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Top 59 Best XXXTENTACION Songs of All Time

When American rapper XXXTENTACION tragically passed away in June 2018, it was a sad day. Not only for his fans but the entire music industry. 

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Even though he was gone far too soon…

…he is still influencing and impacting rap artists today. His legacy is cemented into the annals of Hip-Hop history, and they can never take that away from him.

The best XXXTENTACION songs of all time show what a truly versatile artist he was. Emotional and heartfelt rap is what he did best. 

And, because he was so in touch with his feelings, it attracted a multigenerational fanbase. Here are some of XXXTENTACION’s best songs so he can live forever through his art, starting with one of his most popular…

Best XXXTENTACION Songs of All Time

Top 59 Best XXXTENTACION Songs of All Time

1 The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So In Love)

“The Remedy For a Broken Heart” is one of the saddest, but also one of the most popular XXXTENTACION songs. Currently, the track has over 350 million views on YouTube and shows no signs of slowing down, even though it was originally released back in 2018. 

The song is about his ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala… 

As were many of his tracks from the 17 album. The sadness and sorrow seep through the speakers and hits you hard in the heart. 

The balance of the somber instrumental track and his heartfelt lyrics are the hallmarks of what made him such an inspirational rapper. The quick-paced flows are smooth and precise and combine to make an almost perfect track. 

If you want a great XXXTENTACION song that shows what he was all about, this is the best place to start.

2 Revenge

At times, XXXTENTACION was a very musical rapper who made songs as opposed to rap tracks. “Revenge” is the perfect example of the eclectic artist that he became. 

It was originally released in his 2017 mixtape of the same name. I would even go as far as to say that this is more of an acoustic song than a rap tune. There’s no rapping here, folks. Just smooth, soothing harmonies and melodies that will make you drift away.

It’s only two minutes long…

But the feeling it conjures up is pretty impressive, considering most of it is instrumental. His singing throughout the track is also impressive. But it’s the feeling he imparts that makes it so special, like much of his music. 

I have this track right up there because I like to pop it on when I am in the mood for a bit of sad yet peaceful relaxation.

3 Carry On

“Carry On” is another sad and melancholic acoustic-sounding track that bucks the conventional idea of Rap music. This was also a track from his successful 17 album, and it mirrors the vibe of that entire project. 

The insightful and introspective lyrics are filled with pain and wisdom. And, even though this is another short track, it makes its mark by how it conveys a certain feeling.

Slow, Lo-Fi vibrations make this a deep and melodic instrumental…

And XXX’s rhyme schemes are neat and on point. Blending harmonies, lots of atmospheric sounds, and dreamy vibes make this a track that you can chill out to. 

The way he delivers his lyrics gives you time to absorb them into your consciousness. Almost like a deep and meaningful poem from a literary great. I adore this track, as do most of his fans. As a result, it’s one of the most loved XXXTENTACION songs.


It’s sometimes so easy to get caught up in XXXTENTACION’s sad and slow-tempo tracks. But let’s not forget some of his hyper joints. “RIOT” sounds more like something from 1990s New York, which just goes to show his overall versatility. 

The track was originally released independently on SoundCloud back in 2015…

It enjoyed a real up-tempo boom-bap flavor that sparked the interest of older Hip-Hop heads. This is why he has fans of all age groups. The way he can seamlessly switch between older and modern Hip-Hop genres is amazing.

The bars are precise and on point, with multi-faceted flows that take this track to another level. It’s a very political track that was even rereleased recently during the George Floyd protests/riots. 

It uses a portion of a speech from the former Klu Klux Klan leader, Jeff Berry. The political undertones and the aggressive rhyme styles are still relevant today. And, in many ways, that’s quite sad. 

5 Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares

“Everybody Dies on Their Nightmares” is also from his beloved 17 album. It’s a reflective track that is very musical in its conception. 

The lyrics captured where his headspace was at the time…

That’s why the words are so deep and purposeful. The relaxing guitar rift and the soft beat are the perfect foil for his fast-paced but very clear flows and lyrics.

The authenticity that you hear in tracks like this is what made him so popular. Not many rappers are transparent, quite the contrary. So, it was very refreshing at the time. 

While most rappers look outside in the material world for their inspiration, XXX went inside and was introspective. That’s something that you don’t often hear done to this level of artistry. 

6 I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore

XXX has left this mortal plane of existence, but he still left some tracks on the table that never got released while he was alive. 

“I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore” was released posthumously on a compilation album called Look At Me: The AlbumIt launched in June 2023 to coincide with the anniversary of his death. A documentary of the same name was also released at the same time to commemorate his life.

The laid-back instrumental uses a slow-paced tempo with lots of swirling synths and a bunch of vocal pads reaching out in every direction. The peace and tranquility of the track are enhanced by the super-smooth rhyme pattern and his patented reflective lyrical content. 

It’s an easy track to listen to… 

However, because it was released after his death, it’s intrinsically sad. But that’s not a bad thing. And it’s fair to say this is one of the best songs by XXXTENTACION.

7 Hate Will Never Win

“Hate Wilol Never Win” is quite an ironic track title, considering how he died. This 2018 song very much has an old-school vibe. It uses a cool piano sample and multi-syllabic rhyme schemes that showcase his lyrical dexterity and overall talent. 

This is the type of track that makes me a massive fan… 

It’s quite timeless in its conception. As a result, it could be from the 1990s or early 2000s because it skillfully merges new and old styles in impressive fashion. That makes it one of the best XXXTENTACION songs of all time, in my humble opinion. 

The positive message is something we don’t hear much of in today’s rap game. The title of the track says it all, so it’s not like anything is left to the imagination. 

The raw audio gives the track a certain ruggedness that modern-day production often fails to capture. There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple and not falling into the trap of overproducing the instrumental. Some people could learn a thing or two from this track.

8 King Of The Dead

“King Of The Dead” is another track that was posthumously released from the 2023 Look At Me: The Album. That alone makes it sound a bit spooky. Although, the sinister-sounding instrumental is probably more to blame. 

The production is definitely unique… 

No one will argue that. There’s lots of distortion going on in both the vocals and instrumental, and it fits well together as a Trap-style joint.

His slower and much more deliberate rhyme flow makes this one of XXXTENTACION’s more unique songs that doesn’t sound like his earlier stuff. The distorted bassline, high-frequency synths, and hard drums make this an interesting track to consume. 

If you are late to his newer stuff, this is probably a great time to check this track and the album in general. It might be a bit more challenging, but that’s what makes it so good. 

9 Hope

They say that legends never die. If that’s true, XXX is still with us and always will be. “Hope” has been a fan favorite since it came out in 2018 from his second studio album named ?

The ambient and atmospheric instrumental drifts along like a dream and is the perfect foil for the controlled vocal delivery. The somber sound of this track makes me want to cry. But anyone who can spark that kind of feeling through their music is an artistic genius in my book. 

To be fair… 

The newer the track, the sadder he sounds, and that’s the music industry for you. His younger fans love this track more than the older heads, and that’s all good. Fans relate to his lyrics more than anything else, and the reflective words on this track just epitomize that vibe. 

XXX was never scared to talk about his emotions and what was going on in his life, and that is why so many younger fans loved his shit. 

10 Numb

“Numb” might be the last track on my list, but it’s still a song that I hold dear in my heart, as many of his fans do. What I like most is how this song merges numerous genres to create something fresh, new, and unique. 

It mixes Pop, Acoustic styles, Rap, and Trap in a way we’ve never heard of before. It was one of his newer releases from the 2018 ? album that was moody and melancholic in equal amounts. 

The versatile sound is another example of his artistry. Although it might not be rap music in a linear fashion, something is exciting and experimental about it. The distorted and reverb guitar riff is the star of the show that drags the instrumental along its path. 

Merging distinct melodies with organic instruments… 

This track has a new type of flavor that is not overbearing but is a perfect mix of many ingredients. Sure, the lyrics and vocal delivery sound somber, but so does most of his music from this album. 

It was a risky move away from his rap roots. But, in the end, it worked a treat and is a Top 10 XXXTENTACION song in my eyes. 

11 Jocelyn Flores

12 Moonlight

13 Look at Me!

14 SAD!

15 Changes

16 Fuck Love (feat. Trippie Redd)

17 Ayala (Outro)

18 BAD!

19 Depression & Obsession

20 Train Food

21 I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine

22 Orlando

23 Floor 555

24 King

25 Take a Step Back (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God)

26 ILOVEITWHENTHEYRUN (feat. Yung Bans & Ski Mask The Slump God)

27 Rare, Part 2

28 Run Up on Me

29 Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares Pt. 2

30 Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer

31 Vice City

32 In The End

33 I don’t let go

34 The Fall

35 before I close my eyes

36 Garette’s Revenge

37 Off The Wall! (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God)

38 Pistol

39 Triumph

40 Netherrack!


42 Carry Out (feat. Yung Bans)

43 Never


45 Tightrope

46 Manikin (feat. Wifisfuneral)

47 I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine (Alternative Version)

48 Love Yourself (Interlude)

49 It’s all fading to black

50 Catch

51 Ayala (Remix)

52 Angel

53 Gekyume Freestyle

54 Infinity (888) (feat. Joey Bada$$)

55 What in XXXTarnation (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God)

56 Save Me (feat. Yaprak Asimov)

57 Dead Inside (Interlude)

58 Elephant in the Room

59 Ecstasy

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Best XXXTENTACION Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

It’s always difficult to lose someone so young. Especially when they are so talented and loved by millions, but that’s how cruel life is sometimes. 

His real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. And the sad fact that he was only 20 years old when he died is a tragedy that his fans are still finding it hard to come to terms with. The Floridian rapper made his mark in such a short space of time to the point where he is still inspiring artists today.

He began his music career as a Soundcloud rapper in 2013… 

His rap style flirted with many musical genres, such as Hip-Hop, Trap, Lo-Fi, Nu-Metal, Punk, and even Emo. 

He was personally inspired by musical artists. Eminem, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Papa Roach, Chingy, Cage the Elephant, Chief Keef, Kanye West, Tech N9ne, Lana Del Rey, and Gorillaz. Quite the list, I must say.

The best XXXTENTACION songs are an eclectic mix of styles that combines to make one of the most unique rap artists of our time. R.I.P. XXXTENTACION.

Until next time, let the music play.

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