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Diana Ross facts: Singer’s age, husband, children, net worth, and more revealed

Diana Ross has made her mark on the music world in a way very few others have. She isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, of course, but a little more on that later.

We are going to concentrate on other aspects of the lady’s life as we look at some Diana Ross facts: Singer’s age, husband, children, net worth, and more revealed. And, of course, a little about her success. Let’s start with some information about Diana Ross’ early life and how it all began.

Diana Ross facts: Singer's age, husband, children, net worth, and more revealed

Early Life

Diana was born in Michigan, in the Motown city of Detroit, one of six children. She was actually named ‘Diane” by her parents, but the name was incorrectly entered on the birth certificate as ‘Diana.’ Her friends and family members have always called her ‘Diane.’

There must have been something in the water in that part of Detroit, as Smokey Robinson grew up just around the corner from her. They were friends as young people, and there was even a rumor that they dated for a while.

Through school and her formative years, Diana had the idea of becoming a fashion designer. She took classes in millinery, clothing design, and pattern making. But music was already beginning to play a part in her life.

The Primettes

At 15, she joined a local girl vocal group, The Primettes. Already members were Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson. Childhood friend Smokey Robinson was already working with Motown, and Ross asked him to arrange for them to have an audition.

Berry Gordy heard The Primettes on audition day but advised them to finish school and then come back. In 1961, Gordy agreed to sign the group, but they had to change their name.

Florence Ballard was approached to choose the name and chose The Supremes. That was the first clash she had with Ross, who didn’t like it and wanted another name. It wouldn’t be the last.

The Supremes

Originally a quartet, Barbara Martin left the group a year before they had released their first single. Now there were three. The first single that had some form of success was “When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes.” It was their seventh single release.

Considering it wasn’t expected to do that well, the song surprised a few people and reached #23 on the American chart in 1963. But, it was the following year, 1964, that the floodgates opened. “Where Did Our Love Go” went to #1 in America and #3 in the UK. Followed by “Baby Love,” which made it to #1 in both countries.

But all was not well in Motown…

Ross started interrupting Ballard and Wilson when they were asked questions at interviews and dominated proceedings. She also demanded more pay than the other two girls. Ballard was finally ousted from the group, and the name was changed to Diana Ross and The Supremes.

The final nail in the coffin of the most successful girl group in music history finally came. That was when Ballard’s replacement, Cindy Birdsong and Wilson, at Ross’s request, weren’t even singing on the records. Session singers were brought in.

It was time to go, and she released her first solo album in 1970. As the saying goes, the rest is history as she went from one success to another. She was named one of the greatest female singers of the 60s, along with Dusty Springfield, Martha Reeves, Aretha Franklin, and Dionne Warwick.

And Today?

Diana Ross could be considered one of the old guards. Born in 1944, she is approaching her 79th birthday. Remarkably, she is still working and recently sang at the Glastonbury festival in the UK. She also performed at the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Concert for Queen Elizabeth II in London in 2022.

Diana Ross facts: Singer’s age, husband, children, net worth, and more revealed

Diana Ross facts

Her private life hasn’t always been particularly private, but, to a certain extent, that was to be expected. Diana Ross was married twice and had five children. In 1965, she had a relationship with Motown boss Berry Gordy. That went on for a few years and produced a child, Rhonda.

Two months after she found out she was expecting Gordy’s child, she married Robert Silberstein, who raised Rhonda as his own. Rhonda was born in 1971. She had two other daughters with Silberstein, Chudney Lane, born in 1975, and Tracee Joy, born in 1972. Ross and Silberstein divorced in 1977.

The Odd Couple

From 1980 to 1983, Diana Ross had a relationship with the singer and bassist from Kiss, Gene Simmons. Labeled by some the “odd couple,” it wasn’t something that many would have predicted. That came to an end because Simmons, it seems, had resumed a previous relationship with Cher.

Diana Ross’ second husband was the Norwegian shipping boss Arne Naess, Jr. They met in 1985, and they married the following year. He had three children, and she became stepmother to Katinka, Christoffer, and Leona Naess, who is also a singer.

The marriage produced two sons. Ross Arne was born in 1987, and Evan Olav was born the following year. Diana and Naess divorced in 2000, and he died in a mountain climbing accident in 2004.

Now A Grandmother

Time goes past so fast, and the lady who sang “Stop! In The Name Of Love” is now a Grandmother. She has three grandsons, Raif-Henok, Leif, and Idingo, and two granddaughters, Calaway Lane, and Jagger Snow.

Success Brings Its Rewards

After a near lifetime of making successful records, she is a wealthy lady. It is difficult to put exact figures on the table, but estimates say Diana Ross’ net worth is about $250 million.

A Personal View Of The Music

A Personal View

Personally, I thought that Diana Ross’ best recordings were with The Supremes. “Stop! In The Name Of Love” we have already mentioned, but 1968’s “Love Child” was always a favorite of mine. As was “Forever Came Today” from the same year. And from her solo career, “I’m Still Waiting” from 1971 and “Chain Reaction” from 1985.

As I mentioned earlier…

It’s not unkind to say that Diana Ross isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. She has become an international figure over the years but has also courted plenty of controversies.

Her “performance” at the funeral of Florence Ballard was one such issue that didn’t endear her to many. But we were not here to look at those issues; they are for others to consider, and everyone will have their own opinions.

That said, Diana did associate herself, knowingly or otherwise, with people that had ulterior motives. Berry Gordy was one. He was the person that started the rumor that she discovered the Jackson Five. He let it run because it was good for her image. She didn’t.

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Diana Ross facts: Singer’s age, husband, children, net worth, and more revealed – Final Thoughts

She wasn’t the greatest singer of the period by any means. Diana had a good voice, of that, there is no doubt, but there were better singers. Likewise, she and the people around her created an image and character that brought her plenty of success.

Of course, she had great material, good producers, and knew how to make the best of every situation. And, because of that, her success and her contribution to Tamla Motown, and to music in general, can’t be argued with.

Most of the greatest Diana Ross songs are on these albums. The first album is The Supremes’ biggest hit songs called Every Great #1 Hit. Then you have Playlist: The Very Best of Diana Ross and Greatest Hits – The RCA Years – Diana Ross.

Like her or otherwise…

There is no doubt that she made her mark. When the 60s is mentioned musically, her name will come up as one who left a lasting legacy. And it is possible that she hasn’t finished adding to that legacy just yet.

Until next time, happy listening.

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