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Can You Buy One Airpod?

I am the type of person who replaces the grip on my golf club instead of buying a new club. I never saw the point of replacing an entire product just because a small component on it breaks. Tight-fisted miser? Maybe, but more of a realist than a skinflint. I’m the dude that would replace one Apple AirPod instead of buying a new set. And don’t get me started on the subject of replacing wives.

Can You Buy One Airpod?

That forces the question, can you buy one Airpod? Of course, you can. This is America, baby, where anything is possible in the consumer universe. Money talks and BS walks, and walking the walk can be more cost-effective than talking big. 

Yes, you can buy one AirPod, bud, but this statement creates more questions than it answers. So, let’s get in-depth on the subject and leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of a lonely and single AirPod replacement


The Evolution of Headphones Technology

That might sound like a grand title to something as simple as buying a single Airpod to replace a broken one, but that’s how I roll. If you wanted to make an apple from scratch, you’d have to start at the Big Bang. Headphone technology has evolved quicker than humankind, but that’s hardly surprising. 

Gigantic over-ear headphones were all the rage in the 1980s, in conjunction with the CD explosion. But, by the 1990s, we started to see smaller and more convenient, snugly-fitting earbud designs become more popular and prominent.

Fast-forwarding to the 2000s… 

Companies like Beats, JBL, Sony, and Panasonic started to bring back large over-ear and on-ear headphone models. But, once again, this created the need for something more compact and comfortable than the old-style in-ear buds that were all plastic, sores, and blisters. 

This saw the birth of the history-altering Apple AirPods. Because AirPods are remote for all intents and purposes, they are individual pods that are not connected to anything else.

So, Can You Buy One AirPod?

Yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s possible. Furthermore, they are incredibly easy to replace. Back in the old black-and-white days of the 80s and 90s, if any part of your earbud product broke, you were basically buggered. You’d have to bite the proverbial bullet and buy a brand-new set. It was an expensive pastime. Companies like Sony must have made a fortune out of that, but not any longer. 

Apple has made it possible to replace a single pod, not only if one is broken but even if you’ve lost or misplaced one. There are loads of resources online to find a single AirPod replacement; you just need to know where to look. I would seriously suggest that you buy a replacement AirPod directly from an Apple store, or, at least, an Apple-approved vendor. 

It is possible to buy cheap and unbranded AirPod replacements. But that would be like testing if the water is boiling or not with the end of your tongue! Unsurprisingly, cheap AirPod replacements from non-Apple stores can have sync issues and other performance problems. So, please beware.

Official Places to Buy a Single AirPod 

Official Places

It would be uncouth of me to talk about buying Apple AirPod replacements by official means if I didn’t at least point you in the right direction. What kind of Philistine do you think I am? It’s a rhetorical question. Here are some of the best and most trusted places to buy AirPod replacements

Official Apple Stores

If you live in a major city or even a big town, you probably have an official Apple store nearby. Unsurprisingly, the most-trusted place to get an Apple AirPod replacement is from an official store. And, if you don’t know where your local Apple store is located, you can always go online to visit the official Apple website to find your nearest store. 

Apple-Approved Vendors or Sellers 

Apple understands that it cannot possibly have a store on every single corner of every street. There are a bunch of Apple-Approved Parts Dealers that offer physical walk-in stores in places where official Apple stores don’t exist. Most of these are certified by Apple itself. So make sure you check they are officially approved before buying an AirPod replacement.

E-Commerce Hubs and Portals

If you can’t find a local Apple store or Apple-approved vendor, you could always look online. Apple does let a handpicked selection of e-commerce portals and sites replace Apple parts such as AirPods. These portals are also approved to repair and replace parts. So, if you are struggling to find official stores, this should be your next port of call. 

Looking Around To Find Replacement AirPods

It is possible to stumble upon a local store that might not be Apple-approved but might sell Apple Airpods and replacement pods. You’re going to have to put in the leg work on this one yourself. A friend or family might also have a spare AirPod they don’t need or use, and you might get lucky taking this approach. 

What is the Warranty on Apple AirPods?

Apple product warranties are very similar to all other warranty types. You seriously need to read the small print to know what you can or cannot get. If you have a broken AirPod that is still under the warranty time limitations, you should be able to easily replace it free of charge. 

These warranties always cover damages and broken parts, and you will get a replacement. However, they don’t cover lost AirPods because, essentially, that’s your fault and responsibility. But, in any case, always read the warranty just to make sure.

Can I Sync My Replacement AirPod with My Old One?

Can I Sync

Yes, of course, it’s possible to sync your new replacement Apple AirPod with your older AirPod. If not, there would be no point in replacing them in the first place. It’s quite an easy syncing process if you follow my step-by-step guide below:

  1.  Before you start syncing everything, make sure you have both AirPods handy and that they are clean and free of any dust or moisture.
  2.  Ensure that both AirPods are firmly secured in your Apple charging case. 
  3.  Make sure that the light between the two pods in the case is on and is now flashing amber. In cases where the light isn’t on, you should take out the pods and place them back in the case again. Just remember that sometimes the sync light takes a bit of time to come on, so be patient.
  4.  Push down on the case button and hold for a few seconds until the light changes to orange from white. 
  5.  Now you should see a pop-up window on the home screen of your iPhone or iOS device. This means your AirPods have just automatically synced. 
  6.  The last thing you need to do is check that your AirPods have synced together by using one of your iPhone music apps to test it out.

How Can I Avoid Losing My Apple AirPods?

Keep Them in Your Storage Case

When you are not using your AirPods, I suggest that you place them in your Apple charging case. This will keep both pods in the same place, and you will never forget where you put them. Not only will that ensure they are safe, but it will protect them from moisture and dust.

Tape, Clip, or Hook Them

If you check your charging case, it comes equipped with some clips that can be used to secure your AirPods to your belt or collar when using them. If I don’t have my case nearby, sometimes I use tape to stick them to the wall or a shelf, so even if I can’t find them immediately, it won’t take too long.

Use the “Find My” Settings 

Everyone can misplace Apple Airpods from time to time because they are relatively small. Prevention is better than a cure. So, if your AirPods are synced in the same mode, you can use Apple’s “Find My” settings to locate your pods via the iPhone or Apple device they are connected to. 

Store Them in the Same Place

My wife puts things in a different place every time, so she is constantly looking for something that she misplaced. I don’t have that same problem because I have three or four different places in my house where I put things. Make a habit of placing things in the same few spots every time, and you will never be too far away from locating your AirPods. 

Have Other Questions About Your AirPods?

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Can You Buy One AirPod? – Conclusion

In the past, I have easily replaced a single Apple AirPod. And it wasn’t that difficult or expensive either. Most modern headphones and earbuds are wireless. While that is great in many respects, it means that the individual buds can get lost easily. Fortunately for you, that means there are loads of options for replacing a single AirPod

Start by visiting your local Apple store or Apple-approved vendors. If worse comes to worst, you could always look online or visit Amazon to search for Apple AirPod. I even managed to find single AirPod earbud replacements on Amazon as well. 

Thank god that headphones technology has evolved so much. Now, we do not need to buy a new set just because one wire or one pod breaks. I can’t imagine how much money I spent on headphones replacements in the 1990s. But, it was probably enough cash to choke a dozen donkeys or fund revolutions in banana republics.

Until next time, happy listening.

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