Casio CDP-130 Review

Casio CDP-130 Review
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Casio makes a good keyboard. A really good keyboard. That said, it doesn’t mean that all of their products should be trusted site unseen. That is why we have assembled a thorough Casio CDP-130 review.

We go through a lot of testing to make sure that the products we look at are right for our readers. We experiment with the keys, the speakers, the features. We identify every strength and every weakness.

That is exactly what we have done here today. We know that musicians take their instruments seriously. That is why we have taken our job seriously as well. Read on for an up-close look at the Casio CDP-130.

Casio CDP-130
Our rating: (3.9 / 5)

Important Features

Let’s now look at some important features to help make your buying decision easy.


One of the nice things about keyboards is that they are infinitely easier to transport than acoustic pianos. If you are a traveling musician whose instrument of choice has them tickling the ivory, you don’t have a lot of options.

Keyboards are really your best bet. The nice thing is that with the Casio you CDP-130, you get something that is really easy to transport.

ca dp 130 review

The dimensions are sized to fit easily in your car. It is also relatively lightweight which naturally is a handy aspect of any keyboard.

The portability also lends itself well to just regular use.

The keyboard does not come with a stand, which means that you may end up playing the unit on your table if you don’t buy a stand immediately.

The lightweight will make the piano easy to move around when the need presents itself. Of course, having a stand would be all the nicer, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Weighted Keys

Casio is known for putting really good keys in their keyboards. This probably sounds incredibly basic if you aren’t familiar with the world of keyboards.
It actually is kind of basic, but it is also quite critical. The CDP comes with fully weighted and scaled keys.

This means that it is built to naturally feel like an acoustic piano. Any halfway decent electric keyboard is going to include weighted keys, but this feature is nevertheless not a given.

cdp130 review

You also get the benefit of Casio’s impressive tri-sensor technology. The hypersensitive sensors ensure that the keyboard registers even the slightest touch. Essentially this feature guarantees a playing experience that will resemble that of an acoustic piano.

Lastly, the keys also are all weighted slightly differently. This means that lower keys are going to weigh a little bit more than higher notes.

This is another relatively small detail, but if you are trying to closely replicate the feel of an acoustic, the feature is invaluable.

10-Different Tones

You also get ten different tones with this piano. That is one of the big benefits of going with an electric over an acoustic.

The ten different tones that you get here include different instruments and several different piano tones.

Tones include options like “grand piano.” Of course, it will not actually sound exactly like a grand piano, but the quality is still noteworthy.

Plainly put, the more tones you get the better. While there are some units that have more than ten, for the money, you pay here, ten is still plenty.

Great For Beginners

Last, you get an easy to use interface with this option. The buttons are pretty straightforward, which means that just about anyone is going to be able to sit down and start playing with it.

If you have ever used a keyboard before, you know that ease of use is never a guarantee. Of course, part of the reason that this piano is user-friendly is simply the fact that it is pretty simple. It doesn’t have as many features as other keyboards, which makes learning the interface a breeze.

casio cdp 130


When you consider this piano for what it is, there really are not many cons to speak of. Understand, of course, that this isn’t a perfect piano. It is a basic unit, and as a basic unit, it has basic limitations.
The lack of a stand is going to be a drag for just about everyone.

While the CDP is fairly affordable, the cost of necessary accessories will quickly add up.

There is also the issue of the sound quality. While the sound certainly is not terrible, it does struggle to compete with higher end units. When you play loudly, you are going to notice some unfortunate distortion.

Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but for the money it is mostly a good keyboard. If you want something that is free of issues of this nature, you will need to spend more money.

Pros And Cons

Now that you have read the review, it is time to go over our findings. Below we have assembled all the salient talking points concerning what the Casio does right, and what it does wrong. Read on!

Pros Of  Casio CDP-130

  • Easy to transport
  • Affordable
  • Weighted Keys
  • Tri-Sensor Technology
  • 10 Different Sounds

Cons Of  Casio CDP-130

  • Sound quality distorts on higher volumes
  • Accessories sold separately


While no product is completely perfect it is safe to say that the Casio CDP 130 has plenty for the buyer on a budget. It is a high-quality keyboard with keys that do well to mimic the feel of an acoustic.

It has decent sound quality and lots of features that you will like.

If you are a beginner, or even someone that doesn’t mind simplicity, you will find plenty to like here.

We can’t tell you how to spend your money. However, if you liked what you say today, we recommend giving the Casio CDP-130 a try.