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Can you Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Switch

Released worldwide on the 3rd of March, 2017, the Nintendo Switch quickly became the fastest-selling video game console of all time. There are too many reasons why consumers quickly embraced the Nintendo Switch to list here. But that does not mean that the gaming system has always ticked every single box.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Switch?

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Switch

It’s a question that I hear over and over. However, an even more common question would be, “Why on earth did Nintendo make it so hard to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Nintendo Switch console?” To be totally honest, I don’t really understand it either.

The Nintendo Switch is the first-ever “Hybrid Console.” Meaning it can be used with either a free-standing television as the main monitor or as a handheld console using the in-built optional screen.

With the surge in popularity of Bluetooth headphones in recent years, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that any portable gaming system should probably include Bluetooth connectivity.

Hold on a second, though…

With the recent 4.0.0 update, Nintendo made some big changes. It is now possible to connect most sets of Bluetooth headphones to Switch consoles. But you will need a USB Bluetooth dongle that your headset can connect to. Some Bluetooth headphones are shipped with one of these, but honestly, most are not.

Bluetooth Headphones Without a Dongle

There are a plethora of dongle options available online for next to nothing. Looking to connect your Bluetooth headphones to a Nintendo Switch and don’t already own a USB Bluetooth dongle? Then I would highly recommend getting one with a regular USB connection and also purchasing a separate USB to USB-C adapter. I will explain why shortly.

If you need to purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle, I suggest this EVEO Bluetooth Adapter for PC. Likewise, if you need to purchase a USB to USB-C adapter, then have a look at this Syntech USB C Female to USB Male Adapter Pack.

Without a Dongle

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let’s get to the bones of the issue and work out exactly what you will need, why you will need it, and where to find these items.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Nintendo Switch

There is something you should know right away. There are two different ways of connecting Bluetooth headphones to Switch. It will depend on if you are using your switch docked or handheld.

Using a docked Switch

Locate the two USB ports on the left-hand side of the dock. Plug in your USB dongle, and hopefully, the console will quickly recognize that a headset has been connected. If this is the case, then a USB volume control bar should pop up top left corner.

If this didn’t work, there is a third, hidden USB port located at the back of the dock next to the HDMI port. Try plugging your USB dongle in there.

Using the Switch as a Handheld Console

This is where that USB to USB-C adapter will come in handy. This is because the console itself only has one USB-C port to plug into.

First, plug your USB dongle into the USB-C adapter. Once this is done, plug the adapted USB Bluetooth dongle into the USB-C port located at the bottom edge of the Nintendo Switch console. Keep in mind; it usually takes at least two seconds for the audio to be transmitted to the Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with Nintendo Switch

As I mentioned earlier, not all headsets work with the Nintendo Switch. So, if you want to answer the question, “Can you Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Switch?” there is something to bear in mind.

A general rule of thumb…

If your headset has been designed to work with computers or gaming consoles, then you should have no issues connecting. That’s because these headsets usually ship with an included USB Bluetooth dongle. Additionally, if you are looking for a headset that will definitely work with a Switch console, I have some suggestions below.

Premium Headsets for Nintendo Switch

Premium Headsets for Nintendo Switch

Here a few of my recommendations for top of the line Nintendo Switch headsets.

Mid Range Headsets for Nintendo Switch

Mid Range Headsets for Nintendo Switch

Some great options for affordable Nintendo Switch headsets.

Budget Headsets for Nintendo Switch

Budget Headsets for Nintendo Switch

For those without money to burn, these are some of the best cheap Nintendo Switch headsets you can buy.

What if one of these headsets still isn’t working with your Nintendo Switch?

Don’t worry if this happens. A few troubleshooting suggestions you can try are listed below.

  • Make sure your headset has power and the battery is charged to at least 50%.
  • If you are using the Switch handheld, then there may be an issue with the USB to USB-C adapter.
  • If you are using the Switch docked, then the USB port may be the issue. Try plugging into one of the other two ports and see if that helps.
  • If you have access to a computer or another gaming system, plug the USB Bluetooth dongle into one of them and see if the headset works.

Looking for a Great Gaming Headset?

We can help find the right one. Check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Headsets, the Best Wireless PlayStation 4 Headsets, the Best Razer Gaming Headsets, the Best Xbox One Headsets, the Best PC Gaming Headsets, and the Best Wireless Gaming Headsets you can buy in 2022.

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Can you Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Switch – Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article has helped you to connect a Bluetooth headset to your Nintendo Switch. As we can see, it is not the most straightforward procedure, but it is also not overly complicated. As long as you have the right headset, a USB Bluetooth dongle, and a USB-C adapter, then I have no doubt you will be connected in no time at all.

Until next time, game on.

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