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Can Reset AirPods Be Tracked?

Apple’s AirPods have become immensely popular around the world. Many reasons owe to their success, build and sound quality, battery life, etc. But, another feature has recently been introduced that adds to their acclaim.

Find My AirPods

Just like Apple’s Find my iPhone, this feature allows the user to track the location of AirPods should they get lost or stolen. Many devices with this technology, or technology similar to it, can be blocked to prohibit use should they be stolen.

Unfortunately, AirPods can be reset by anyone if they know how to. And it’s not a highly complex process. So, should someone steal your AirPods and reset them, you will not be able to find them using the Find My AirPods feature.

They can only be tracked if they have not been reset by the thief or the person who found them after you had lost them.

Don’t lose hope…

If you have a good understanding of how AirPods are tracked and how they are reset, you have a better chance of getting them back should you lose them or they get stolen.

That’s why I decided to create a rough guide to help you with resetting and tracking AirPods. And give you an answer to the question, “Can reset AirPods be tracked?”

Two Methods for Tracking AirPods

Two Methods

Apple devices can be tracked in many different ways. They also have varying degrees of built-in security to hinder potential thieves from disabling the tracking ability of the owner.

As mentioned, AirPods are easy to reset and, unfortunately, due to their lightweight and size, are easy to steal. However, if you act fast enough, you may still have a chance.

So, let’s take a look at the two methods Apple has provided its users to track stolen AirPods. The first method is to download the “Find My iPhone” app free from the App Store.

Using the iCloud

Before we get into how to track stolen AirPods using iCloud, you need to know that you must have the device linked to your iCloud account. You’ve likely paired the AirPods with an iPhone or iPad. In this case, they should automatically be signed in to the account and added.

Start by heading to the iCloud website and signing into the relevant account using the Apple ID and password. Next, use the “Find iPhone” feature to open the tracking page for your linked devices. From the “All Devices” tab, you can select the AirPods that have been linked to this account and track them.

Then, iCloud will begin searching for the devices. If successful, you will be greeted with the exact location of your AirPods on a map display. However, if the AirPods have been reset and are no longer linked to this account, you will be presented with a grey dot display.

If you are fortunate…

You still have them linked to your account. So, go ahead and click on that little green dot. You will see a little “i” appear on the screen. There is an option labeled “Play sound.” This will play an audible sound when clicked. It is useful for situations where AirPods have been misplaced and not stolen.

Should the situation be one of theft, you now have the location of the stolen items. Therefore, you can take further steps with help from the authorities.

Forget AirPod Setting

This is another method to make AirPods impossible to track. Go into the settings tab of the device you wish to restrict. Highlight the AirPods in question and select “Forget This Device.” This device will no longer be able to view these AirPods in their tracking features.

How to Stop Others from Tracking Your AirPods

Tracking Your AirPods

If you left your AirPods somewhere or they were stolen, and you want to prevent others from tracking them, there is a very simple method to achieving this.

AirPods are automatically added to the iCloud account of all the devices they are paired with. So, you might notice them popping up on a friend’s account after they’ve borrowed them. Many pranks among friends used this to tease and annoy some poor fellow using the play sound function.

Aside from the comedic uses, many legitimate security concerns come attached to such a feature. For example, the fact that location can be tracked via iCloud gives many causes for concern. Therefore, it’s advantageous to know how to reset AirPods to prevent such things from happening.

Reset AirPods to Factory Settings

This will disconnect it from every device it’s been linked to on iCloud. Can reset AirPods be tracked? Not with this method.

To reset AirPods, place them in the charging case and open the lid. Located on the back of the case is a button that you need to hold down for a moment. The light between the two AirPods will begin to flash white.

The flashing white light indicates that the disconnection process is complete. Now, you have AirPods that cannot be tracked until linked to an account again.

Can Law Enforcement Track my Air Pods?

The short answer to that question is no. If you can’t track your AirPods using the methods explained in the article, the police are likely unable to ding them using a different method. Chances are, if you report the theft of AirPods, the police will instruct you to try and use the “Find My iPhone” feature.

Serial numbers exist for cases, individual pods, and the pair as a whole. However, they can only be used to verify that the pair is yours if the culprit who stole them is found and brought to justice.

What it boils down to is that in most scenarios, you have the best chance of finding your lost or stolen air pods, not the police.

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Can Reset AirPods Be Tracked – Conclusion

Apple’s intuitive tracking technology does allow users unprecedented control over their devices. However, AirPods are not theft-proof. Furthermore, what we often think is theft is a simple misplacement or a slip out of a pocket or bag.

Thankfully, the tracking technology will help you easily find your AirPods. But remember to protect your privacy. So, whenever friends or strangers borrow them for whatever reason, reset them yourself and re-link them to your account.

Until next time, happy listening!

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