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Can You Use Regular Headphones on Xbox One?

Most console manufacturers want you to exclusively use their own branded accessories. They don’t like it when you purchase off-brand accessories that are not their official products.

So, if you want to use your headphones on Xbox One, will they work properly? Yes, you can use regular headphones on Xbox One, but it depends on the type of headphones. Cheap and cheerful headphone models aren’t usually compatible with Xbox One.

And it doesn’t matter how many times you jam the plug into the socket in an attempt to magically make them work. Your only viable approach is to purchase a set of high-end gaming headphones. But before you do, we need to cover a few bases, starting with…


Are Your Current Headphones Compatible with Xbox One?

Current Headphones

Before you spend loads of cash on expensive gaming headsets, you can perform some checks on your current headphones to see if they’re compatible with Xbox One. The first thing you can do is plug them in.

The latest Xbox One controller models have a 3.5mm jack port at the bottom. Plug your headphones into the port to see if they are work, and if they do, you’ve hit the jackpot. And if not, there are a few more checks you can perform.

Controller Update

There could be some available updates that you need to initiate to fix your problem. You might need to update the controller settings. Navigate to your Xbox One settings and then click on the ‘Device and Accessories’ category to find any new updates. If there is one, you can simply click on the update, and that should automatically fix your headphones connection issues.

Rearranging Volume or Chat Mixer Settings

Sometimes, a reason why headphones don’t work with gaming consoles is because of your volume or chat settings. It’s commonplace for mixer settings to be the problem. Navigate to your Xbox settings, and click on ‘Devices and Accessories’ to check if the volume is muted or low. If that doesn’t work, you can also check the chat settings for volume levels.

Connecting with Alternative Headphone Models

Do you have a second set of alternative headphones that you haven’t attempted to connect yet? If so, now’s the time to dust them off to see if they work with your Xbox One. Let’s take a look at some other branded headphones compatible with Xbox before we break the bank to buy a new set of gaming headphones.

iPhone Earbuds

iPhone earbud users also have the same compatibility issues where Xbox controllers are concerned. But there are some potential fixes. Navigate your console settings to the ‘Device and Accessories’ section. Disable the ‘Headset Mic’ option, then locate your ‘Mic Monitoring’ settings and turn them down to zero. Your iPhone earbuds should now be working.

Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller for Xbox One

Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller

The ultimate gaming experience is more than achieving high-quality audio. True gamers love the combination of headsets with microphones so they can game and chat simultaneously. The Turtle Beach Headset Controller Plus is an adaptor that was specifically designed for the Xbox XIS Series and Xbox One.

This is an Xbox adapter compatible with regular headphones and works without Turtle headsets. Just plug in your headphones, and it should work immediately.

It’s also ideal for Xbox One users who have side toning and mic monitoring problems. You can easily adjust the mic monitoring feature on the turtle adapter and even control background noise. But to get the most from this adaptor, we would suggest purchasing official Turtle Beach headsets. Check out these recommended Turtle Beach models.

Adding a Microphone to Your Headset

Adding a Microphone

So, you know you can use regular headphones on Xbox One, but what about chatting? Using a microphone along with your regular headphones on Xbox One will enhance your overall gaming experience.

The best official Xbox headsets and other high-end gaming headphones have both audio and mic capabilities. But if you don’t want to spend that type of money, there are ways to add a separate mic to your existing headphones.

V-Moda BoomPro Microphone for Xbox One

Transform your regular headphones into a fully immersive gaming and communication headset. This detachable professional-grade boom mic for gaming is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and all manner of gaming systems. It works in conjunction with 3.5mm jacks and is universally compatible with most on-ear or over-ear headphone brands.

Turtle Beach Universal Digital Stream

Professional gaming headsets are also routinely used for live online streaming. If you want to stream like a pro while using your regular headphones on Xbox One, this is the answer.

This flexible and adaptive mic model can be directly connected to your Xbox One or PS4 controller via a 3.5mm jack. Its main advantage is the voice tuning function that allows live streamers to personalize their streams. The mic enjoys exceptional audio quality and is compatible with most 5/8 inch stands and mounts.

Need a Great Gaming Headset?

We have a nice selection to choose from. Check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Xbox One Headsets, the Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Headsets, the Best Razer Gaming Headsets, the Best Wireless Gaming Headsets, the Best Headphones with Microphone, and the Best Wireless PlayStation 4 Headsets you can buy in 2023.

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Can Use Regular Headphones on Xbox One – Final Thoughts

You can, in some cases, but using official Xbox One accessories is recommended. But if you don’t want to spend that amount of cash, you’ll need to run some tests on your current headphones model.

Check the controller update situation on your Xbox or attempt to rearrange the volume and chat levels. If this doesn’t work, try to connect other alternative headsets you might have in storage, such as iPhone earbuds.

Alternatively, you might need the help of a Turtle Beach headset adapter or another device to act as a go-between. If you need to add headphones to enhance the gaming experience, purchase mics that are specifically designed for Xbox controllers. But if all this doesn’t work, you will have to bite the bullet and buy a pair of the best gaming headsets currently on the market.

Until next time, game on.

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