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Connect Sonos to TV Wirelessly – Easy Ways to Follow

Do you want to connect Sonos to your TV wirelessly but don’t know where to start? Connecting any audio or surround sound system can seem daunting. But it’s not as difficult as you’d think. It’s like worrying about a filling before you go to the dentist. The act of doing something is nowhere near as bad as thinking about doing it.

Sonos speakers are changing the way we absorb audio. But why is everyone talking about them? How can I connect Sonos speakers to my TV without causing a nuclear holocaust? Check out our in-depth guide to Sonos speakers connectivity.

What is Sonos?

What is Sonos

Sonos is essentially the ultimate wireless surround sound speaker that takes home theater to the next level. Sonos audio devices connect to a TV wirelessly via Bluetooth by using the Sonos App. Or via an aptX BT transmitter that doubles as an audio receiver. Whether you need to use the app or the transmitter will depend on your TV setup.

Sonos speakers are innovative products that are designed to improve audio quality at home via a wireless connection. These speakers eliminate the need for masses of cables clogging up your living room.

You don’t want to tackle an assault course of wires just to walk through your living room. If you connect Sonos to TV wirelessly, you can walk freely without tripping up.

How to Connect Sonos?

It can seem daunting to connect your Sonos speakers to your TV, but it’s not that difficult. You can connect the speakers directly to your main controller (receiver or TV) and then manage them via the Sonos App.

You can even connect multiple Sonos speakers via wireless without the need for cables between the speakers. This function simplifies the hassles of speaker positioning because you don’t have to worry about the wires. Placing your speakers in the correct position has never been easier.

Ultimate collective connectivity…

Each speaker must be individually connected to WiFi in your home. From there, you can manage them with the Sonos App. This will give you full control over every speaker in your home, individually or collectively. Having remotely controlled wireless speakers will ensure that you can streamline the entire surround sound of your system.

Now that we understand more about Sonos speakers, we need to find the best options for connecting them wirelessly to your TV.

Wirelessly Connecting Your Sonos to TV

Wirelessly Connecting Your Sonos to TV

Connecting Sonos speakers to each other wirelessly is the key selling point of this product. You can create an audio masterclass without any wires. And you can position the speakers wherever you like.

Sonos has to be the most unique and diverse sound system you will find. The best part is you won’t have to connect all the speakers with wires to create this amazing audio soundscape. You can do it by WiFi and manage everything in Sonos App.

It’s also important to remember that even though you will connect the speakers wirelessly, you might still have to connect the main Sonos centralized soundbar to your TV with a wire. But don’t fret, as here are the three wireless options.

Connecting Sonos Speakers by Bluetooth to TV

Connecting your Sonos speakers to your TV using a Bluetooth connection is the simplest possible way. But please check that your speakers and television are both Bluetooth-enabled before you do anything. You’d be surprised how many people fall at this first hurdle.

Because Sonos speakers are sometimes purchased separately and linked together later, you need to make sure they all have Bluetooth capabilities. From there, you will need to connect your speakers to your TV.

  • Turn on your Sonos speakers, go to the ‘settings’ section on your TV or streaming provider.
  • Select your speaker device to pair wirelessly to your TV with Bluetooth.

As long as your Sonos speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, the process should be very easy. You should theoretically turn your Bluetooth speaker on, and the device will immediately pair with your TV.

Using Sonos App to Control Your Speaker System

One of the benefits of Sonos speakers is you can decide how many you want to use. You can define whether your surround sound system will be 3.1, 5.1, 0r even 7.1. It’s your choice. And no matter how many speakers you use, you can control them all in the Sonos App. How about that for accessibility and control?

Can you imagine controlling a 7.1 surround sound Sonos speaker system remotely on your phone with a WiFi connection? It’s the best! You can manage each speaker individually or collectively from your phone while chilling on the couch. You will never have to manually adjust your speakers again now you have the Sonos App.

Wirelessly connecting your speakers and phone…

You’ll have to connect the Sonos speakers to the same wireless network as your phone or computer. If not, they won’t work together properly. They all have to be connected to the same network to integrate. Now you are in control of your speakers via the Sonos App. You can manipulate as you see fit to get the best audio experience.

Please remember that you will need to connect all your speakers to the Sonos App to get them all working in tandem. If you have a centralized Sonos soundbar, all your speakers will connect through there.

Connections from the soundbar to the TV are usually formed by an audio input/output cable. But this depends on the type of soundbar you use, as some models are wireless.

Connecting Sonos Speakers with an aptX BT Transmitter

Connecting Sonos Speakers with an aptX BT Transmitter

The third option to connect Sonos to TV wirelessly is via an aptX BT Transmitter that doubles as an audio receiver. But once again, this is not possible if your speakers are not Bluetooth-enabled. So make sure you check your speakers.

If your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth, using the aptX BT transmitter is the perfect substitute. This is especially true for older TV models.

The transmitter will act as a Bluetooth audio receiver. It then connects to your TV via the audio input/output channels with a wire. Surprisingly, aptX BT transmitters are not that expensive and are relatively very easy to set up and use.

Bluetooth enabled connectivity…

Although the transmitter is connected to your TV with wires, the speakers connect to the aptX wirelessly by Bluetooth. Make sure you enable Bluetooth on your transmitter and speakers.

Once your transmitter is plugged into your TV, and your speakers are wirelessly enabled, you are ready to go. The transmitter and speakers should then automatically pair via Bluetooth.

Here is a list of the best aptX BT Transmitters that are highly recommended by myself as well as other experts.

Highly-Recommended Sonos Speakers

Highly-Recommended Sonos Speakers

If you want to find the best Sonos speakers that can create the perfect wireless home theater system, keep on reading. We have sourced some of the most desirable Sonos speaker products that will take your home audio to the next level. All of our recommendations are Bluetooth-enabled, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Two Room Set Sonos One SL Speakers

These powerful speakers have full Bluetooth connectivity and perform to the highest levels. These are great entry-level Sonos speakers you can buy today.

Sonos Five Hi-Fidelity Speaker

This stunning speaker offers superior sound and is a great speaker to add to a group for surround sound home theater systems.

Sonos Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

When you need your Sonos surround sound system to have the deepest bass sounds, this subwoofer is great. This should be the centerpiece of any surround sound system.

Sonos Playbar Mountable Sound Bar

This centralized Sonos soundbar is the perfect centerpiece of your home theater system. This soundbar is essential when building a Sonos sound system.

Sonos Beam Smart TV Soundbar

A Sonos soundbar has built-in Alexa functions. Another top-notch centralized bar that will take your system to the next level.

Need Great Sonos or TV Speakers?

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Connect Sonos to TV Wirelessly – Final Thoughts

When you want to wirelessly connect Sonos speakers to your TV, you have two main options. You can use Bluetooth-enabled Sonos speakers that pair directly with your TV. This is usually the best way to connect with a modern TV. If you have an older TV without Bluetooth, you will need an aptX BT Transmitter that doubles as an audio receiver.

You can connect several Sonos speakers and control them all individually by using the Sonos App. It is that simple, folks. So don’t have a panic attack; you’re about to get the best sound system ever.

Until next time, happy listening.

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