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Casio PX560BE Review

Casio is a true juggernaut in the world of instruments. They make some of the best keyboards on the market. Still, we can’t assume that their past has anything to do with their present can we? Certainly, we can’t assume that the Casio PX560BE is good just because their other keyboards are.

That is exactly why a Casio PX560BE review can come in handy. To this end, we can be of service to you. Reviewing high-end keyboards like this one is our job. We studied the ins and outs of this instrument to help make sure it is perfect for your needs.

We have found out what this keyboard does right, and what it does wrong. The results have been assembled in this guide below. Read on!

Casio PX560BE
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Important Features

We will now inform your buying decision by taking a look at some important features. A little it later we will also take a look at a few aspects of the piano that we did not like.

Great Keys

One of the staples of any Casio piano is the keys themselves. They are known for making really good keyboards. The one that you get here is certainly no exception.

For one thing, the keys of the Casio PX560BE are weighted. This means that they will produce a resistance similar to that of an acoustic piano. Weighted keys play better and make it easy to transition into acoustic instruments.

The keys are also graded, which means that the weight system is more sophisticated than most keyboards.

Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Graded keys each have their own weight. This feature is included to better reflect the feel of an acoustic. The high notes are going to weigh less than the low notes. The center of the keyboard will then have a pretty neutral weight.

This sounds pretty basic, but actually, most keyboards don’t have this feature so it is nice to see.

Finally, you also get Casio’s classic tri-sensor technology. This component of the keyboard is going to ensure that it is as responsive as possible.

The high-end sensors register even the subtlest of playing. As a result, your music is much more nuanced.

When pressing down softly on the keys, the music is played softly. When you play hard, the music comes across a little bit louder.

The result are simply keys that that are as responsive as you can get.

High-Quality Display

One of the nice things about this keyboard is that it features a marvelous interface. Besides being fairly easy to navigate, there is also a high-end LCD screen that serves as a hub.

The screen features full color and high-quality resolution so that you can see everything very clearly.

 Casio PX560BE 88


The Casio PX650BE features a high-quality onboard recording studio. This is probably one of the reasons that the keyboard is so pricey. Still, the money is well-worth it.

Not only can you record up to seventeen tracks, you can then edit them to suit your preferences. You can also layer the tones up to seventeen times to create the sound that you are looking for.

If you are into making music, these features will give you lots of artistic control.

Sound Library

The sound library that you get here is truly massive. You get 550 different voices to choose from. For those that don’t know “voices” in piano refers to different sounds that the keyboard can make.

To put the number in perspective, many options in this price range have twenty or less. The sounds are quite extensive. You get a number of different piano tones, as well as a range of different instruments and genres.

The sound library is yet another way that this instrument guarantees you will enjoy as much artistic freedom as possible.


Price is going to be one of the biggest hurdles that come up with this piano. It is a pricey piano that will be outside of the budget of many buyers.
Assuming you can afford the keyboard, the issues are fairly minimal.

We did notice that the interface will be a little bit challenging for the beginner. The creative features are great for the artist. However, they may be a little bit overwhelming for the person that is just starting out.

Key Digital Stage Piano

We also weren’t extremely thrilled with the pedals that you get here. Though it is nice to see that they are included, they aren’t the best options on the market. They feel a little bit flimsy. They also just don’t at all promote the feel of a real acoustic piano.

To be fair, this is an issue that is pretty common to most electric pianos that don’t have prefixed pedals. Still, it is a little it disappointing to see, especially when you factor in the price.

These things aside the issues are pretty small. For the most part, we found the PX560BE to be a good keyboard at a reasonable price.

Pros And Cons

The review is almost over. By now we have seen what is good about this keyboard, and what isn’t so great. To help you sort through the good and the bad, read on for some pros and cons.

Pros Of Casio PX560BE

  • Extremely responsive keys thanks to tri-sensor technology
  • Weighted, graded keyboard
  • Large memory for recording songs
  • 550 tone song library
  • High-quality LCD display

Cons Of Casio PX560BE

  • Pricey
  • So, so pedal quality

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Is this keyboard for everyone? No. the price of the piano alone pretty much ensure that it won’t be. This is a pricey piano which means beginners and buyers on a budget will want to look elsewhere.

Still, if you do have a little bit of experience, there is plenty to like. The unit features an incredible sound engine, and great keys. In essence, you get everything you could possibly need to maximize your own potential.

We found that the Casio PX560BE is a great keyboard that will be great for a variety of users.

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