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Eloy Facts

Eloy: The Rising Star with a Voice of Gold

Early Life and Biography of Eloy

Born on June 3, 1986, Eloy is a German singer-songwriter who has been taking the music industry by storm with his captivating voice and soulful melodies. Eloy de Jong was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but he grew up in Germany. Initially, Eloy wanted to study acting and modeling, which led him to enroll in the Academy for Drama in Hamburg. However, he later discovered his talent and passion for music and began his journey as a singer.

Relationships and Family

Eloy is known for his privacy when it comes to his personal life. However, it is known that he has been in relationships with both men and women. He was previously married to Andrea Schönfeld, which ended in divorce. Eloy has two children with his ex-wife, Lenny, and Indy. At present, Eloy has kept his current relationship private, and there is not much information available to the public.


Eloy’s music career started with his debut single “Angelica” in 1998, which gained popularity across Europe. The song’s success led him to receive the “Echo Award” in the category of “Best Newcomer” and marked the beginning of his musical journey. In 2001, Eloy joined the Dutch boy band Caught in the Act, which became a big hit in the 90s.

After Caught in the Act broke up in 1998, Eloy pursued his career as a solo artist and released his first German solo album, “Eloy,” in 2009. The album featured some of his top songs such as “Liebe kann so weh tun,” “Schritt für Schritt” and “Ich will leben.” Since then, Eloy has released various albums and performed in numerous concerts across Germany, Dutch, and other European countries.

Height and Appearance

Eloy’s height is approximately 5ft 5in (165cm). Despite his short height, Eloy is known for his charming looks and captivating appearance. He has been able to win the hearts of his fans with his beautiful and powerful voice and his passionate performances on stage.

Top Songs by Eloy

Eloy is known for his soulful lyrics, powerful vocals, and soothing melodies. His music cuts across different genres and appeals to people of all ages. Here are some of his top songs:

1. “Angelica”
2. “Liebe kann so weh tun”
3. “Schritt für Schritt”
4. “Ich will Leben”
5. “Nur das Beste”
6. “Egal was andere sagen”
7. “Kopf aus – Herz an”
8. “Ich bin bereit”
9. “Verliebt”
10. “Nur mit Dir”

Net Worth

Eloy has had a successful musical career, and his net worth is estimated to be around 3 million euros. His wealth comes from various sources, including album sales, concert tours, music videos, and endorsements.

The Future for Eloy

With a successful musical career spanning over two decades, Eloy has established himself as one of the most talented and versatile musicians in Europe. He continues to grow and evolve as an artist, and his passion for music and performance remains unwavering. We can expect more exciting projects and music from Eloy in the future, and his fans can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

Final Thoughts

Eloy is a gifted singer-songwriter who has left an indelible mark in the music industry with his powerful vocals and soulful melodies. He has had a successful musical career spanning over two decades, and his music continues to touch the hearts of his fans across the world. Eloy’s dedication, passion, and hard work have made him one of the most renowned artists in Europe, and his fans eagerly await his next musical journey.

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