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C-Bo Facts

Title: Get to Know C-Bo: The Life, Career, and Legacy of the West Coast Rapper

Singer’s Bio: From Sacramento to the Rap Scene

C-Bo, short for “Cowboy,” was born Shawn Thomas in 1971 in Sacramento, California. He grew up in the Garden Blocc neighborhood, which was known for its high crime rate and involvement in gang culture. C-Bo found a way to channel his experiences and emotions into music, starting out as a drummer in local bands before focusing on rap. His style is gritty, aggressive, and unapologetic, with lyrics often referencing life on the streets, gang culture, and violence.

Age, Relationships, Children, and Height

C-Bo is currently 50 years old, having been born on January 14, 1971. He has been married and divorced, but it is unclear if he is currently in a relationship. C-Bo has several children, but their names and ages are not publicly known. The rapper stands at 5’11” tall.

Career: Albums, Collaborations, and Controversies

C-Bo’s first album, “Gas Chamber,” was released in 1993 and received critical acclaim for its raw and honest depiction of street life. He went on to release several more albums, often collaborating with other West Coast rappers like E-40 and Tupac Shakur. C-Bo’s music has been met with both commercial success and controversy, with some accusing him of promoting violence and gang culture. In 2000, he was sentenced to prison on firearms charges, which he believes were politically motivated due to his outspoken lyrics.

Top Songs: Must-Listen Tracks by C-Bo

– “Enemy of the State”
– “187”
– “Money by the Ton”
– “Killa Kali”
– “Deadly Game”
– “5th da’ feds”
– “Birds in the Kitchen”
– “Ghetto Flight”
– “Crip Hop”

Net Worth: What is C-Bo’s Worth?

C-Bo’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. Much of his wealth comes from album sales, collaborations, and touring. Despite spending time in prison, C-Bo has continued to make music and connect with fans.


1. What does “C-Bo” stand for?

C-Bo is short for “Cowboy,” which was a childhood nickname given to the rapper.

2. Was C-Bo involved in gang life?

C-Bo grew up in a neighborhood with a high crime rate and gang activity, and his music often reflects his experiences and observations. It is unclear whether he was personally involved in gang life.

3. What are some of C-Bo’s most controversial lyrics?

C-Bo’s lyrics often reference violence and gang culture, leading to accusations that he promotes these things. Some of his most controversial lyrics include lines like “I’m living in a warzone, every night I hear gunshots” (from “Deadly Game”) and “I got enemies in the police force, the government and rap” (from “Enemy of the State”).

4. Has C-Bo ever collaborated with Tupac?

Yes, C-Bo and Tupac collaborated on several songs, including “Ain’t Hard 2 Find” and “Picture Me Rollin’.”

5. How did C-Bo get his start in the music industry?

C-Bo started out playing drums in local bands before transitioning to rap. He released his first album, “Gas Chamber,” in 1993.

6. What is C-Bo’s relationship with E-40?

C-Bo has collaborated with fellow West Coast rapper E-40 on several occasions, including on the song “Hard Times.” The two have also had public disagreements over the years.

7. What was C-Bo’s experience in prison like?

C-Bo was sentenced to prison in 2000 on firearms charges. He has described the experience as a formative one, and believes that the charges were politically motivated.

8. How has C-Bo’s music evolved over the years?

C-Bo’s music has become more introspective over time, exploring themes of personal growth and redemption alongside his trademark streetwise lyrics. He has also experimented with different styles and genres, including reggae and blues.

9. What advice does C-Bo have for aspiring musicians?

C-Bo emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication, urging aspiring musicians to stay true to themselves and never give up on their dreams.

10. Does C-Bo have any philanthropic interests?

C-Bo has been involved in several charitable initiatives over the years, including supporting music education programs for underprivileged youth.

11. How has C-Bo’s music influenced the rap scene?

C-Bo’s music has been cited as a major influence on the West Coast rap scene, with his raw and unapologetic style inspiring generations of rappers.

12. What are some of C-Bo’s most memorable live performances?

C-Bo’s energetic and intense live performances are often cited as some of his most memorable moments. He has performed at venues ranging from small clubs to major music festivals.

13. What is C-Bo’s process for writing and recording new music?

C-Bo typically writes and records his own music, drawing on personal experiences and observations. He often collaborates with other musicians and producers to create a unique sound for each project.

14. What are some of C-Bo’s hobbies and interests outside of music?

C-Bo enjoys spending time with his family and staying active, often practicing martial arts and weightlifting.

15. What is C-Bo’s legacy in the music industry?

C-Bo’s legacy in the music industry is one of raw, unapologetic expression that has influenced generations of rappers. Despite facing controversy and legal challenges, he has remained true to his voice and continued to connect with his fans through his music.

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