parents, who were originally from North Carolina, introduced her to music at an early age. Her mother sang in a gospel group, and her father played the guitar.

At the age of nine, Evelyn and her family moved to Philadelphia, where she attended Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical School. While in high school, Evelyn joined a band called Revelation Funk, where she sang backup vocals.

The Early Days of Her Career

In 1977, Evelyn’s first recorded song, “Dancin’, Dancin’, Dancin’,” was released under the name “Champagne.” The song was a hit in the clubs and reached number 12 on the US Disco chart. It was during this time that she was discovered by singer-songwriter-producer T. Life.

Shortly after, T. Life signed Evelyn to RCA Records, where she recorded her first solo album, “Smooth Talk.” The album was released in 1977, and the lead single, “Shame,” became an instant classic, reaching number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Moving Forward in Her Career

Throughout the 1980s, Evelyn released a series of critically acclaimed albums and singles. Her music continued to dominate the chart and received high praise from industry insiders and fans alike.

Some of Evelyn’s most successful songs include “Love Come Down,” “Betcha She Don’t Love You,” “Your Personal Touch,” and “I’m in Love.”

Evelyn’s music was a pioneering force that would go on to influence many contemporary artists in the R&B and Disco genres. She was an integral part of the Disco scene and also helped shape R&B music during the ’80s.

In 1982, Evelyn was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Love Come Down.”

Personal Life and Relationships

Evelyn King has lived a relatively private life, with very little known about her personal relationships. In the ’80s, she was rumored to have dated comedian and actor Eddie Murphy.

She has never been married but has been linked to a few notable men throughout her life. Evelyn has one child, a daughter named Tihea Lynn.

Height and Appearance

Evelyn King stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm) and has a slim build. She has always been known for her captivating smile, sparkling eyes, and luscious, curly hair.

Although she did not conform to standard beauty ideals, Evelyn’s unique appearance and sultry voice made her stand out in the industry. Her talent and charm helped her rise to the top of the charts and paved the way for younger artists like Beyoncé and Mariah Carey.

Net Worth

Evelyn King has amassed a considerable net worth over the course of her career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her estimated net worth is around $6 million.

Her wealth can be attributed to her successful albums, tours, and appearances on television shows like “Soul Train” and “American Bandstand.”

Legacy and Impact

Evelyn King is a trailblazer in the music industry, whose influence continues to be felt today. She paved the way for music icons like Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton, who have credited her with inspiring their own music careers.

Her music has transcended generations and has been sampled by many contemporary artists in the hip hop and R&B genres. Her legacy as a powerhouse vocalist and performer is undeniable, and her impact on the music industry will continue to be felt for years to come.

In Conclusion

Evelyn King is a celebrated icon whose music has influenced countless artists and fans over the years. Her captivating voice, unique appearance, and pioneering spirit have made her a beloved figure of the R&B and Disco scenes.

While many artists come and go, Evelyn’s music continues to stand the test of time, proving that she is truly a legend of the genre. Her impact on music is undeniable, and her legacy will live on for generations to come.

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