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Blackstreet Facts

Unapologetically Smooth: Blackstreet Facts You Need to Know

Blackstreet is one of the most iconic R&B groups that have ever graced the music scene. They revolutionized the genre with their unique sound, harmonious melodies, and enchanting hooks. The group has been around for decades, attracting millions of fans from across the globe. But how well do you know Blackstreet? Here are some facts about the group that you need to know:

Singer’s Bio

Blackstreet was formed in 1991 by Teddy Riley, a legendary R&B artist who had previously been part of the group Guy. The group’s original members included Chauncey Hannibal, Levi Little, Joseph Stonestreet and Teddy Riley himself. This lineup changed numerous times over the years, with other members coming and going.


Blackstreet has been around for almost three decades now. The group was founded in 1991, which means that they have been in the music industry for over 28 years.


Many of the group’s members have been romantically linked to various individuals throughout the years. Chauncey Hannibal, for instance, has been in a relationship with singer and actress Regina Belle. Meanwhile, Teddy Riley was once married to Melinda Santiago and had a daughter with her.


Several Blackstreet members have children. Teddy Riley, for one, has several kids, including Nia Riley, a reality TV star best known for her appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Meanwhile, Chauncey Hannibal has a son named Chance Hannibal.


The group’s height is not a documented fact. However, some fans believe that the shortest member is Chauncey Hannibal, who is around 5’6, while Teddy Riley stands at 6’2.


Blackstreet’s career has been nothing short of phenomenal. The group has released several chart-topping hits over the years, including “No Diggity,” “Don’t Leave Me,” and “Before I Let You Go.” They have also won several awards, including a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals in 1998.

Top Songs

“No Diggity” is undoubtedly one of Blackstreet’s most iconic songs. The track was released in 1996 and went on to become a massive hit, topping charts in various countries. Other popular Blackstreet songs include “Don’t Leave Me,” “Before I Let You Go,” and “Fix.”

Net Worth

Blackstreet’s net worth is estimated at around $16 million. The group has made a considerable fortune from album sales and concert tours over the years. Individually, Teddy Riley is believed to be worth around $3 million, while Chauncey Hannibal’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.


Blackstreet is undoubtedly one of the most iconic R&B groups of all time. They have managed to make a name for themselves thanks to their unique sound, captivating performances, and chart-topping hits. The group has been around for almost three decades and has a fantastic track record in the industry. They are, without a doubt, legends in their own right.

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