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Top 5 Best Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headsets in 2023

Sony’s PlayStation 5 hasn’t been out that long and has already made massive waves in the gaming community. This is simply one of the fastest, most responsive, and most immersive gaming consoles ever created, hands down. It seriously makes me wonder where developers could even go from here.

Of course, one way to improve the PS5 experience is to play it using an incredible headset. The better your headphones and mic, the more you can hear, the better you can play, and the more effective your communication with your team will be. So what are the best wireless PlayStation 5 gaming headsets? I’d thought you’d never ask.

Best Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headsets

Top 5 Best Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headsets in 2023

  1. HyperX: Cloud Stinger Core – Best Budget Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset
  2. Turtle Beach: Stealth 600 Gen 2 – Best Sounding Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset
  3. EPOS: H3 Hybrid – Best Value for the Money Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset
  4. Razer: Black Shark V2 Pro Wireless – Best Bass Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset
  5. Astro: A50 Gen 4 Wireless Headset and Base – Best Premium Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

1 HyperX: Cloud Stinger Core – Best Budget Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

Colors: White

Let’s start by looking at the Cloud Stinger Core by Kingston brand HyperX. This company has been killing it in the memory market for two decades and only recently moved into the gaming accessories market. Their focus is on high-speed, quality accessories, and this headset falls into that category.

We’re looking at a plastic frame here with steel sliders to adjust the size. The inside of the frame is foam-lined for added cushioning and comfort.

The ear cups

We see they have some swivel and articulation to allow them to conform to different head shapes. The cups are foam-lined with a soft, somewhat breathable fabric. This makes them comfortable to wear, although it limits their noise-blocking capabilities.

The only drawback of the ear cups is that they’re not tremendously deep. So, this could put your ears in contact with the driver cover.


These headphones have 40mm drivers, which is good enough for gaming but leaves out the powerful bass that some people enjoy. The mid-range and high-end are crisp and clean, though highs can get piercing at high volume. The low end is OK, but again can get muddy when you crank up the volume. At a moderate level, they sound good but not great.

Fortunately, the onboard boom mic is very clear. And it includes mic monitoring that feeds your speech back to you so you can keep your level appropriate. You can also swivel it up out of the way to instantly mute the mic.

Therefore, while the sound might be lacking, the communications are superb. This makes it one of the most affordable wireless PlayStation 5 gaming headsets out there.


The all-important connection to your PS5 (or PC or other consoles) is through a 2.4GHz wireless connection. This is NOT Bluetooth, just to be clear. It’s more powerful but requires you to plug in the USB toggle to your console to pair up the headphones automatically.

This gives you an excellent connection for a PlayStation 5 gaming headset for under $100. The range is almost 40 feet (12m), and you’re going to find little to no latency at all here. You get up to 17 hours on a single charge, too, which is enough for a marathon. All in all, certainly a contender for one of the best wireless PlayStation 5 gaming headsets.

HyperX: Cloud Stinger Core
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Comfortable headset for a good price.
  • Great 2.4GHz connection.
  • Excellent microphone.


  • The sound is only OK, with muddy bass and piercing highs at high volume.

2 Turtle Beach: Stealth 600 Gen 2 – Best Sounding Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

Colors: Black, White, Black/Blue, Black/Green

Since we’re talking about the best wireless PS5 gaming headsets here, you can be sure Turtle Beach wants in on the action. This brand has been smashing it in gaming accessories lately as well. This time, we’re looking at the Stealth 600 Gen2 headphones, which have been picking up excellent reviews.

The Build

This headset is designed much like the HyperX with a plastic construction and metal sliders in the frame. The top inner lining here is foam, and the ear cups are foam with a breathable mesh-like cloth cover. These are quite breathable while managing to keep noise out moderately well.

This headset is also designed for gamers who wear glasses and puts less pressure on your glasses than most others. So, if you need the best PlayStation 5 headset for people with glasses, this deserves a closer look.

Sounding good

You get a little bit less usage out of these per charge in comparison with the HyperX – only 15 vs. 17 hours. However, they are doing more work over that time. With 50mm drivers, the Stealth 600s can deliver stronger and clearer bass. The mid and high ends are similarly clear, so you’re looking at an overall better sound profile here.

When you turn on Turtle Beach’s 3D Audio (compatible with PS5), you get way better surround sound simulation. This allows you to hear everything in the 3D space when you’re smashing through your games.

Turtle Beach calls this “Superhuman Hearing” and claims it will allow you to live up to 20% longer (sorry, only in games). That said, this is one of the best surround sound PlayStation 5 gaming headsets you can buy.

Communications and Connections

The mic is very similar to the HyperX as well. It’s good and clear and can be muted by swiveling it up out of the way. However, the boom arm looks a bit weak, and I’d worry about it breaking. At least the mic has mic monitoring, though.

Your connection here is wireless through a USB toggle, just like the HyperX. Again, this is strong and seamless with little to no latency. Overall, I think the sound is better here, but the HyperX is a more comfortable headset.

Turtle Beach: Stealth 600 Gen 2
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Good sound and a great microphone.
  • Strong wireless connection.
  • Comfortable, especially for glasses wearers.


  • Shallow ear cups.
  • Weak-looking boom mic.

3 EPOS: H3 Hybrid – Best Value for the Money Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

Colors: Black, White (with black)

The H3 Hybrid from EPOS is a hybrid headset, meaning that it can go wireless or wired, depending on your needs. The wireless connection here is Bluetooth 5.2 rather than a radio antenna connection.

This gives you less range, it’s true, but you still get a comfortable 30 feet line of sight which is more than most anyone needs. The connections form easily and stay connected with low to no latency.

Bluetooth connection

You can get up to 37 hours of play out of these headphones, which is super impressive. But even more so is the Simultaneous Bluetooth capability. This allows you to connect to two different devices at once, so you can take audio from your PS5 and mix it with audio from a phone call. You can control levels independently, which is a must for great mixing.

If you need to connect to a PC, mobile device, or another gaming console, however, you can. The headset comes with USB and 3.5mm cables for making connections of all kinds. As a result, this is one of the most versatile wireless PlayStation 5 gaming headsets on the market.

How about the sound?

You’re looking at 40mm drivers like the HyperX; however, EPOS has done a much better job at balancing the EQ. You get stronger, clearer bass, but it still loses out to the Turtle Beach on the bass front. The mids and highs are clear and crisp, but never too tinny.

Likewise, the microphone here is great and gives a very clear sound to your listeners. This mic swivels up to mute it, but can also be removed from the headset if you don’t need it or want to use this headset on the go. Unfortunately, they only give you a cap to plug the mic hole. This plug is easy to lose, which could cause the mic ports to get dirty or damaged.

Finally, this is a very comfortable headset. Just be warned that the ear cups are a bit small and might not fit well over bigger ears.

EPOS: H3 Hybrid
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Tons of connectivity.
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth is a huge win.
  • Superior battery life.


  • The detachable mic may break or get lost.
  • Bass could be stronger.
  • The price is a bit high.

4 Razer: Black Shark V2 Pro Wireless – Best Bass Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

Colors: White, Black

Razer is tossing its hat into the ring with the Black Shark V2 Pro Wireless headset. This headset is getting a bit on the expensive side, so you have to be sure it’s worth it to get a piece of gear like this.

Like the HyperX and Turtle Beach headsets we’ve seen so far, this is a wireless 2.4GHz headset. This connection is more powerful than Bluetooth and gives you a better range, usually well over 30 feet. However, like the H3 Hybrid, you can connect to this headset via a 3.5mm port as well.

The construction is what might put the price up

They’re still mostly plastic with steel sliders for size adjustment. However, you get a nice stitched leatherette cover on the foam parts that looks cool and gives a strong gamer vibe. The ear cups are comfortable with leatherette covering the outsides and a more breathable soft fabric covering the memory foam on the insides. The clamping force is just right.

The only complaint here would be that, like the HyperX Core Stingers, the ear cups are a bit shallow and could put your ears in contact with the driver covers.

Big low-end sound

These 50mm titanium-coated drivers are solid, though. You get a ton of bass here, the most we’ve seen so far. So, if you need one of the most powerful PlayStation 5 gaming headsets, you should give this one serious consideration.

However, when turned up high, it can sometimes overwhelm everything else and cause you to miss out on some higher, more sensitive details. I think this is just a trade-off on what you want your gaming experience to be. The detachable boom mic here is excellent. Clear and crisp, it does a great job picking out your voice and ignoring everything else.

Finally, you get up to 24 hours of use on a single full charge, which is great. Combined with their comfort, this will let you play on when other headsets fail. Altogether, it is one of the best wireless PlayStation 5 gaming headsets you can buy.

Razer: Black Shark V2 Pro Wireless
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Excellent mic.
  • Comfortable.
  • Strong bass.


  • Bass may be too strong for some and overpower other sounds.
  • Ear cups are a bit shallow.

5 Astro: A50 Gen 4 Wireless Headset and Base – Best Premium Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headset

Colors: Black

My final wireless PS5 headset is the A50 Gen 4 Wireless Headset from Astro. Yes, this headset with its charging base costs substantially more than the others on this list. So, is this headset going to be worth it for the PS5?

First off, let’s look at the A50’s construction because it’s a lot different from what we’ve seen so far. Rather than in-frame sliders, the tough steel sliders here are vertical and way more durable. The inside of the top of the frame is lined with ultra-soft foam, and the ear cups are soft, breathable, and luxurious. For comfort, I give these guys full marks.

But then things start to go a bit downhill

This headset comes with a charging base (although you can plug them in to charge via USB) that connects to your gaming console. The headphones connect wirelessly to the base using a 2.4GHz antenna for an impenetrable connection.

However, you need HDMI to connect the base to your PS5. Not a problem, except that the base uses HDMI 2.0 while your PS5 is using the much faster HDMI 2.1. This means that the HDMI passing through the base will slow things down on your PS5. That’s not what you want.


You get decent bass from these 40mm drivers, but it’ not the strongest around. The balance is good, and mids and highs come through well. However, the maximum volume can be too low for many games. You have to hear everything to perform well. In the end, these pricey headphones are not going to be a great choice for PS5 after all.

Astro: A50 Gen 4 Wireless Headset and Base
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Ultra-comfortable.
  • Well-balanced sound.


  • HDMI2.0 slows down PS5.
  • The volume level can be too low.
  • Expensive.

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What are the Best Wireless PlayStation 5 Gaming Headsets?

In this list, we got a good look at some great headsets to use for PS5 and one that looks top-end but should be avoided. Most have great connectivity and good sound and are comfortable to wear for long periods. But, in the end, there can be only one, and I have to give the nod to the…

EPOS: H3 Hybrid

These are comfy to wear, connect perfectly to your PS5 through Bluetooth, and sound pretty darned good. They can also be used to connect to all other Bluetooth devices or anything else by wire, too. The sound is clear, the battery life is tremendous, and the price isn’t too high. I think it’s worth it.

Until next time, game on.

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