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Dahmer Facts

Dahmer Facts: A Closer Look into One of the Most Notorious Serial Killers of All Time

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most infamous serial killers in history. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960, Dahmer was known for his gruesome crimes involving rape, murder, and dismemberment of 17 men and boys from 1978 until he was arrested in 1991.

Early Life and Childhood

Dahmer had a troubled childhood. He was neglected and suffered from an undiagnosed medical condition that caused him to experience epileptic seizures. In 1978, he was convicted of child molestation and received a five-year probation sentence.

The Murders

Between 1987 and 1991, Dahmer’s crimes escalated, and he started killing and dismembering young men. He would lure them to his home under the guise of offering them alcohol, drugs, or money. Once they were there, he would rape, murder, and mutilate them.

The Arrest and Conviction

Dahmer was finally arrested on July 22, 1991, after a victim managed to escape and alert the police. The authorities searched his apartment and found human remains, including severed heads and genitalia, in his refrigerator and freezer. He was convicted of 15 counts of murder and sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in prison.

The Notorious Reputation

Dahmer’s reputation as a killer earned him the nickname “the Milwaukee Cannibal”. His crimes were so heinous that they shocked the world and made him a household name.

The Psychological Profile

Dahmer was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and psychotic disorder. He was also found to have a high level of sadism, which contributed to his crimes.

The Impact on Society

Dahmer’s crimes has had a significant impact on society. They have been used to study and understand the psychology of psychopaths and serial killers. His story has been adapted into multiple movies, documentaries, and books.


Jeffrey Dahmer was a disturbed individual who committed heinous crimes that shocked the world. His reputation as a killer continues to endure, even decades after his death. His story serves as a reminder of the dangers of psychopathy and the impact that it can have on society.

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