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Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 Review

This Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 review will give you the complete rundown on this interesting speaker combo. Many surround sound speakers are sold either individually or as a complete set. There is usually no middle ground. But with this deal, you get two floor standing speakers and a central speaker unit.

Want to build a high-quality, inexpensive surround sound home theater system? Standing speakers and central units are the throbbing heartbeats of a system. So let’s find out what’s up with these Definitive Technology speakers.

Who is Definitive Technology?

Definitive Technology is an American electronic company that manufactures ground-breaking and innovative surround sound speaker systems. They were originally founded back in the early 1990s out of the obsession to find the perfect home theater system and precision sound.

Definitive Technology is a true rag to riches success. Founded by a former Californian movie producer who initially was looking for the ultimate speaker that could capture a million-dollar sound.

Since the 1990s, the company has grown to become a market leader in the construction of surround sound systems. And when you buy one of their products, you are supporting the American audio manufacturing industry.

Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040
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BP9040 & CS9040 Speakers – First Impressions

The best part about this home theater speaker deal is that you get two BP9040 standing speakers and a central sound unit making this the cornerstone of your new surround sound system. My first impression is that these products are elegant and look great. The two standing speakers come with solid bases and tower designs.

To do these products justice, we need to break them down separately to review each one on their merits. They look great as part of an integrated system. But what are the specs and key features of the Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 speaker combo? Let’s find out…

BP-9040 Speakers – Top features

This package comes with two Definitive BP9040 speakers. They are equipped with 8-inch powered subwoofers that will give you a fantastic depth of sound, along with aluminum dome tweeters, high-performance drivers, and intelligent bass control functionality.

So let’s go through some of the top specs that make these speakers such a great addition to any surround sound system…

Patented Forward-Focused Bipolar Array (FFBP)

A forward-focused bipolar array might sound like a mouthful. But it’s one of the reasons why the Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 perform so well. This feature creates the perfect balance between precise center imaging and room-filling sound. This positioning of the speaker means you get the most from your sound at all times.

Integrated 8-Inch Powered Subwoofer & Dual Bass Radiators

Everyone loves a booming bass working in tandem with crispy hi-end frequencies. The perfect amalgamation between the two is the hallmark of any great surround sound system.

This integrated subwoofer perfectly balances those ground-shaking lows with the crispy highs. The built-in dual bass radiators help to create a more impactful bass without the need for a separate subwoofer.

Intelligent Bass Control

These two speakers both feature Intelligent Bass Control buttons that give you total control over the sound. This allows you to control the individual bass modulation and levels for each speaker, which is perfect for maintaining a mid-range balance.

Dolby Atmos Certified and DTS:X Compatibility

All good home theater surround sound system speakers should be compatible with the market-leading audio technology. Fortunately, these speakers are, featuring full Dolby Atmos-certified and DTS:X compatibility.

There is a hidden port that fits an A90 speaker module. This will allow you to connect a Dolby-enabled receiver for Atmos and DTS:X encoding. This will give you true multidimensional audio and the ultimate in surround sound.

Aluminum Dome Tweeters

Crisp hi-frequency sounds take your audio to the next level, and these feature aluminum dome speakers that can project high-frequency sounds higher than what the human ear can hear. The result is a fuller frequency range, culminating in crystal clear sound that could be straight from a concert hall or a recording studio.

Balanced Double Surround Sound (BDSS)

This balanced double surround sound vastly improves driver exclusion. This helps your speakers create a level of bass that you would expect from a more powerful product with a larger driver. This also helps the speaker to retain improved dispersion and mid-range definition.

Resonance Free Cabinet enclosure

These speaker units are encased in an inert and resonance-free cabinet that is incredibly rigid. The cabinet features strategically positioned bracing that reduces resonance while also producing a very clean and powerful sound. This makes them solid, practical, and functional.

CS9040 Central Speaker Unit – Top Features

The CS9040 central speaker unit works perfectly in tandem with the two standing speakers to create a high-quality surround sound. This high-performance central speaker is the heartbeat of home theater systems. So, what are the top features?

Highly-Immersive Home Theater Setup

When paired with the BC9040 speakers or other compatible models, you get a highly immersive home theater setup. This central channel is the final piece for your perfect system.

Sound Transcending the Norm

The central unit uses the same BDSS technology drivers as found in the floor standing speakers. The 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and mid-range drivers in this speaker deliver amazingly pure sound. This results in the reproduction of the most demanding audio in a crystal clear fashion that transcends that of standard speakers.

Integrated Bass Radiator

The integrated 8” bass radiator works in collaboration with Definitive’s proprietary Intelligent Bass Control settings creating an amazing balance between the low and mid-range frequencies. This gives you a lot more than you will usually get from a central speaker and ensures a crystal clear sound that still has deep and impactful bass.

Resonant Free Cabinet Enclose

A with the two standing speakers, this features an extremely rigid and resonance-free cabinet enclosure which minimizes disturbances and gives you a reliable sound.

Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 Review – Pros and Cons


  • The perfect combination of two standing speakers and a central speaker unit.
  • Ideal for creating deeper, fuller, and larger-than-life immersive 3D soundscape.
  • Compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
  • Delivers high-bass performance without additional subwoofers.
  • Beefy bass and Intelligent Bass Control proprietary technology.
  • Solid, reliable, and inert resonance-free cabinet enclosure.
  • Easy to install and set up.


  • Each speaker needs an electrical outlet.
  • No receiver is included in the package.
  • Cannot separately place subwoofers.

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Definitive Technology BP9040 & CS9040 Review – Conclusion

If you are building a surround sound home theater system, this BP9040 & CS9040 speaker combo is an inspired choice. Furthermore, you can remove the hassle of buying individual speakers. With this combo, you get two standing speakers and a central speaker unit. The speakers are well made and work perfectly to balance low, midrange, and hi-end frequencies.

Definitive Technology proprietary functions such as Intelligent Bass Control take this product to the next level. As a result, you can enjoy a full 3D soundscape experience in your living or theater room. These are solid, durable, reliable, and high-performing speakers that will become the pulsating heart of your surround sound system.

Until next time, happy listening.

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