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Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review

Beyerdynamic has had some notable success making high-end audio gear of all kinds. With microphones, studio headphones, and even portable gear like earphones, they’ve had a strong wind in their sails.

Although, for some reason, this wind dies a sudden death when it comes to their gaming section. Previous Beyerdynamic gaming headphones have been plagued by comfort and build quality complaints. Even the more expensive models were criticized for having the same problems.

Most modern users will admit that comfort comes first. And not even the best sound on the market will make up for the lack of lasting comfort. Not only that, you want something that can perform well for years to come.

Despite this…

They have been favored by some because they provided excellent sound quality, even when the budget version was compared to more expensive competitors in terms of quality sound. 

The MMX 100 comes in at the bottom rung of Beyerdynamic’s new range of gaming headsets. It promises to deliver the famed quality of the brand at an affordable price. As well as being a quality product that doesn’t sacrifice durability when the budget gets cut. 

That’s why I decided to find out what Beyerdymanic’s engineers and developers can create for around $100 in this in-depth Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review. Are these the best budget gaming headphones, as some claim? Let’s find out…

Design and Build

Beyerdynamic MMX 100
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

When you first hold the MMX 100, you are skeptical, as they are very light. Fortunately, we’ve learned that lightweight in the modern era of electronics doesn’t necessarily have to mean shoddily built. 

The foam on the ear cups and headband feels like it’s of high grade. Likewise, the steel mechanism for adjusting the size of the headphones is as solid as you could wish. Very sturdy and highly adjustable, these are some of the best fitting gaming headphones on the market. 

However, there is no side-to-side swivel capability on the ear cups. This has been a problem with many Beyerdynamic models. That said, some won’t mind not having the design feature.


The plastic itself doesn’t look very durable or high-grade. This is especially prominent when you tap lightly on the outside of the cups. Many of the higher-end headphones from Byerdynamic are made from very durable plastic. It’s sad to see that it’s been sacrificed on the MMX 100.

All this negativity aside, when I tried bending and twisting and prying these headphones apart, they were tough as nails. If you’re planning on having these take a few falls or taps of gamer anger, don’t be shy. In other words, these are some of the most durable gaming headphones you can buy, even if they don’t seem to be at first.

Fit and Comfort

As far as weight is concerned, when you put the MMX 100 on, you’ll think they disappeared somewhere between your hands, and you’re head. Unfortunately, the cups are so shallow that most users will be irritated and uncomfortable after only a few minutes.

As mentioned before, the foam is of high grade and would perform its job well if it were a proper size. The inside of one’s ear pressing against the driver cover is never something you want when you’re wearing a pair of headphones. 


The cups are attached using clips, and no adhesive is used. So, they can twist right off without anything breaking. I did some checking, and Beyerdynamic does not offer these pads in any size. But you could probably source some from a third party with a bit of searching. 

Overall, the fit and comfort on the MMX 100 leave something to be desired. 


As these are just plain auxiliary headphones, there isn’t a tonne of functionality. But then again, if that was what you wanted, you would’ve gone for a more complex pair. 

In the box, you do get two very high-quality 3.5m auxiliary cables. One is short with a simple aux to aux connection. The other is longer and as one end split for the use of the microphone. 

As for the controls, there are two, a mic mute button and a volume wheel. Finally, there is a detachable microphone. 

Sound Quality 

The MMX100 makes use of 40mm drivers and has a frequency response of 5Hz to 30kHz. The overall impression of the sound on the headphones is good and punchy across the board. 

We did tests in three different scenarios:

  • Driving games – Rich and immersive but not too loud. Most importantly, the high frequencies weren’t too bright. This can be agony in driving games, but with the MMX 100, it’s nice and solid and rich.
  • First Person Shooter games – Not too bass-heavy as they often are on cheap headphones. Plenty of detail could be heard in explosions. Gunshots had variety and directionality to them that made you forget you were sitting in a room. 
  • Fighting games – Nice and loud and in your face without ever sounding harsh. 

Overall, these are some of the best sounding gaming headphones you can buy on a budget. Unlike some earlier Beyerdynamic headphones, there were no issues with the balance on the MMX100. All frequencies seem equally rich and visceral. 

Mic Quality

The microphone is attached solidly enough. It doesn’t feel like it could easily be knocked out of the socket. It can be bent easily in any direction and stays in position perfectly. Trying every position we could think of, we were unable to make it uncomfortable. 

The quality of the microphone is as good as the sound quality itself. The voice has a natural and even rich low-end sound to it with plenty of volume. No harshness comes through on the high-end, even with consonant heavy sentences. 

Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review – Pros and Cons


  • Good price.
  • Durable.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Excellent microphone quality.


  • They are uncomfortable, thanks to the shallow cups.
  • Cheaper plastic construction.

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Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review – Conclusion

There aren’t many best $100 gaming headphones out there that can beat the MMX for sound quality. As far as durability is concerned, it’s practically Hulk-proof. The features are as good as any competitor, so no complaints there. 

Unfortunately, you may want to take them off after fifteen minutes. That bodes ill of the odds of purchasing them over a pair that might not sound as good but will be more comfortable. Therefore the Final Score is 7 out of 10.

Until next time, game on.

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