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Top 50 Chris Isaak Songs

Chris Isaak is an interesting character in many ways. At one time, he seemed to model himself on Elvis Presley. And he once opened for Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie. 

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He has a long career and released plenty of material. Somehow, he never did quite attain the recognition that some think he may have deserved. His career started in 1978, and he is still around today. Isaak recorded his last studio album in 2015 and his last live album in 2017.

You Decide

I am going to let you decide whether he should have been more appreciated than he was by picking out the top 50 Chris Isaak songs. Many may only know him from one song, which of course, we will look at later. But there are 12 studio albums he released that have plenty of material to consider.

Two Sides To The Coin

He has two sides to his musical character. There is the one we may be more familiar with as the crooner lamenting lost love. But then, there is the Rockabilly style he seems to really get into.

Some think he overdoes the reverb on his voice a bit too much. But that is just the sound he created for himself. He probably doesn’t need that much, as he has a decent voice. 

When you listen to Chris Isaak’s Top 50 songs, you might think, as I do – he is more Roy Orbison than Presley. Singer and songwriter, as I say, it is your decision. So, let’s get started with…

Top 10 Chris Isaak Songs

Top 50 Chris Isaak Songs

[nb]1[/nb] First Comes The Night


This is a track released in 2015 from the album of the same name, First Comes The Night, but it was not released as a single. The album reached #2 in Australia, #32 in the UK, and #66 in America.

He wrote the song along with Scot Plunkett and Roly Salley. It’s very much a Country type sound with jangling rhythm guitar. It is a good example of him in a mellow mood.

[nb]2[/nb] Can’t Do a Thing (To Stop Me)


This is a track taken from his album, San Francisco Days, his fourth album release. It is a much dreamier kind of sound and uses plenty of recording techniques to create the feeling. 

Commercially, the single didn’t do so well. It only made #105 in America but did peak at #36 in the UK, which was a surprise. The album did a little better reaching #12 in the UK and #35 in America.

The song itself is simple enough. Two people who know they shouldn’t be together but can’t break off their relationship.

[nb]3[/nb] I Want You To Want Me


This is a cover of a song by Cheap Trick that was first released in 1977. It became a hit for them on its re-release and has since been covered by plenty of people. One cover was by Chris Isaak, though it did nothing chart-wise. 

He included it on his album, Best of Chris Isaak, in 2006. The album performed better than the single, reaching #1 in Australia. It charted on the American Album chart at #54 and in the UK at #65. It is a Pop Country song that goes along at a decent pace and shows another side of his musical style.

[nb]4[/nb] Blue Hotel


This is a track from his first album from 1985, Silvertone. The album itself was rather a disaster and failed everywhere except in Australia, but only then reached #77 on their chart.

It seemed that they were trying to market Isaak all wrong. Even the album cover mirrors a dark and broody “Elvis look-alike” picture. It was never going to work if that was the idea.

The song might have sad lyrics and a story, but it is a very upbeat song. It sounds like the sort of track that Duane Eddy might have turned out twenty years before. Heavy reverb on the voice and delay on the guitar give it that “Eddy” sound.

[nb]5[/nb] Heart Full of Soul


You are treading on dangerous ground when you record a cover of a Yardbirds song. This was the first release by the British band in their best format once Jeff Beck had joined on guitar.

Chris Isaak, as I mentioned earlier, likes to cover others’ material. And he doesn’t do a bad job of this. Even though the iconic guitar intro is missing from his version, and the double-up timing is also missed. 

He also changes the melody line slightly, but I suppose that could be down to interpretation. It has been given a nice production, though, and is a half-decent copy of the original.

[nb]6[/nb] Solitary Man


Now to another cover and another song that you need to be brave to try. This was Neil Diamond’s first release as a solo artist in 1966 after spending years writing for other people. 

Always a popular song when Neil Diamond sang it, that is why I refer to it as brave to attempt a cover. It was released as a single but failed to chart. It was taken from the album San Francisco Days.

To his credit, Isaak doesn’t just copy Neil Diamond’s version, especially the guitar intro. So, there is a little originality involved, which is always good to see with a cover version. As long as it doesn’t go too far and it doesn’t here.

[nb]7[/nb] Forever Blue


Once again, a single that is also the name of the album it was taken from. “Forever Blue” was released in 1995 but wasn’t released as a single.

It is not the happiest of songs, but something that Chris Isaak excels at is singing a sad song. And this is one of the best sad Chris Isaac songs. The album reached #27 in the UK and #35 in America. Some very basic guitar work adds to the simplicity and provides a near-tragic feel to the song. “Forever Blue” was written by him, as were all the songs on this album.

[nb]8[/nb] Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing


Staying with the album, Forever Blue, we have one of the best Chris Isaak songs. It wasn’t, however, a commercial success and only charted in Australia.

What we have here is a bit of Rockabilly now with this song that opened the album. Almost a Blues feel pervades the song with a deep voice that puts you in the mind of John Lee Hooker. It offers an alternative dimension to his usual style, which he does a decent job of. The song was featured in the film Eyes Wide Shut.

[nb]9[/nb] Blueberry Hill


Now, my choice in the Top 50 Chris Isaak songs is going to surprise a few people. This is a collaboration recorded live in Paris along with rocker Johnny Halliday. Of course, we all know the original recorded by Fats Domino in 1956. 

This is a very good cover version of that song, with honors shared between Halliday and Isaak. They have stuck pretty closely to the Fats Domino style, as you must, and it swings along nicely.

[nb]10[/nb] Wicked Game


Surely, Chris Isaak’s most well-known song. It was taken from his most commercially successful album, Heart Shaped World, released in 1989.

The album reached #7 in America. The single reached #10 in the UK and #6 in America but was also a Top 10 hit in four other countries. He wrote the song and sings it well. But what sells this track, and why it’s one of the most popular Chris Isaak songs, is the creative guitar playing of James Wilsey.

[nb]11[/nb]You Owe Me Some Kind of Love by Chris Isaak


[nb]12[/nb]Lie to Me by Chris Isaak


[nb]13[/nb]San Francisco Days by Chris Isaak


[nb]14[/nb]Gone Ridin’ by Chris Isaak


[nb]15[/nb]Don’t Make Me Dream About You by Chris Isaak


[nb]16[/nb]Waiting by Chris Isaak


[nb]17[/nb]Dancin’ by Chris Isaak


[nb]18[/nb]Round ‘n’ Round by Chris Isaak


[nb]19[/nb]Somebody’s Crying by Chris Isaak


[nb]20[/nb]Go Walking Down There by Chris Isaak


[nb]21[/nb]Two Hearts by Chris Isaak


[nb]22[/nb]Except the New Fool by Chris Isaak


[nb]23[/nb]Nothing’s Changed by Chris Isaak


[nb]24[/nb]Changed Your Mind by Chris Isaak


[nb]25[/nb]I’m Not Sleepy by Chris Isaak


[nb]26[/nb]Somebody to Love by Chris Isaak


[nb]27[/nb]This Love Will Last by Chris Isaak


[nb]28[/nb]Don’t Leave Me on My Own by Chris Isaak


[nb]29[/nb]Western Stars by Chris Isaak


[nb]30[/nb]Shadows in a Mirror by Chris Isaak


[nb]31[/nb]Don’t Break My Heart by Chris Isaak


[nb]32[/nb]In the Heat of the Jungle by Chris Isaak


[nb]33[/nb]Speak of the Devil by Chris Isaak


[nb]34[/nb]I’m Doing Fine by Chris Isaak


[nb]35[/nb]We’ve Got Tomorrow by Chris Isaak


[nb]36[/nb]Except for That One Time by Chris Isaak


[nb]37[/nb]Worked It Out Wrong by Chris Isaak


[nb]38[/nb]Black Flowers by Chris Isaak


[nb]39[/nb]Can’t Help Falling in Love by Chris Isaak


[nb]40[/nb]South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) by Chris Isaak


[nb]41[/nb]Back on Your Side by Chris Isaak


[nb]42[/nb]One Day by Chris Isaak


[nb]43[/nb]The End of Everything by Chris Isaak


[nb]44[/nb]Wrong to Love You by Chris Isaak


[nb]45[/nb]Another Idea by Chris Isaak


[nb]46[/nb]Life Will Go On by Chris Isaak


[nb]47[/nb]Move Along by Chris Isaak


[nb]48[/nb]We Let Her Down by Chris Isaak


[nb]49[/nb]Super Magic 2000 by Chris Isaak


[nb]50[/nb]Goin’ Nowhere by Chris Isaak


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Top 50 Chris Isaak Songs – Final Thoughts

I know the name, but… That might be a common response when Chris Isaak’s name is mentioned. Though it might depend on what part of the world you are in. He is very well-known in Australia, where he has had some success. And in certain musical circles in America as well.

Elsewhere, not so much, unless you are familiar with the song “Wicked Game.” In his early days, the “powers that be” seemed to want to try and market him as a Presley double. But he had enough about him to not be someone’s clone. 

His range of material was quite wide, as we can see. If you want to hear a bit more, then Best Of Chris Isaak would be a good place to start. And, if all you have heard and know him for is “Wicked Game,” then you will find there is a bit more to him.

Until next time, happy listening.

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