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Conway Twitty Facts

Conway Twitty Facts: The Legendary Country Singer’s Life and Legacy

From the smooth baritone voice to the signature pompadour hairstyle, Conway Twitty will always be remembered as one of the greatest legends ever to grace country music. With dozens of hits that have topped the charts, this skilled musician has won the hearts of many, and his music continues to inspire even today. In this article, we delve deep into the life and musical career of this renowned country artist, uncovering rare gems and surprising facts that you may not have known before.

Singer’s bio, relationships, children, height, age, and career

Born as Harold Lloyd Jenkins on September 1, 1933, in Friars Point, Mississippi, Conway Twitty was raised in Helena, Arkansas, where he started his music career as a teenager. He adopted his iconic stage name by taking names from two different towns and spelling them the way they sounded. In 1957, he had his first breakthrough with the top ten hit, It’s Only Make Believe, and never stopped producing hit after hit from that moment.

Conway Twitty was a family man and had four children. His first marriage was to Ellen Matthews, with whom he had three children: Kathy, Joni, and Jimmy. After they divorced, he married Dolores Virginia Henry, with whom he had one son named Michael.

Despite being a tall, imposing figure with commanding stage presence, Twitty’s height was 5’7″.

Conway Twitty had a music career that spanned several decades, keeping music fans captivated the world over. He was a prolific songwriter and recorded over 100 albums spanning from the early 1950s to the late 1990s.

Top songs and albums

Conway Twitty had an enviable discography of hit songs that captured the imagination of fans. Here are some of his best-known songs and albums.

Some of his top songs include:

– Hello Darlin’
– Tight Fittin’ Jeans
– Linda on My Mind
– Crazy in Love
– I Can’t Believe She Gives It All To Me
– I’d Love To Lay You Down

As for albums, some of his most famous ones are:

– Lost in the Feeling
– Conway Twitty Country
– Gold
– Even Now
– Rhythm and Romance
– Heart and Soul

Net Worth

Conway Twitty’s net worth was estimated to be about $50 million, which came from his successful career in the music industry.


1. Did Conway Twitty’s singing style change over the years?

Yes, Conway Twitty’s singing style changed over the years. In the 1950s and 1960s, he focused mainly on rock and roll music. In the 1970s, he shifted to a more traditional country style, which was more commercially successful. Later in the 1980s, he embraced country pop. His versatility as a musician and willingness to reinvent himself saw him consistently producing music that continued to top the charts.

2. Did Conway Twitty write his songs?

Yes, Conway Twitty wrote many of his songs, including some of his biggest hits. Some of the famous songs he wrote include, Hello Darlin’, Linda on my Mind, and Tight Fitting Jeans.

3. What was Conway Twitty’s favorite song?

Conway Twitty’s favorite song was Hello Darlin’, which became one of his most popular songs and went on to become a timeless classic in the country music genre.

4. Did Conway Twitty ever win a Grammy Award?

Despite his numerous hits and successful music career, Conway Twitty never won a Grammy Award. However, he did win several other music awards, including Country Music Association Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards.

5. What was the secret to Conway Twitty’s success?

Conway Twitty’s secret to success was his ability to consistently produce music that resonated with his audience. He also had an incredible work ethic that saw him record over 100 albums throughout his career. His unwavering commitment to his craft and his fans earned him the admiration and respect of many.

6. What was Conway Twitty’s legacy?

Conway Twitty’s legacy is his contribution to country music, which spans several decades. He recorded over 100 albums, many of which have become timeless classics. His enduring influence in the music industry has inspired many artists both in country music and beyond.

7. How did Conway Twitty die?

Conway Twitty died on June 5, 1993, due to an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He was 59 years old at the time of his death.

8. Did Conway Twitty have any famous collaborations with other artists?

Yes, Conway Twitty collaborated with several other artists, including Loretta Lynn, with whom he recorded numerous hits, including Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man, After the Fire is Gone, and Lead Me On. He also collaborated with Sam Moore on a cover of the classic soul song, Rainy Night in Georgia.

9. Did Conway Twitty ever act in movies or television shows?

Although Conway Twitty was primarily known for his music, he also had a few acting roles over the years. In the 1970s, he appeared in several episodes of the television show, Hee Haw. He also had a supporting role in the 1985 movie, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

10. Was Conway Twitty inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame?

Yes, Conway Twitty was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999, six years after his death.

11. What were some of Conway Twitty’s philanthropic efforts?

Conway Twitty was actively involved in philanthropic efforts throughout his career. He supported several charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and he frequently performed at benefit concerts to raise money for causes he believed in.

12. Did Conway Twitty play any musical instruments?

Yes, Conway Twitty was an accomplished guitar player and often played the guitar during his live performances.

13. How many number one hits did Conway Twitty have?

Conway Twitty had 55 number one hits on the country music charts, making him one of the most successful country musicians of all time.

14. Was Conway Twitty inducted into any other halls of fame?

In addition to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Conway Twitty was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, the Mississippi Musician’s Hall of Fame, and the Arkansas Entertainer’s Hall of Fame.

15. Did Conway Twitty have any posthumous releases?

Yes, after his death, several posthumous releases of Conway Twitty’s music were released, including albums with previously unreleased material and live recordings.

In conclusion, Conway Twitty was an incredible musician whose music will always inspire future generations. From his humble beginnings to his numerous accolades, his contribution to the country music genre will always be remembered.

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