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Bose QuietComfort 25 Review

Taking your music with you is almost a necessity nowadays. We travel, work, and are constantly on the move. The convenience of wearable audio equipment makes a hectic day a lot more enjoyable.

A good pair of headphones give you the joy of audio in every situation. Shut out the hustle and bustle at the end of the day, or stay up to date on world events. Anywhere and anytime, quality headphones allow us to soothe our souls while connecting with the world.

When talking about headphones, the name Bose always comes up. This is because, for decades, Bose has been a leader in audio equipment manufacturing. In fact, talk to any DJ or a hardcore audiophile, and they’ll all say the same thing…

“If you want to best, you want Bose.”

So, we took a closer look at Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones to see what makes Bose a best buy.

Bose QuietComfort 25
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


Pure sound reproduction…

These are the best performing around-the-ear headphones that Bose makes. A powerful, clear, and detailed sound enhanced with proprietary noise-canceling technology. From the moment you put them on, you will notice how quickly the world fades away.

This technology actually monitors the ambient noise around you. Therefore, you can enjoy your music and videos without any inference.

Auto adjustment…

The Bose Active EQ automatically adjusts for the best sound based on the audio. Hip hop tracks are loaded with full bass, while classical music is balanced with a melodious midrange.

The sound quality is rated as the best-in-class as well. Every instrument, every note, and every beat are reproduced with life-like precision. The music you love has never sounded so deep and detailed.

Bose QuietComfort 25

Detach from the noise…

These headphones feature advanced noise-canceling technology. This technology is so effective that it makes these one of the best headphones for travel currently available. Not only are they great for traveling and commuting, but they also shut out the world when at work or home.

Likewise, the noise-canceling technology is designed especially for flight travel. They effectively eliminate airplane engine noise. The result is a far more relaxing and enjoyable listening experience, even at thirty-thousand feet.

Furthermore, these headphones come with an airline adapter. This means even more convenience for long-distance trips.

Comfort, portability, and class…

A lightweight design makes wearing these headphones feel like almost nothing. Plus, the ear cups and the headband feature pillow-soft padding. Therefore, you can wear these throughout the day without fatigue. Additionally, the ear cups can rotate. This allows you to find the best fit for your head.

These headphones come with a 56-inch inline remote and microphone cable. You can easily control all your audio playback functions. This cable also allows you to take and make calls from your mobile phone completely hands-free.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

What’s in the box?

A lightweight and durable carrying case is included, and the rotating ear cups fold to fit in a compact case. What’s more, the case can hold the headphones, connection cable, and airline adapter snug and secure. However, be careful when folding the ear cups. Turning them the wrong way can damage the headphones.

Also included is an AAA battery, as these headphones require a battery to operate.

Top Features

Optimized for Apple…

These headphones are designed for optimum use with iPods, iPhones, and iOS Tablets. In fact, the 3.5mm connection cable is built solely for use with Apple devices. This way, you can quickly and easily access iTunes as well as take incoming calls.

Bose QuietComfort 25 review

Best noise cancelling headphones…

The quality of Bose noise cancelling headphones is well-known and consistently ranks among the best year after year. Check out any Bose noise canceling headphones review, and you’ll see just how good this technology is.

Quick Summary

The Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones offer amazing sound quality. Plus, they feature incredible noise-canceling technology made especially for airplane travel.

There are a lot of things to love about these headphones. Yet, there are a few things that are lacking.

 Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices

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Bose QuietComfort 25 Pros & Cons


  • Industry-leading noise-reduction technology.
  • Proprietary Active EQ.
  • Best-in-class life-like sound reproduction.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Designed for eliminating airplane engine noise.
  • Optimized for use with Apple devices.
  • Rugged carrying case.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Includes airline adapter.
  • Affordable.


  • The battery cannot be recharged.
  • No USB or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The 3.5mm connection cable included only works with Apple devices.
  • No “aware mode.”


There is no question Bose knows how to deliver amazing audio. The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones give you fantastic sound quality. Furthermore, the Active EQ optimizes the sound based on the type of music. Likewise, the noise-reduction is superb, and you can easily get lost in your music with these headphones.

There is no question about noise reduction, and these headphones deliver what is promised. That makes them a great headphone choice for when you are flying. The airline adapter allows you to enjoy in-flight entertainment with these headphones. Along with the compact carrying case, you’ll still have plenty of space in your carry-on luggage.

Apple compatibility…

For Apple users, these headphones are a great option. They were designed to optimize every audio aspect of Apple products. This includes enhanced sound quality when talking on the phone. However, for Android users, the inline remote and mic cable will not work. A separate cable will need to be purchased.

Overall, it’s the highly detailed, rich, and full audio quality that makes these headphones. For people who love music and are constantly on the go, the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones are an excellent choice of headphone.

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