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Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review

Get Your Game On

Gaming can get pretty serious. Whether you’re blasting away at your enemies in an online FPS or exploring caves and dungeons in a fantasy world, great audio is an important part of the immersion. A good microphone, spatial perception, and crystal-clear audio are all things gamers need to be competitive online.

With the Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset, they’ve set out to create a headset that not only meets expectations but blow them out the water.

Let’s find out how in this Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review…

Beyerdynamic Custom Game
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


The headband is completely black with custom Y-shaped steel arms that hold the earpads in place. These pivoting earpads provide hours-long comfort for gamers who enjoy longer gaming sessions and even fit snugly with glasses on. The headset’s plush headband and earpads are removable and replaceable which is convenient for cleaning purposes and increases the longevity of the headset

Unfortunately, with this level of build quality, it is a bit on the heavy side if that is a problem for you.

beyerdynamic custom game

Add more bass…

At the lower end of the earpads, you will find an adjustable sliding mechanism, which allows control over bass levels. There are four included settings. With the setting on light bass, you can expect very little ambient noise to sneak through the headset.

At the higher end of the slider, the heavy bass setting is perfect for gaming alone in your room or apartment, where very little ambient noise is present. This gives the user the full bass range whilst playing games but also has a lot more audio leakage.

Stay in touch…

Moving on, you will find a line-in remote on the 3.5 mm jack cable, which has a mute button on the one side and another button for virtual assistants. This works great when you’re in the heat of the battle and don’t want to stop playing, but need to reschedule that meeting because you’re on a winning streak and won’t be stopping until midnight!

How Does It Sound?

Surprisingly great, all things considered. Gaming headsets have come a long way, and the Beyerdynamic custom game sounds as good as ever.

This headset redefines the term “all-rounder.” Gamers who also enjoy listening to music occasionally will find plenty to love in this headset. The lower range sounds full and thumping as expected with gaming headsets. It’s really the mid and high range where the differences can be heard.

Balanced across the frequencies…

The sound on the headphones provide a nice balance, and the bass never seems to overpower the rest of the music. This makes for a wonderful listening experience, which is something many gaming headsets tend to struggle with.

Games also sound terrific on the headset with some amazing spatial awareness. Gunshots fired whiz past you and explosions rumble with a deep thud. With this headset, you will never wonder in which direction fire is coming from.

How About The Microphone?

The microphone on this headset is the equivalent of a 20-kill killstreak without even getting grazed by a fellow competitor.

In other words, amazing!

Whilst other gamers shout, argue, and throw their remotes across the room in anger at their teammates who misunderstood their commands and ran straight into an ambush. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset provides clear voice quality without sounding too thin.

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game

The cardioid microphone picks up sound from the front and a little from the sides, which allows from some user error without too much consequence. Placing it a little too close or far won’t result in your teammates frustratingly complaining about your microphone. Even then, the boom microphone is easily adjusted and will have you shouting in anger at 12-year-old kids in Fortnite with no hassle.

Versatile and practical…

It also makes a great case for being used with online teaching and business calls. With such clarity and ease of use, you’ll never sound distant or unclear. Instead, these headphones will sound a lot more professional than your standard laptop microphone does for working online.


The Beyerdynamic custom game headset is fully analog, as is the case with most gaming headsets and can be used on any gaming system that has a 3.5 mm input.

Beyerdynamic also includes a 1.5 m Y extension for PC gamers that have a separate microphone and audio input.

 beyerdynamic CUSTOM

Who Is The Beyerdynamic Custom Game Headset For?

It’s an easy sell for gamers. Great audio quality with pristine spatial awareness. A microphone that does more than just rumble in your friends’ ear and also a form of ambient noise filtering that works well.

But, it’s also for the more casual gamer who is looking for a versatile headset. A pair of cans that are great for gaming, but also serves as a go-to for watching movies or listening to music, whether it be at home or at work. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth the price for those looking for the best of both worlds.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Pros & Cons


  • Best microphone in its range.
  • Great audio quality for gaming and music.
  • 1.5 m extension with a Y adapter.
  • Durable and replaceable headband and earpads.


  • On the heavier side.
  • Expensive.

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There you have it. The Beyerdynamic custom game headset gives gamers everything they want from a gaming headset and more. With little competition in its way, it stands tall among some of the best gaming headsets money can buy.

Happy listening.

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