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Dick Haymes Facts

Dick Haymes: The Charm of A Legendary Singer’s Career, Relationships, and Top Hits

Dick Haymes was a popular American singer and actor who graced the entertainment industry with his soulful voice in the mid-20th century. He was celebrated for his charming performances in over 50 Hollywood films and the enduring hits he released in the 1940s and 50s. Haymes was a magnet for fame and success, but his personal relationships were hectic and scandalized. This article captures his extraordinary life, career, and legacy.

The Life and Bios of Dick Haymes

Dick Haymes was born on September 13, 1916, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His birth name was Richard Benjamin Haymes, and he was raised in a musically endowed family. His mother was a professional singer, and his father played the piano. Haymes showed remarkable singing talent as a child, and he later joined the Three Blue Stars Group in Buenos Aires as a teenager.

After his family relocated to the United States, he started working as a radio vocalist and later joined the Benny Goodman Orchestra in 1940. He released his debut album, “Moonlight Becomes You,” in 1944, setting the tone for his dazzling career. Haymes had a mellifluous baritone voice and a mastery of different music genres, including pop, jazz, and Latin rhythms.

Dick Haymes’ Age, Relationships, and Children

Haymes was married six times and had five children from different marriages. His first wife was Edith Harper, whom he divorced in 1945. He married his second wife, singer Joanne Dru, in 1946. The couple had two daughters but later divorced in 1949. In 1953, he married actress Rita Hayworth. The couple had a daughter, Rebecca Welles, but their marriage lasted just two years.

Haymes’ fourth marriage was to Fran Jeffries, a singer, and dancer. They had a son, Richard Ralph, but divorced in 1965. He would later marry Diane Reed, a former beauty pageant queen until their divorce in 1970. Haymes’ sixth and final marriage was to Wendy Smith, which lasted from 1977 until his death.

Dick Haymes’ Height and Career

Dick Haymes had a commanding stage presence and striking stature. He stood at six feet tall and weighed 174 pounds. His versatility and mastery of diverse genres made him a household name in the entertainment industry. He acted in over 50 films, including “One Touch of Venus,” “State Fair,” and “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim.” He was also a radio host, disc jockey, and performer on Broadway.

Haymes’ music career spanned over two decades, with some of his most famous hits remaining popular to date. He had over 20 top-rated songs, including “Love Letters,” “The More I See You,” “For You,” and “Little White Lies.” He was also part of a vocal group, the Pied Pipers, which gained fame in the 1940s. Haymes’s mastery of popular tunes, Broadway classics, and Jazz standards made him a universal favorite.

Dick Haymes’ Top Songs and Net Worth

Dick Haymes’ music career was a source of great fame and wealth. He had an estimated net worth of $500,000 at the time of his death in 1980. His music and film career cumulatively made him an exceptional artist and an icon in the entertainment industry. Some of his top songs include:

  • Little White Lies, 1947
  • How Blue the Night, 1945
  • It Might as Well Be Spring, 1945
  • For You, 1943
  • The More I See You, 1945
  • Love Letters, 1945
  • Serenade of the Bells, 1947

Haymes also collaborated with some of the most talented musicians of his time, such as Nelson Riddle, Peggy Lee, and Benny Goodman. He had a unique voice that conveyed deep emotions and struck a chord with his audience.

Dick Haymes’ Legacy

Dick Haymes’ artistic legacy lives on, thanks to his music, films, and the impact he left on the entertainment industry. Many artists and actors, such as Michael Feinstein, have cited him as an influence. His son, Richard Ralph Haymes, runs a production studio, Legacy Productions, that showcases his father’s music and archives. Haymes remains an icon of the golden era of Hollywood and entertainment and continues to inspire young artists in their careers.


Dick Haymes was an exceptional artist, whose life, career, and music remain etched in the entertainment industry. He overcame his troubled personal life and established himself as an irreplaceable figure in the Hollywood and music world. His soulful voice and command of different musical genres made him universally loved, and his enduring hits continue to inspire music lovers worldwide. Haymes lived a life full of talent, success, and fame, whose legacy will continue for generations to come.

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