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Boz Scaggs Facts

Boz Scaggs: The Legendary Singer’s Life, Career, Songs, Net Worth, and More

The Early Life of Boz Scaggs

William Royce Scaggs was born on June 8, 1944, in Canton, Ohio. His father, William Scaggs, was a traveling salesman, and his mother, Evelyn Scaggs, was an amateur singer from a musical family. Boz was raised in a small town in Texas called Plano and attended a local high school. He picked up the guitar when he was a teenager and joined a local band.

The Musical Career of Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs started his musical career in the early 1960s when he was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He left college to pursue a career in music, and in 1965, he formed a band called the Steve Miller Band with his friend Steve Miller. He played guitar and sang on the band’s first two albums, Children of the Future and Sailor. However, he left the band in 1968 to pursue a solo career.

The Songs of Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs released his first solo album in 1969, called Boz Scaggs. The album was not a commercial success, but it established him as a talented singer and songwriter. His second album, Moments, included the hit song “We Were Always Sweethearts.” However, it was his next album, Silk Degrees, released in 1976, that launched him into the mainstream.

Silk Degrees included the hit songs “Lowdown” and “Lido Shuffle,” which both reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album went multi-platinum and earned Scaggs a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. He followed up with the equally successful album Down Two Then Left, which included the hit song “Jojo.”

Throughout the 1980s, Scaggs continued to release successful albums and hit songs. Some of his most popular songs include “Breakdown Dead Ahead,” “Look What You’ve Done to Me,” and “Harbor Lights.” He has released a total of 19 studio albums throughout his career.

The Personal Life of Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs is a private person and has not shared much about his personal life in public. However, it is known that he has been married three times and has two sons. He was first married to Carmella Storch, whom he met in college, and they had one son, Oscar. He was then married to Dominique Gioia, a model, in the 1970s. They had one son, Austin. Scaggs currently resides in Napa Valley, California, with his third wife, Dominique Haim.

The Height and Net Worth of Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs stands at 5’8″ (173 cm) tall and has a slim build. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. This is thanks to his successful music career, which has spanned over five decades. He has also made some money from performing live shows and album sales.

The Legacy of Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs is considered one of the greatest singers of his generation. His soulful voice and catchy songs have earned him a loyal fan base around the world. He has influenced many other artists, including Michael McDonald, who says, “Boz Scaggs is one of the greatest singers of all time… He has had a huge influence on my own music.” Scaggs has inspired others with his ability to blend rock, R&B, and blues into his own unique sound.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Boz Scaggs is a legendary singer who has had a long and successful career in the music industry. He has produced numerous hit songs and albums and has earned a place amongst the greats. His personal life has been kept private, but his talent and contribution to music have been recognized by industry professionals and fans alike. Scaggs continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his soulful voice and timeless songs.

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