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El Profesor Jirafales Facts

El Profesor Jirafales: The Man Behind The Iconic Character

A Singer Turned Iconic Comedian

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, popularly known to all as “El Chavo del Ocho” creator, yet his comedic collaborations with Ramón Valdés as a devoted teacher, El Profesor Jirafales, created a significant impact as well. Though El Profesor Jirafales character was an essential part of the classic sitcoms, very few are aware of his life beyond the screen. Here, we present to you some exciting facts about the person behind the jocular character.

Who Was El Profesor Jirafales?

Rubén Aguirre Fuentes, born in 1934 in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, was better known to the world as El Profesor Jirafales. He worked as an actor, comedian, and a professional football player once upon a time.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Age At The Time Of His Passing?

El Profesor Jirafales’s age at the time of his death was 82. He passed away due to pneumonia June 17, 2016, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

What Were El Profesor Jirafales’s Relationships Like?

El Profesor Jirafales was once married to Consuelo Reyes in the early 70s, but the marriage did not survive long, and they separated shortly after getting married. Later, he married his second wife, Berta Castañón, in 1983, and they stayed happily married until his last days.

Did El Profesor Jirafales Have Any Children?

Yes, El Profesor Jirafales had seven children from his first wife, out of which four were daughters, and three were sons. His youngest daughter, Verónica Aguirre, followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actress.

How Tall Was El Profesor Jirafales?

El Profesor Jirafales was given his stage name because of his tall stature – he stood at an impressive 6 feet 7 inches tall.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Career Like?

El Profesor Jirafales began his career as a football player, but his passion for acting and comedy soon led him to pursue a career in show business. He started off as a radio announcer in the 1950s and later worked in television as an actor on various comedy shows. El Profesor Jirafales’s popularity peaked when he joined the cast of “El Chavo del Ocho” in the late 1970s. He also appeared in various films and TV shows throughout his career.

What Were El Profesor Jirafales’s Top Songs?

While El Profesor Jirafales is best known for his comedic roles, he was also a talented musician. Some of his popular songs include “El ratón Vaquero,” “Cantinflas,” “Juan Colorado,” “Mambo Brujo” among others.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Net Worth?

El Profesor Jirafales’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million at the time of his death. Most of his earnings came from his career as a comedian and actor.


What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Biggest Challenge During His Career?

El Profesor Jirafales’s biggest challenge was to get out of his typecasted role in “El Chavo Del Ocho” and establish himself as a versatile comedian. However, he was always remembered for his iconic character, which made it difficult for him to break free from the mold.

Who Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Inspiration?

El Profesor Jirafales was greatly inspired by the legendary comedian, Cantinflas. He considered him his mentor and learned a lot from him during his early days in the industry.

Did El Profesor Jirafales Win Any Awards During His Career?

Yes, El Profesor Jirafales won several awards during his career, including the “Silver Goddess Award” in the Best Supporting Actor category in 1974 for his role in the movie “El Miedo No Anda en Burro.”

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Last Film Project?

El Profesor Jirafales’s last film project was a movie called “El Mago,” which was released in 2015. He played the role of a magician in the film.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Secret To A Long And Successful Career?

El Profesor Jirafales believed that the key to a long and successful career was hard work, dedication, and always striving to improve oneself. He never stopped learning and always challenged himself to take on diverse roles and try new things.

What Was The Most Memorable Moment Of El Profesor Jirafales’s Career?

One of the most memorable moments of El Profesor Jirafales’s career was when he appeared as the host of the Mexican version of “The Price Is Right.” It was a significant departure from his typical comedic roles and proved that he was a versatile performer.

Did El Profesor Jirafales Have Any Hobbies?

In his free time, El Profesor Jirafales enjoyed painting, fishing, and playing the guitar. He was also an avid reader and enjoyed exploring different genres of literature.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Legacy?

El Profesor Jirafales’s legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans and followers. He was an iconic comedian and actor who brought joy and laughter to generations of people through his memorable characters and performances.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Message To His Fans?

El Profesor Jirafales believed that laughter was the best medicine and that his role as a comedian was to bring happiness and positivity into people’s lives. He always aimed to inspire and uplift his fans with his work.

Was El Profesor Jirafales Active On Social Media?

No, El Profesor Jirafales was not active on social media as he believed in maintaining a low profile and letting his work speak for itself.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Opinion On The Current State Of Comedy?

El Profesor Jirafales believed that humor should always be respectful and avoid offending people. He did not always agree with the direction that current comedy was taking and felt that it was important to maintain a level of moral responsibility and decency while entertaining people.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Opinion On His Legacy?

El Profesor Jirafales was always humble and grateful for the love and appreciation that his fans showered upon him. He believed that his legacy would be one of happiness and laughter and that he had achieved his goal of bringing joy to people’s lives through his work.

What Was The Most Challenging Role El Profesor Jirafales Ever Played?

El Profesor Jirafales found the role of a serious and dramatic character more challenging than his comedic roles. However, He enjoyed taking on diverse roles and pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

What Was El Profesor Jirafales’s Opinion On The Importance Of Family?

El Profesor Jirafales believed that family was everything and that it was essential to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones. He was a devoted husband and father who always prioritized his family above everything else.

What Was The Best Advice El Profesor Jirafales Ever Received?

The best advice El Profesor Jirafales ever received was to always stay true to oneself and to never compromise on one’s values and beliefs. He believed that it was important to follow one’s dreams and passions without fear or hesitation.

What Lessons Can We Learn From El Profesor Jirafales’s Life?

El Profesor Jirafales’s life taught us the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. He showed us that it was possible to achieve success and happiness by staying true to oneself and by always striving to be the best version of oneself. His legacy of joy and laughter will continue to inspire and uplift us for generations to come.

In conclusion, El Profesor Jirafales was an iconic comedian, an actor, and an inspiration to many. He lived a life filled with hard work, passion, and dedication and left behind a legacy of laughter and joy. Though he is no longer with us, his work and his spirit continue to live on, inspiring us to be our best selves and to always strive for happiness and positivity.

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