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Bladee Facts

Bladee Facts: A Deep Dive into the Life and Career of Sweden’s Rising Star


Over the past few years, the Swedish music scene has exploded with fresh and innovative artists. Among them, Bladee, a young rapper and singer, has already made a name for himself with his unique sound and style. But who is Bladee? In this article, we’ll take a look at his biography, personal life, career, and more.

Bladee’s Bio

Bladee, whose real name is Benjamin Reichwald, was born on April 9, 1994, in Stockholm, Sweden. He is of Swedish and German descent and grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm. Bladee has been interested in music since his early childhood and started making beats and writing music when he was 12 years old.

Age and Height

As of 2021, Bladee is 27 years old, and he is 6’1” tall.

Relationships and Children

Bladee keeps his personal life private and rarely talks about his relationships. It is not known whether he is married or has children.


Bladee started his career in music as a member of the Drain Gang collective, which was founded in 2013 and is based in Stockholm. The group also includes artists such as Yung Lean, Thaiboy Digital, and Ecco2k. Bladee’s debut album, “Bladee 1,” was released in 2014, and he has since released several other albums and EPs, including “Eversince” (2016), “Red Light” (2018), and “333” (2020).

Bladee’s music is characterized by his dreamy and ethereal beats, auto-tuned vocals, and cryptic lyrics that often touch upon themes such as alienation, mental health, and drug use. His music has garnered a cult following, with fans praising him for his unique sound and emotional authenticity.

Top Songs

Bladee’s most popular songs, according to Spotify, include:

  • “Carwash”
  • “Trash Island”
  • “Be Nice 2 Me”
  • “College Boy”
  • “Rainbow Road”
  • Net Worth

    As of 2021, Bladee’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Most of his income comes from his music career, including album sales, streaming royalties, and live performances.

    Other Bladee Facts and Trivia

    – Bladee is known for his love of fashion and often wears avant-garde outfits that combine high fashion with streetwear.
    – He has collaborated with several other artists, including D33J, Yung Lean, and Drain Gang.
    – In addition to his music career, Bladee is also a visual artist and has designed artwork for his own album covers as well as for Drain Gang’s collective releases.
    – Bladee’s music has been compared to the genre of “cloud rap,” which emerged in the early 2010s and is characterized by its hazy and dreamlike soundscapes.
    – Bladee has cited artists such as Kurt Cobain, Lil Wayne, and Phil Collins as influences on his music.
    – Bladee has spoken openly about his struggles with depression and anxiety and has expressed his belief in the importance of mental health awareness and self-care.


    Bladee is a rising star in the music world who has gained a devoted following with his unique sound and style. With his dreamy production, cryptic lyrics, and emotionally honest approach to music, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Swedish music scene. As Bladee continues to evolve as an artist, it will be exciting to see what he has in store for his fans.

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