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Top 10 Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time

American rapper Young Dolph sadly passed away on 17 November 2021 at 35 years old. But, he left behind a legacy of tracks that allowed him to leave his mark on the world. His debut studio album was initially released in 2016. But, he’d been making his name on the independent scene with numerous mixtape projects for many years before.

The best Young Dolph songs of all time are a heady mix of gangster rap and Trap-style beats and rhymes known for their hard-hitting demeanor and insightful lyrical content. 

He released seven albums between 2016 and his death in 2021, which is a pretty impressive amount of work for anyone. Dolph was very industrious and was widely known for taking his career very seriously. Let’s take a look at some of Young Dolph’s best songs.

Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time

Top 10 Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time

#1 100 Shots

100 Shots” is aptly named, considering he was gunned down, but honestly, most of his music has this type of vibe. It’s one of the most popular Young Dolph songs and currently has over 125 million views on YouTube. This track was initially released from his 2017 Bulletproof album, which was his second studio outing. 

The sinister-sounding beat creeps into action and builds up the anticipation as Dolph spits some of his best bars to date in an unforgettable fashion. This is one of the harder tracks from that album and a true standout in his career. 

The catchy vocals, in tandem with the pumping 808s, are the highlight of this joint. The energy and vibes are dark but still smooth and easy to absorb, like most Trap-style production. If you are new to Young Dolph, this is a great place to start. And, if you are a long-term fan, you hardly need me to tell you about this track and its importance for his career. 

#2 Gimme My Bag

Surprisingly melodic and even more surprisingly deep, “Gimme My Bag” is a top-quality track that struck a chord with fans. It’s one of his newer joints that came out in 2020 from his popular Rich Slave album. The heavy 808s and cool vocals are a hallmark of his music, and this one doesn’t let us down or get old. 

The lyrics are about his struggle to make it in life by building on his endeavors and working hard. It’s one of his most inspirational tunes that gives off a very positive message. In turn, it’s become one of the best Young Dolph songs of all time.

The beat is stripped down and very minimalist in its conception, and that makes it a very easy listen. Sometimes, less is more, and this is one of those instances. His tracks are always better when he has time to shine with his flows, and that makes this one of his best tracks.

#3 Large Amounts

Large Amounts” is one of Young Dolph’s most successful songs. This is the definition of what great Trap Music sounds like, and this is one of the best Young Dolph tracks in that regard. The production is courtesy of Bandplay, who made a lot of Dolph’s music over the years. The rolling Trap style 808 kicks drive the music forward and give him the perfect stripped-down beat for his rhyme style.

The track can be found on the deluxe version of the Rich Slave album and is a firm fan favorite. The effortless flow, the slow yet melodic bouncing beat, and the overall sinister vibes put this track high up on the list. I prefer his Trap outings to his gangster rap songs in many ways because they come across as so unique and authentic. And that’s what rap music should always be about. 

#4 Play Wit Yo Bitch

The direct, in-your-face attitude of his song is what makes it stand out in a crowd. “Play Wit Yo Bitch” is an aggressive-sounding track that sounds like a diss but also plays into his role as a boss. The beat is the most boom-bap track you’ll ever hear Dolph rap over. It gives him plenty of room to flow and flex his lyrical dexterity, and that’s just what he does in this song.

If you listen to the lyrics, it touches on how he runs his business and keeps control over everything. It’s not easy being a boss, and that’s essentially the subject matter here. 

The beat or lyrics by themselves are not particularly ground-breaking. But, both of them together create a very authentic vibe and combine to make this a very popular track that his fans love. It was initially released in 2017 from his standout Gelato album. 

#5 Sunshine

Sunshine” is a track that was released just after the COVID-19 outbreak and touches on how it was affecting the people of the world. He talks about quarantine and how it personally affected him. And how it even catapulted him more into his work as a way to ignore the crises while other people were not as lucky as him. 

During this time, he was also trying to handle a bunch of issues relating to his family and the society around him. The relatable message in this track was a very positive thing for those who were experiencing similar sorts of issues during lockdowns. 

It’s one of his shorter tracks at less than 3:00. But it’s straight to the point and pulls no punches. It got so much attention when released because of what was going on in the world, and that helped to make this track successful at that time.

#6 Facts

If you want a classic Young Dolph song to introduce you to his music, I would recommend this one. “Facts” first came out in 2016 from his debut studio album, King of Memphis. It’s one of his most unique and interesting instrumentals that bumps along slowly but surely. 

He doesn’t make many laid-back tracks, but when he does, it’s always a treat. The chilled production is a great match for his meticulous lyrics and flows, making it the ideal foil for a perfectly balanced track.

The sentimental lyrical content is also fantastic if you take your time to decipher what he’s talking about. The versatile flow bounces around the open space of this beat in fine style as he pontificates on some deeper subjects that make you think. Tracks like this go to prove that Dolph is very eclectic and why he appeals to a wide range of rap music fans. 

#7 Gelato

Gelato” is slow, sinister, dark, and hardcore in every way. If you don’t know, the term ‘Gelato’ is also the name of a potent cannabis strain. And, if you listen to the lyrics, he touches on that. 

However, the entire vibe of the track feels like someone is about to creep up on you. It always has me looking over my shoulder when I play it in my car late at night. This Trap-style instrumental has a spooky-sounding piano hook and bumping drum patterns that make it perfect for flowing.

The lyrics are about street life and how you need grit and determination to just survive. His effortless flows once again go to prove just how talented he is as a stand-up emcee that can rap over almost any beat and make it sound great. This is another track of his that perfectly balances the beat and rhymes into something special, albeit slightly scary.

#8 Real Life

Rap music is all about realness, so it’s easy to spot a fraud or a faker. “Real Life” is perhaps the most famous track from his King of Memphis album. 

The lyrics focus largely on money, how to get it, and how to spend it. Dolph raps about how hard he worked to attain his lavish lifestyle and the money, and everything he went through to get into this position in the first place. Money was a massive motivator for getting into music and achieving everything he has.

The bumping 808s and the stellar production on this track will have your head nodding like a President’s right-hand man. This is one of the best Young Dolph songs of all time regarding production value, and not many fans would argue with that. And, if you are all about getting that money, this might be a very inspirational Young Dolph song for you.

#9 I Pray For My Enemies

I Pray For My Enemies” is about as real as real gets. It’s a succinct track that talks about his enemies and those who plot his downfall. So, it’s pretty real in the grand scheme of things. He talks about how unfazed he was in the face of all his enemies and how it only inspired him to become even more successful and made him very strong-willed. 

Anyone who achieves a level of fame and success gets haters and enemies, so that’s all part of the journey and a sign you are doing well. Dolph mentions that even in the face of all the hate, he just ignores it and tried not to fight them back or stoop down to their level. He tried to keep his head above water and not be dragged into the quagmire that eventually killed him. 

It’s a great song by Young Dolph, but you can’t help thinking about his downfall when you listen to this posthumously. This song was also one of the cornerstones of his super-successful Bulletproof album. 

#10 Preach

This is another of his Trap-style songs that has a load of dark vibes and energy. “Preach” is an insightful track that touches on life and family and how hard he works to keep in control of his empire. This is one of his older songs before he made any studio albums. And it’s this rawness that makes it stand out. 

The stories about how his family life and circumstances drive him to make certain decisions about his career to take care of his peeps are interesting, to say the least. I use this track to motivate myself sometimes when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed to start my day in a positive light. 

He is largely known for his Trap-style songs and club bangers in this day and age. But, back in the day, he was more street, and his music had a gangster vibe. His longtime fans remember this joint, and in some cases, it introduced them to his music in the first place. You can never underestimate how important this track was in launching the rap career of Dolph. 

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Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Young Dolph will remain forever young, which is a shame and robbed us of his style and music. He was in his mid-30s at the time of his death. But, his creative output and dedication to his career saw him grow from strength to strength. And, with much more in the tank. 

The best Young Dolph songs are a unique mix of insightful lyrics and bumping gangster and Trap-style beats that could shake a club or stereo system. Many Trap rappers with a connection to the Chicago streets have lost their lives over the past decade. It makes you wonder if, and when this is going to end so we can focus on good music once again. 

Young Dolph will be remembered as one of the best emcees of his time, with a prolific work ethic and a vast discography that was large and rangy. His flows and lyrical delivery were impeccable. And the production was always on point. Even ground-breaking in some ways. His music will live on for quite a while. That’s because he was one of the most unique and authentic artists from this genre of rap music.

Until next time, let the music play.

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