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Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro – How to Fix?

The Powerbeats Pro has been both praised and criticized since its release. But, they are one of the world’s most popular headphone brands and have a great look, feel, and above all, sound.

They are, however, not perfect. One of the most common Powerbeats Pro problems is the sudden loss of sound and functionality for no reason at all. This, despite there being more than enough charge in the battery. 

The good news is that in most of these cases, this is a simple software glitch or dropout. The recommended first step when this happens is to do a simple reset. In most cases, the hard reset is all it takes to get you back to jamming in your PJs in the kitchen again. 

But I’m going to take a wild guess…

… that if you’re still reading this article, you tried a hard reset, and it didn’t work. Well, while this is less common, it does also happen from time to time. 

Many users have reported online that they can’t reset Powerbeats Pro earbuds. Even after following the procedures on the website, they can’t get one or both earbuds to power up and connect or to produce audio. 

That’s why I’ve decided to guide you through some troubleshooting tips for resetting Powerbeats Pro. As well as explain how you can get in contact with support to sort out your problem if need be. 

The Short Answer

Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro

There is a known bug in the Powerbeats Pro where audio dropout in either one or both buds. They seem to turn off even though there is still plenty of battery. Nine times out of ten, this bug can be fixed with a simple reset using the button on the case. 

However, if you are having trouble resetting Powerbeats Pro earbuds, your best bet is to contact Apple Support. The most likely scenario is that you will need to have your item fixed or replaced. 

So what gives? Why is this happening, and what is our beloved Apple planning on doing about it? Well, hold on tight because I’m going to lay out everything there is to know about the issue. 

Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro – What is the Problem?

Apple prides itself on making its devices easy to understand and use. This is true when it comes to the operation of the Powerbeats Pro. However, unfortunately, the Powerbeats have their fair share of problems. 

Users have reported a loss of audio in either one or both earbuds. Sometimes, the audio dropout is minimal, and other times, it’s as if the earbud gets muted. Resetting the Powerbeats Pro will fix this issue nine times out of ten. However, if you are number ten, then you’re problem is more serious and likely related to the internal hardware. 

My Powerbeats Pro Won’t Connect To My Device

As I mentioned earlier, let’s not go getting ahead of ourselves just yet. The problem needs to be properly identified first. Then, we can decide on the right course of action to fix Powerbeats Pro not resetting.  

Start by checking if you can connect your Powerbeats Pro to your playback device. If there are problems, you need to try and perform the reset procedure. Here’s how it’s supposed to go (if you’ve already tried this, then just double-check the steps to make sure you haven’t missed anything):

  1. Place both of the Powerbeats Pro earbuds in the case and keep the lid open. 
  2. With the lid still open, press and hold down the system button located on the front of the case for fifteen seconds. The LED indicator should start flashing red and white.
  3. Release the system button.
  4. If the indicator on the case is flashing white, then you can go ahead and pair up your earphones like you normally would. 

iPhone/Ipad Pairing instructions

  1. Power on and unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and go to the Home screen.  
  2. Place your Powerbeats Pro case (with both earphones inside) next to your device, and leave the lid open.
  3. Wait a moment for the pop-up notification to appear on your device. 
  4. Simply tap ‘Connect,’ and then tap ‘Done,’ and you should be good to go.

Simple, right? Well done Apple. Unfortunately, hardware and software problems can still throw a spanner in the works of this beautifully simple process. 

Why Can’t I Reset My Powerbeats Pro?

My Powerbeats Pro

Some folks, despite all efforts, simply can’t reset the Powerbeats Pro charging case. For example, I was told about an issue where the user had to have a repair done by Apple. According to the company, they had to replace one earbud and re-sync it with that particular case to fix the problem.

Is it one or two earbuds, or the case?

The answers here vary greatly depending on the user. Some complain that only one earbud seems to lose sync with the case. On the other hand, some folks describe the problem as being the case. 

The case itself seems to just die on them despite supposedly being charged. This seems to be hardware related. Furthermore, it seems that even when it’s just the one earbud that fails, this problem causes the case to stop working as well.

That means the one remaining earbud also can’t function properly. Essentially the entire Powerbeats Pro package is left inactive due to this small issue. 

How To Contact Apple Support

If you can not reset your Powerbeats Pro despite trying everything in this guide, then you’ll need to contact Apple Support for assistance. You can reach out to Apple via online chat, phone call, or by visiting your nearest Apple Store.

You will most likely be asked to ship your device to Apple or to hand it over at the store. Apple will let you know if a repair or replacement is what’s needed. Hopefully, you have Applecare+ on your Powerbeats Pro because this will cover the cost of repairs or replacement. 

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Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro – Conclusion

The Powerbeats Pro are a wonderful thing to help you cope with the stresses of everyday life. And, we need to recognize how much they work for us every single day, and forgive their occasional lapses now and again. 

If a simple reset does not work or just isn’t possible, the good folks over at Apple will be more than happy and capable of sorting you out with a repair or replacements.

Until next time, happy listening.

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