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Escape The Fate Facts

Escape The Fate: The Rock Band That Rose From The Ashes

The Singer’s Bio

Craig Edward Mabbitt, the lead vocalist of Escape the Fate, was born on April 9, 1987, in Glendale, Arizona. He grew up listening to metal bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Pantera. At the age of 18, he joined the band Blessthefall as their first vocalist, but due to creative differences, he left the band.

In 2008, Mabbitt joined Escape the Fate replacing their former lead singer, Ronnie Radke. With Mabbitt, the band released three albums: This War Is Ours (2008), Escape the Fate (2010), and Ungrateful (2013).

Age, Relationships, Children, and Height

Craig Mabbitt is 34 years old. He was married to Gigi Mabbitt and has two daughters named Everett and Delilah. His height is 5 feet 7 inches.


Craig Mabbitt’s career in the music industry began in 2003 when he joined the band The Word Alive. He then became a member of Blessthefall in 2007 and recorded their debut album, His Last Walk. After leaving Blessthefall, he joined Escape the Fate in 2008.

With his unique vocal style and energy on stage, Mabbitt brought a new vibe to Escape the Fate. He contributed to the songwriting and created a perfect balance between clean and unclean vocals that made the band’s songs more dynamic.

Apart from his work with Escape the Fate, Mabbitt has also worked as a session musician, appearing on albums of various artists such as the Black Veil Brides and The Dead Rabbitts.

Top Songs

Escape the Fate has released six studio albums, and some of their top songs include:

1. Situations
2. You Are So Beautiful
3. Reverse This Curse
4. The Flood
5. This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)
6. One for the Money
7. Ungrateful
8. Broken Heart
9. Issues
10. Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché

Net Worth

Craig Mabbitt’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This is due to his success as the frontman of Escape the Fate, as well as his involvement with other bands and music projects.

Escaping Tragedy

Escape the Fate has had its fair share of tragedies, especially in the early years of the band. On June 8, 2006, Max Green, the bassist, and one of the founding members of the band was involved in a car accident that left him in a coma for eight days. He later recovered and rejoined the band.

In 2008, Ronnie Radke, the band’s original lead vocalist, was sentenced to prison after being charged with battery and participating in a fatal shooting. Craig Mabbitt replaced him as the band’s lead vocalist.

In 2012, the band’s rhythm guitarist, Monte Money, was diagnosed with a rare disease called Marfan Syndrome, which affects the connective tissue in the body. He left the band, but later returned in 2013.

A New Era

Escape the Fate has gone through a lot of changes since Craig Mabbitt joined the band. With his unique vocal style and energy on stage, the band has evolved musically, creating a sound that’s more modern and memorable.

In 2015, the band released their fifth studio album, Hate Me, which showcased their growth as a band. The album was well-received by both fans and critics, and it debuted at number 2 on the US Hard Rock charts.


Craig Mabbitt has had a successful career in the music industry, which has earned him a massive following of loyal fans. His work with Escape the Fate has been characterized by his unique vocal style, dynamic energy, and songwriting skills.

Despite the band’s early tragedies, Escape the Fate has risen from the ashes, creating a new era of success that promises to be even greater than what has come before.

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