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Chase The Money Facts

Chase The Money: From A Young Producer To Making Hits With The Biggest Names In Hip-Hop

The Singer’s Bio: Who Is Chase The Money?

Chase The Money – born Sheldon Pearce – is a young, talented music producer and rapper. He was born on May 12th, 1996, in St. Louis, Missouri. Music has always been a significant part of his life, and he started playing drums and piano at a young age. He went to Pattonville High School and later studied music production at the University of Missouri. As a producer, he has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, such as J. Cole, Drake, and Lil Wayne, to name a few.

Age, Relationships, Height, and More

Chase The Money is 25 years old. Not much is known about his personal life. He’s managed to keep most of his relationships and family life private. As for his height, we don’t have exact measurements, but he appears to be around 6 feet tall.

Career and Top Songs

Chase The Money started producing music at a young age. He made his breakthrough in 2017 when he produced “First Day Out” for rapper Tee Grizzley. The song became an instant hit and opened doors for the young producer. Since then, he’s worked with many other major artists and has produced some chart-topping hits such as “Wake Up,” “Circus” and “Cheat Code.”

As a rapper, Chase The Money is less known, but he’s still managed to get recognition for his music. Some of his most popular songs include “Cops Did The Race,” “Batman,” and “American Made.”

Net Worth and More

Exact figures for Chase The Money’s net worth are not publicly available, but we can assume that it’s high considering the many hits he’s produced and worked on. He’s had a successful career thus far and has established himself as one of the most sought-after producers in today’s hip-hop industry.


1. What inspired Chase The Money to start producing music?

Chase The Money has always been passionate about music. Growing up, he played piano and drums and eventually fell in love with producing. In interviews, he’s mentioned that some of his early influences include Dr. Dre and Timbaland, among others.

2. What was Chase The Money’s big break?

Chase The Money’s big break came in 2017 when he produced “First Day Out” for Tee Grizzley. The song went viral and landed him many more collaborations with other big-name rappers.

3. What rappers has Chase The Money collaborated with?

Chase The Money has worked with many big-name rappers such as J. Cole, Drake, Lil Wayne, 21 Savage, and YoungBoy NBA, among others.

4. How did Chase The Money get his unique name?

Chase The Money got his name from a childhood friend. In an interview with XXL, he mentions that his friend would always say the phrase, and it just stuck with him.

5. Has Chase The Money been nominated for any awards?

Unfortunately, Chase The Money has not yet been nominated for any major awards. However, we can expect that to change soon, given the many hits he’s produced.

6. What advice does Chase The Money have for aspiring producers?

Chase The Money advises aspiring producers to keep grinding and to always be willing to learn. He also mentions the importance of networking and building relationships in the industry.

7. What are some of Chase The Money’s favorite collaborations?

Chase The Money has worked with many big names in the industry, but he has mentioned that his favorite collaborations so far have been with YoungBoy NBA and J. Cole.

8. Will Chase The Money release more music as a rapper?

Chase The Money has released several songs as a rapper. However, it’s unclear whether he plans to release a full-length project anytime soon.

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