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Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X Review

We are all looking for the best microphone we can get, but it is never an easy task. There are plenty to choose from at all price points. Also, we need to be clear in our minds about where we are going to use it, as well as other considerations, such as…

  • Is it for one specific job?
  • Do you need various functions?
  • Is a Condenser or Dynamic mic the best option?
  • Does the mic need to connect to your computer?

All these need to be considered before we can start looking. Furthermore, in my in-depth Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X Review, I want to know if it will do what I want. But before we check it out, let’s take a closer look at each of these requirements.

Where will you use it?

In a professional studio, or maybe a home setup. Will it be used inside, or do you plan to take it out? Some mics are designed to be used indoors, while others are made for outdoor use.

Is it for one specific job?

Are you going to be in a studio environment? That could be either professionally, in a smaller studio, or at home. Is it just for speech, vocals, or micing up a guitar? 

Do you need various functions?

If you’re using it at home or in a smaller studio, you may want it to fulfill various functions. Does the polar pattern and the SPL allow you to do that?

Is a Condenser or Dynamic mic the best?

Something that will probably be decided by what you want to use it for and where.

Does the mic need to connect to your computer?

If so, then you’re going to need a USB connection.

Having asked yourselves these questions, you can decide whether the Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X is going to be the right mic for you.

I can instantly answer some of those questions. We know it is a Dynamic mic and hasn’t got a USB connection. So, that is already pointing you in a certain direction. But, before we have a look at it and see what this mic is all about, who are Beyer?


Beyer is a manufacturer of microphones, headphones, and audio systems. They were established in Germany in 1924. Despite their success, they have remained family-owned.

They have had many successes with their microphones, one of which was the Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic. First released in 1957, this “double-ribboned” design has become a world-renowned studio mic that is still being produced today.

Beyer products were used at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and the Football World Cup in Germany. They are predominantly known for quality headphones. But they also make very good microphones. For a company with such a track record, this mic should be an interesting product to take a look at.

The Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X – Overview

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This mic from Beyerdynamic has been designed principally for broadcasting and speech applications. That means it is going to perform for podcasts, streaming, voice-overs, and anything speech-related. That could also include singing vocals or even, in some cases, gaming.

Everything about it has been optimized for these activities, including the shock-mounted capsule and filters to remove popping and plosives. In other words, one of the best mics for vocals you can buy.

Best Indoors

The design does make it unsuitable for outdoor use or in situations where it might need to be carried. You will get the very best results and performance when it is used in a studio or a recording room at home.

If you are currently using a USB mic for your speech activity and are considering upgrading, this is a mic to consider. Let’s take a closer look.

The Build 

Although it’s designed to stay in one place, it has a very robust and tough design. It has a very attractive black aluminum housing with outer measurements of 7.28 by 2 inches, and it weighs 0.7 pounds.

The rugged outer shell is complemented by a tough steel mesh grille. This will protect the capsule inside from any accidents or falls. 

Manufacturing the mic with an aluminum housing has reduced the problem of it being too heavy for a standard mic stand. It can, therefore, be mounted safely on the majority of mic stands and boom arms. 

The Shock Mount

An elastic shock mount reduces the amount of unwanted noise created by people walking around or keyboard noises. And the built-in pop filter helps to reduce plosives from the voices. It might still be a good idea to use an external filter as well if you want the best performance possible.


It has been built to accommodate any replacements that may be required in the future. This includes the capsule, connectors, the circuit board, and the housing.

Good materials have been used in the construction, and it has been made to last. It is designed and built in Germany, which means it’s one of the most durable dynamic microphones on the market.

The Design

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Given that it is designed for speech-oriented applications, you might expect a polar pattern. You would be right, as this has been given a cardioid pattern. Although one could make a case for that being rather limiting for its potential uses. I will come back to that later.

It has a frequency response of 25Hz to 18kHz, which is acceptable for speech and vocals. The pop filter is built-in.

Dual-Layer Internal filter

One extra point about this is that it has a dual-layer filter. This will remove more of the unwanted sounds you may encounter than the usual built-in filters. 

However, as I also said, an external pop filter would still be useful for the very best results. It has an XLR connection which means it will not be a direct input to your computer.

Where Is It Best Used

This is not a microphone that will work as a portable option. It is quite heavy, not easy to carry, and is quite cumbersome. But that is not what it is designed for. 

This is a mic that will perform at its best in a fixed environment. That means probably in a small or home studio. Given it is one of the best microphones for podcasting, voice-overs, and other speech-based applications, you probably won’t see it in a top level professional studio.

The Performance

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If you use this mic for the applications it was designed for; then you are going to get good results. It has been built to excel in acoustic environments that some mics would find demanding.

Cardioid Polar Pattern

Let me return to the polar pattern. A cardioid pattern collects sound from a target source placed in front of the mic. The big advantage of the cardioid pattern is that it reduces any ambient noise, with any sound from the sides and the rear being largely excluded.

This is excellent if one person is using the mic for voice-overs, podcasts, video commentary, or other single sound source items. But, it is not so good if you want to do an interview. 

If you are hoping to regularly conduct one-on-one interviews for your podcasts, then this might not be the mic for you. For that to work well, you would probably need a mic with an omnidirectional polar pattern, or buy a pair of these.

Sound Projection

If you’re using it yourself, then the mic is designed to give you good results. There is a tuned proximity effect that prevents a dull recording, and the upper-frequency range is extended to pick up every little detail and nuance of your voice.

A good vocal sound requires the highs and lows to be as natural as possible. But, it also requires the mids to be powerful as that is where most of the sound resides. Beyerdynamic has ensured the sound image has all that is necessary for its frequency performance. The M70 PRO X proves itself to be an ideal vocal microphone.

Is It Less Sensitive?

Since this is a dynamic microphone, it’s going to be less sensitive than a Condenser microphone. Therefore, you might notice you need a little extra gain to get a decent recording volume level. But there is a positive in that dynamic design.

As they are less sensitive, it means that they are much better at handling potential distortion. That is an important factor for recordings that are made close to the mic. And, it could also be a big advantage if you were recording singing that includes a louder sound level.

Another positive is that a dynamic mic does not need Phantom power, unlike a condenser mic.

And Acoustic Instruments?

As I said, it is advisable before buying a mic to decide what you need it for. If you do need a mic that will handle vocals and speech, this will more than suffice. But, if you also want to use it to record acoustic instruments, then there are probably others that are more suitable.

What do I mean by acoustic instruments? Acoustic guitars, Piano, Violin, Cello, and other string instruments. Dynamic microphones are not usually the best for recording acoustic instruments. The low sensitivity means that you need to apply a little extra gain. Not so good with a live instrument.

Having said that, I have heard it used to record an acoustic guitar. Whilst it isn’t a professional reproduction, it would suffice for a home studio recording. So, it will record an acoustic guitar, but don’t expect too much.

Who Is It For?

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As you will have gathered, it is best in the following environments:

  • Podcasters for a single source recording.
  • Voice-overs.
  • Video commentary.
  • YouTube video.
  • Gaming streamers.
  • Vocals for demos and non-professional recordings.
  • Recording acoustic instruments for demo and non-professional recordings.

As we have seen, the cardioid pattern doesn’t make it suitable for recording interviews to a decent level.

Any Extras

There isn’t too much in the way of extras. However, you do get a pop filter, a bag to prevent dust from accumulating when in storage, a mic stand thread adapter, and a user manual.

Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X Review – Pros and Cons

  • Well-made with a solid, robust feel.
  • Aluminum housing with a steel mesh grille.
  • XLR connection.
  • Elasticated shock mount.
  • Built-in dual-layer filter.
  • Frequency response of 25Hz to 18kHz.
  • Cardioid polar pattern.
  • No need for Phantom power.
  • Low levels of distortion.
  • Good sound for vocals, and especially spoken word.
  • German design and build quality.
[/pros] [cons]
  • A Lithium-ion battery is required.
  • Not suitable for conducting interviews.
  • Not a great option for recording acoustic instruments.
  • Some may consider it expensive.

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Beyerdynamic M70 PRO X Review – The Bottom Line

This is a mic that has been built for a set of specific purposes, and it performs those very well. But it isn’t great outside of its comfort zone. However, if you are looking to upgrade your USB mic to a higher-quality option, this will do the job. As it will for a first-time user. 

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It may look expensive compared with some other mics designed for these applications. But, it will give you a higher level of recording performance than mics which may look more cost-effective.

A good microphone, well-made from quality materials. Consequently, it’s a massive step up in quality for your podcasts and voice-overs from using a standard USB mic.

Until next time, let yourself be heard.

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